A Simple Twist of Faith

Benton got into his car and raced to the bank. How could this happen? Three weeks ago everything had been fine. Now, one thing after another threatened to destroy Carter’s career, and his life.

He heard a multitude of sirens as he approached the bank. Police cars were parked haphazardly around the street, and an ambulance was just arriving. The cops were just starting to put up the yellow tape to keep the gathering crowd out of the way. Peter spotted Andersen and Lowell, and started walking towards them.

A sudden obstacle in his path brought him to an abrupt halt.

“Sorry, sir,” an obviously rookie cop said to him. “You can’t go any further.”

“Like hell I can’t,” Peter growled, and started to move around the officer.

Again, the cop stepped into his path, and put a hand on his chest.

“Sir,” he stated, resting his hand on his holster so Peter would get the drift.

“Hey Andersen!” Peter yelled.

Craig gave a casual glance in his direction, then looked away pretending not to know him.

“Why that son of a bitch,” Peter growled. “I have to speak to Detective Andersen. A friend of mine is in that bank.”

“We’re doing everything we can sir, now please stay back.”

“Andersen! Pretending you don’t know me now? Huh? Was this part of your big plan? How many more people have to die because of your power trip?”

“What’s going on here?” asked the Sergeant after hearing the commotion. “Who are you?”

“Listen, my name is Peter Benton, I’m a doctor at County with John Carter, the man in that bank. You need to arrest Craig Andersen right away. He orchestrated this whole thing!”

“What?!” the Sergeant exclaimed, obviously shocked. “Andersen! Get over here!”

Unable to ignore the Sergeant, Andersen made his way over with Lowell following behind. Peter could see the fury in his eyes, and his body tense with barely contained rage. Lowell on the other hand looked like a dog following its owner. It was obvious Andersen held all the cards.

“Andersen, do you know this man?” asked the Sergeant.

“No sir, never seen him before,” Craig smoothly answered, never removing his hateful eyes from Peters.

“You son of a ...” Peter lunged at Andersen, but the rookie held him back. “Tell them you coward! Tell them how you arranged the kidnapping of John Carter from the safehouse which lead to the death of a fellow cop! Tell them how you manipulated other cops into doing your bidding!”

“I’ve never seen him before, Sergeant,” Andersen stated again.

“Sir, you’re gonna have to calm down. Officer Jonas here will drive you to the station and you can...” the Sergeant started, obviously about to brush Peter off with the more important situation still at hand.

“It’s true,” a quiet voice piped up.

All eyes turned to Greg Lowell.

“Andersen ‘let slip’ the safe house information in front of some guys on the street that we suspected worked for Novacek. He ordered me, Rudy, and a few other cops to keep quiet about it. Told us it was some undercover operation that only he was supposed to know about. It all..”

“You little snitch!” Andersen shouted. “We had a deal!”

“I’ve spent the past two years listening to your whining and complaining about how you’re too good for this job. That you belong in homicide. Well I’m sick of it! All you think of is yourself and how you can use me to come out looking like the hero! One my friends died because of you!”

The Sergeant stood there, his mouth opening and closing, but no noise coming out. This sudden revelation was shocking, to say the least. He regained control over his voice.

“Detective Andersen, in lieu of Lowell’s and Dr. Benton’s claims, I’m going to have to place you under arrest. Officer Jona, cuff him and take him back to the station.”

“Yes sir.”


The tension in the bank was stifling. Despite the sirens and shouting outside, all Carter could hear was the ragged breathing of the security guard. A few people were huddled on the floor looking terrified, and the teller who had spoken earlier was busily gathering money for Novacek.

“Please, I can help him,” Carter begged Novacek, not wanting to live with the death of another person because of him.

He was completely unprepared for the blow to his temple that brought him to the ground, or the kick to the stomach. The pain exploded in his gut, causing him to curl into a ball to protect himself from any further blows.

“Shut up! Just shut the hell up! I’ve had enough...” Novacek was cut off by the ringing of the phone. He pointed the gun at Carter, and slowly moved towards the phone. “Don’t move.”

Carter saw the gun pointed at his head and watched as Novacek answered the phone. He turned his head and saw the guard lying in a pool of his own blood. Each breath becoming more and more laboured. The guards head rolled to the side, and he made eye contact with Carter. Carter saw the desperation, fear and pain in the guards eyes. He was begging for someone to help him.

Carter looked back at Novacek and saw his hold on the gun slacken a little. He was obviously distracted with whoever he was on the phone with.

He made up his mind, and started to crawl towards the guard.

Novacek saw the movement out of the corner of his eye. He dropped the phone as anger surged through him. He raised his gun and tightened his finger on the trigger.

A gunshot rang out.

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