Snow Angels

AUTHOR: Carbychick
SPOILERS: Not that I know of, but I hope so!
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DISCLAIMER: Carter and Abby belong to each other, not me.
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SUMMARY: Carby fluff, and a little bit of snow:) Cute!

"Carter!"  I exclaim in frustration as we stand on the cement steps to the apartment building.  "I'm freezing my ass off here."

He looks up, with his hands still fishing in his coat pocket for the keys.  "Oh no...not the ass."

"Shut up and find the damn keys or you'll be the one with ass troubles."

"I wouldn't mind the process..."  he says with a seductive grin.  "Come here."

He pulls me into a hug and I smile into his chest.  Then I feel him fumbling with the front of my shirt.  "God Carter, not out here, there are people watching...damn!  Carter!"

He evades my grab as the culprit, a dirty white ball of rapidly melting snow, slides out of the bottom of my shirt and falls with a satisfying plop on his Italian loafers.  "Serves you right."  I said with a glare.

Carter gives me the puppy-dog face.  It's one of those things that only works with Carter; I find it sickening in most middle-aged men, but with him it's enough to make me do anything.  "C'mon, Abby, let's make snow angels!"

With a sigh, I fall to the ground and halfheartedly flap my arms in the snow.  I look up at Carter, only to find him still staring down at me, watching intently.  "I thought you were participating in this activity too."  The neighbors must think I'm crazy.

He holds out both hands, and when I grab them, he pulls me up, then replaces his hands around my waist.  Considering he's already dumped snow down my front, I'm not too suspicious when he reaches into his coat pocket and then towards my head with something closed in his fist...yeah, right.  I think he's being too serious about whole "inner child" thing.  I look up at him, knowing fully what's coming, or so I think.  He does indeed drop a ball of snow on my head, but he doesn't laugh.  Instead Carter locks his amazing brown eyes on mine and then replies, "I just did."

Seeing the obvious look of confusion on my face, (ever since this relationship started, I've gotten worse and worse at hiding my feelings) he explains, "You, Abby, are my Snow Angel."

Aww...well, who cares if the whole neighborhood sees this?  Carter deserves it.

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