A Simple Twist of Faith

"Would you guys excuse us? I need to examine Dr. Carter."

The detectives left, and Peter turned to Carter.

"You donít need to examine me, Dr. Benton. Weaver just did that. Iím..."

"Carter. What the hell is going on?" Peter demanded, as he started to pace. "Do you have any idea what people are saying out there? Weaver thinks your attacker was connected with Michael! That some note was left at your apartment."

"A note was left," Carter said.

"What? What is going on here?"

Carter let out a sigh. Everything was happening at once, and it was starting to overwhelm him. Michael dying, his being suspended, the attack, and now the news the police had just shared with him.

"Andersen and his partner went to my apartment last night after our discussion. They found a note pinned to the door."

"Well that wasnít there when we left," Peter pointed out.

"Detective Andersen said the attacker must have come back , which means this was obviously planned."

"What did the note say? How is it connected with Michael?"

"The note said something about me paying for the death of Michael. Turns out Michael has a rap sheet. Pretty serious stuff Andersen said. Assault, possession, he had ties to some nasty people. Apparently these people are upset because Michael owed them money, and since Iím the one that killed him..." Carter trailed off.

"What?! Thatís crazy! Michael wasnít involved in that kind of thing. He was a gambler, not a drug dealer!" Benton yelled, obviously upset. He completely missed Carterís self-deprecating comment.

"He didnít say he was a drug dealer. Andersen didnít elaborate much on that." As Carter said this, he started to get up from the bed.

"What are you doing, Carter?"

"Weaver released me. Iím going back to my apartment," Carter replied.

Andersen and Lowell stood outside exam 4, deep in conversation about the recent events.

"You got that file I sent you last night?" Andersen asked his younger partner.

"Yeah. The one about that Dr. Greene being attacked in the hospital a few months ago? You donít think these two attacks are related, do you?" Lowell asked.

Andersen gave his partner a bewildered look before continuing.

"No. I was hoping youíd notice that cameras have been mounted at certain points around the ER? That maybe they captured something suspicious? I talked with Dr. Greene earlier, and the plot thickens. He found a bottle of epinephrine on the floor in Michael Bentonís room. And after that, a morgue attendant found a syringe in Michaelís bedding. The syringe had potassium in it," Craig explained.

Detective Andersen took one look at the glazed over eyes his partner was currently sporting, and decided he obviously needed to elaborate.

"This means, Sherlock, that maybe Dr. Carter didnít kill Michael Benton after all. The syringe with potassium was in the bed sheets. I doubt Dr. Carter would have placed it there on purpose."

"So, what? Michael killed himself? Wouldnít stake the ranch on that one," Greg chuckled.

"Why the hell wouldnít he kill himself? He had lung cancer, was weeks, maybe days away from buying the farm, and was in heavy debt to some pretty scary guys. Suicide may have looked like the only way out."

"And just how are we supposed to prove this?"

"Well, for starters we can get the tapes from the cameras and collect the syringes that were found at the crime scene for fingerprinting," Craig said. "Who did I piss off to get stuck with you?"

"Oh, I donít know. Maybe itís your lovely sense of humour, or your caring, gentle way with people," Greg retorted.

Andersen and Lowell entered the exam room one more time to fill Dr. Carter in on what they were up to, and then went about gathering the tapes from the cameras.

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