She's Got A Way With Words

AUTHOR: The_Gothic_Weaver (KatMac)
DISCLAIMER: They aren't mine. Ya'll know that. But damn I wish that they were.
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SUMMARY: Kim finds an interesting e-mail waiting for her as she starts her shift. Who is it from, and what might the aftermath be?

The Letter

After a particularly lazy night with her and Kerry, which usually meant no lovemaking, Kim headed off to work in her sporty, new, silver PT cruiser.

When she arrived at the office she decided to check her e- mail to entertain her still, work- free mind. She headed over to her laptop and turned it on. When she logged into her staff mail she heard the ever- familiar "Swoosh/ ping" that let her know she had new mail. After opening the work- related ones she noticed a subject free note from "K Weaver". Kim was intrigued because she had no idea how Kerry would have had the time to write this before she got into the office, at least with Kim's driving skills. She was too antsy to wait so she opened the e- mail and read…

My dearest Kim,

After only the small amount of nights we have spend together, I have realized something… I love you. It has taken so long for me to be able to see it myself, never- mind say it. I love you so much and I just can't seem to stop saying it now.

I need you so badly right now. I am really restraining myself to not follow you to work and ravish you on your office desk. I pray you are not reading this in a staff meeting like you usually do with you e- mails.

I need you tonight more than ever because before days- end, I will have come out to my staff. I am doing this for both of us. No more secrets, no more hiding. I am sick of standing at the admit desk fantasizing about you, having you walk into the room, and not be able to flirt, hug, or kiss you, because the staff will find out. I mean it's not like they haven't already, but I just want to tell them anyway.

I can taste you, feel you, and hear you screaming my name as you come right now. It is amazing. You have no idea what you do to me do you? Well, even if you do, come to my place tonight and let me show you exactly that.

Love Always,
Your Kerry- Berry
Kim sat there, breathless, and extremely wet. She had no idea how she was going to make it through the rest of the day without begging someone to cover for her and go home to rip Kerry's clothes off. So just to test her theory she headed down to the ER.

Kerry was at the admit desk, with obvious arousal due to her flushed cheeks. She paused not wanting to interrupt the waiting Malik. "So, you and Legaspi huh? God you're lucky. She's just smoking hot!" Malik said. "Yes Malik, Dr. Legaspi, and me are involved, yes I'm lucky, and yes she's as you put it 'smoking hot" Kerry said with a grin. "I bet the sex is wild." Malik said hoping Kerry wouldn't hear him. "I heard that, and you have got to be dreaming if you think I will tell you that." Kerry said turning around to see who had wrapped their arms around her waist. "Kim!" Kerry exclaimed. "Yes babe it's me. Thanks for the letter, very promising." She said with a grin and a peck on the lips for Kerry.

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