A Simple Twist of Faith

Authors Note: I finally have another part. I'd like to apologize in advance, this chapter is a bit boring as it focuses more on the detectives doing their thing, as opposed to Carter. But hey, after the boring stuff is out of the way, the fun begins, right? The next chapters will be better. Please send feedback!
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"Carter, are you nuts, man? You can’t go back to your apartment!" Peter said, completely taken aback. "Someone is after you. They already know..."

"I know, but where do you suggest I go?" Carter replied as he hopped off the gurney and retrieved his clothes, wincing as his ribs twinged.

"And hello again," Andersen greeted them as he strolled in with his partner in tow. "Leaving, are we? I hope you’re not going home."

Peter was relieved to hear the detective say that. Carter was stubborn enough, and needed to be told he couldn’t go to his apartment by more than one person before he’d listen.

"Good. You’re coming home with me, Carter," Peter intoned.

Andersen’s eyebrows went up so high they almost disappeared.

"Ooh, well isn’t this sweet. Better take him up on that offer Dr. Carter," Andersen remarked, while has partner stood looking up at the ceiling, bored out of his mind.

Suddenly, a very flustered Jerry burst through the door, holding a note in his hand.

"Dr. C! A guy just delivered this for you. He said it was urgent," Jerry gasped, completely out of breath.

Carter limped over and tentatively took the note from Jerry’s hand, who then left the room. A knot was forming in his stomach. No one had ever hand delivered him a letter. He could feel everyone’s eyes on his as he tore the white envelope open and removed a single slip of paper. On it were written three simple words. ‘Watch your back’.

With a shaky hand he handed the letter to Andersen, who read it and didn’t seem surprised.

"Well, I guess you can forget about going home with the good doctor," Craig stated.

Benton then snatched the letter from the detective, curious as to what had turned Carter pale. Andersen was right. With a threat like this, it wouldn’t be good for anyone if Carter stayed with him. An image of Reese came into his mind.

"So where would you suggest Carter stays?"

"I guess, Dr. Carter, you are now under the hospitality of the Chicago PD," Craig said with a huge grin.

"So what, I go to a safe house?" Carter asked as he bent down to put on his shoes.

"Uh, I suppose you could call it that. Michael Benton and his ‘associates’ have been wanted by the police for years. These elusive people, and I use the term loosely, have come out of the woodwork to get you. I could say it’s our lucky day. You’ll be sent to a small house owned by the PD, and cops will be stationed outside to keep watch. This may be our only chance at nailing these people," Craig said, almost jovially.

"Yeah," piped up Lowell. "We’ll take you to your place to get some things, then we’ll take you to the house. In the meantime, Andersen and I will get the tapes from the cameras here and review those."


Carter was distressed to approach his apartment and see the yellow crime scene tape across his door. Lowell moved it out of the way so he could get past without having to duck under it, as this would aggravate his sore stomach and back.

The detective had insisted that not even Benton could know where he was. Carter knew it was for the best. Maybe Peter would forget about him and think about the things that really mattered. Like Reese and surgery. Since he was suspended, it’s not like this vacation, as Andersen put it, would interfere with his work.

He entered his kitchen and saw the broken glass and blood was still on the floor. Carter went to the bedroom and quickly packed a couple things, completely unsure of what the next couple days would hold.


After collecting mug shots of the people with ties to Michael, Andersen collected the tapes from the security cameras and began skimming through them, looking for any familiar faces.

He started with the camera the covered the hallway leading to the room Michael died in. Many people had down the hall, but after watching the tape three times, Andersen was disappointed to not see any familiar faces. Moving on, he picked the tape that covered the admit desk, hoping to see the man that had delivered the letter.

The detective perked up when he saw a man in a black trench coat walk up to the desk, hand a letter to Jerry, and quickly leave. Going back to the other tape, Andersen was thrilled to see the same man go down the hall, and leave again a few minutes later. Finally, his first big break.

He froze the tape and printed off the frame that showed most of the guys face. As he was about to leave, one of the forensics guys came in with the finger print results.

"Hey, I got your prints. I started with the syringe found in Michael Benton’s bed sheets as it was the most suspicious. I ran the prints and they match Charles Novacek." As he said this, he handed the mug shot to Craig who compared it to the print off from the tape. Exact match.

"Good work. What about the other things I gave you?"

"His prints were also on the potassium bottle. On the other syringe, and epinephrine bottle, I found prints that weren’t on file. I’m assuming they belong to that doctor, but you should get his prints too."

"So docs in the clear?"



Days later, Carter was still holed up at the safe house. Anspaugh had been notified of the findings and the suspension had been lifted.

Carter looked out his bedroom window for the umpteenth time to reassure himself the police were still out there. Another note had been delivered to the hospital. The police had assured him he was safe. The doctor settled himself into the bed and fell into a fitful sleep.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Carter jolted awake to the sound of gunfire. His heart racing in his chest, he jumped out of bed and ran to the window. What he saw made him want to faint. One of the officers was lying in the middle of the road, possibly dead. The other officer was nowhere to be seen.

He turned to bolt and was struck in the face by the butt of a gun.

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