A Simple Twist of Faith

Hey, I'd just like to apologize for how short this part is, I haven't had much time to write. I'd also like to say I'm not a cop and don't know much about police procedure, but I've tried to make it believable. Thanks to everyone for your kind feedback and encouragement!
Megan :-)

Peter suddenly understood what Mark was referring to.

"So, you're saying that Carter gave him epi, but in the fuss it got knocked off the table and rolled under it?" Peter inquired.

"I hope so. I'm getting the syringe tested that was on the table as well to see what was in it. It still doesn't explain the potassium though. What did the detective say?" Mark asked, changing the subject.

"He was no help. I'm admitting Carter for overnight observation. He was unconscious for some time. I have to talk to Carter. Let me know what you find in the syringe," Peter muttered, and was gone.

Peter saw Carter was starting to doze off, and turned to leave the room, not wanting to disturb him.

"Dr. Benton?" a tired voice asked, just as Peter was about to leave.

"Yeah, Carter?"

"I'm sorry for dragging you into this. You should have been home for dinner a long time ago," Carter whispered.

"Don't worry about it, man. Get some rest. I'm admitting you for the night, so we'll talk in the morning." Peter left before Carter could say anything else. Carter was right though. He had already missed dinner. Carla wouldn't be very happy with him.

Making his way to the admit desk, he noted a crowd of nurses whispering about something, and constantly looking over in his direction. He felt anger at the fact that these people had nothing better to do then gossip about a colleague.

He pointedly ignored them, and picked up the phone to call Carla. He was disappointed to get the answering machine. Leaving a brief message, he hung up and went in search of Mark. He was worried about Carter, but also needed to get home. Reese hadn't been home from the hospital long, and he needed to see him.

Peter was dead on his feet. Reese had not stopped crying all night, and now he felt like a zombie. Maybe he could talk that new surgeon, Elizabeth, into covering for him.

He walked up to the admit desk to check the board. Sure enough, Carter was still in exam 4.

"Hey, Dr. Benton," Randi greeted him. "Interested in hearing the newest gossip about Carter's attack?"

"No, Randi, I'm not. Don't you have..." Peter was cut off.

"The cops are in with him now. The rumour mill is saying Carter was attacked because this drug dealer wants money from him."

Peter was about to say how ludicrous that was when Dr. Weaver interrupted their conversation.

"Peter, I need to speak with you. Something has come up."

Kerry led him to the lounge, leaving Randi at the desk with a smug smile on her face.

"What is it?" asked Benton impatiently.

"Randi wasn't so far off with her recent gossip. The cops are in with Carter now. I don't know exactly what's going on, but they found a note at Carter's apartment. It has something to do with Michael's death. And there's more."


"Mark got a call from the morgue attendant last night shortly after you left. He found a syringe hidden in Michael's bed sheets. Tests comfirmed it had potassium in it."

"What about the syringe Mark found?"

"There was epinephrine in that one. Something very strange is going on Peter. I don't want you discuss this with anyone but Mark, Anspaugh, and I. Okay?"

"Yeah, whatever. I need to talk to Carter." Peter quickly left the lounge, a feeling of foreboding in his stomach. Something was starting to feel very wrong.

His feelings of distress were amplified when he entered the exam room to find two cops in an intense conversation with Carter. Carter looked upset about something, but definitely more alert than he had last night.

"Ah, Dr. Benton," Andersen greeted him. "This is my partner, Greg Lowell."

Peter glanced at the younger cop before turning his attention back to Andersen.

"You have that look, Dr. Benton. The 'why was I left out of the loop, I'm involved here too' look. Well, I don't mind telling you, but there is some very serious shit going on here."

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