A Simple Twist of Faith

Author's Note: I'm sorry I took so long to finish this, (if anyone is still interested). I'm afraid I've lost interest in ER, but I didn't want to leave this hanging forever. I also apologize if the characterizations are off.. I haven't watched an ep in a few months! Feel free to email me at bree1387@yahoo.ca

“And now, more news on the bank robbery today at Global Bank. Charles Novacek, a big time drug dealer, is now in police custody after five years of trying to build a case against him. During the robbery attempt, security guard Brian McCrane was killed. Novacek faces multiple counts of murder, including Michael Benton, an accomplice who he killed. There will be more on this story at 11,” the reporter finished.

Sighing, Carter propelled himself off his couch and headed into the kitchen for a drink. He’d been home from the hospital for two hours, and was still feeling twitchy. Obviously, his adrenaline high had yet to wear off. He’d managed to clean up the mess the police had made of his apartment while it had been a crime scene, and even installed an extra lock on his door. Never again would he make the mistake of leaving it unlocked.

A sudden knocking at the door caused him to jump, almost spilling his water down the front of his shirt. ‘Calm down,’ he told himself. ‘A robber wouldn’t knock first.’

“Carter? It’s Peter,” a voice called.

Laughing at himself for being so paranoid, Carter stiffly made his way to the door, and was surprised to see Peter standing there with a box of pizza and two bottles of tomato juice.

“I, uh, was in the neighbourhood and thought you might be hungry,” Peter shrugged, looking decidedly uncomfortable.

Carter couldn’t help but smile. “Come on in. I’d offer you a drink, but I see you’ve taken care of that already. V8?”

“It’s good for you, Carter.”

“I know, I know, You can set that on the table, I’ll get us some plates.” As Carter reached for the plates, he groaned involuntarily as he pulled on his stiff muscles.

It didn’t get past Peter. “Did you take your muscle relaxant, Carter?”


“What about the pain killer?”

“It’s really not that bad. I’ll take it when I need it.”

“Carter,” Benton warned.

“I’ll take it before bed. It will help me sleep.”

Satisfied, Peter opened the box of pizza and helped himself. Half the pizza was vegetarian with no cheese, and the other half was meat lovers. Carter chuckled.

“I should have known.”

They ate in companionable silence. Peter not feeling comfortable enough to talk with Carter about his feelings, and Carter still lost in his thoughts.

“So, when will I see you at work?”

“Weaver gave me one week off. I told her I didn’t need it, but, you know her.”

“You shouldn’t push things, Carter. You’ve been through a lot. Are you going to call one of the victims groups the detective mentioned?”

“I don’t need counseling. Just a good nights sleep.” Carter was starting to become slightly defensive. Peter could see the walls coming up.

“It couldn’t hurt. Just remember what Mark went through after his attack.”

Silence again, as both men started to feel slightly uncomfortable. Peter vowed to himself he’d help Carter through this. He didn’t appear too bad right now, but he still hadn’t registered what had fully happened. Once the adrenaline wore off, it would hit him like a brick, and he would be there to help him. There would be no repeats of Gant, or Mark Greene.

“So, how is Officer Rudy doing?”

“He’ll make a complete recovery. Unfortunately, because of his role with the safe house, Internal Affairs will be investigating him. He might lose his job. Same with his partner.” At least he could give Carter good news.

Both men once again fell silent. The muted tones of the TV could just be made out.

“We have breaking news relating to the capture of Charles Novacek today. Apparently, Detective Craig Andersen, assigned to investigate attack on a doctor at Cook County, has been arrested. Because of Detective Andersen, the safe house housing the doctor was attacked by Novacek, who shot one of the officers, knocked the other one unconscious, and proceeded to kidnap the doctor. Later, Novacek robbed Global Bank, killing the security guard. Among many other charges, he will face a manslaughter charge in the death of the guard as his actions lead to his being killed. We go now to his precinct where correspondent Tyler Minard is with Detective Greg Lowell, Andersen’s partner.

“Officer, did you have any reason to suspect your partner was behind this?”

“No, none at all. He was very driven to succeed at everything, so I assumed when he had information with no apparent source, he’d just worked extra hard to find it.”

“Can you tell us what his motivation might have been?”

“Damn right I can. All I ever heard from him is that he wanted to be a homicide detective. He always said he should have been made a Sergeant. He thought by playing the hero that he’d finally get the promotion.”

“And one last question. How will all of this affect you ?”

“Well, Internal Affairs will be questioning me, but I’ve been assured that because I had no knowledge of what was happening I’ll be fine. When I’m cleared, I’m being transferred to homicide.” Greg’s grin was bright enough the cameraman could have turned his light off, and his face still would have been lit.

“Thank you for your time, Detective Lowell. Back to you, Sandy.”

The End

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