South of the Border

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SUMMARY: Carter and Dave meet up while on vacation in sunny Mexico and find themselves in a sticky situation.

John laid back enjoying the warmth of the sun, a drastic change in climate from cold, snowy Chicago. It had taken some work but he was able to schedule some vacation time in late January. He grinned to himself as he surveyed the crowded beach.
There were so many beautiful sites to see in Acapulco, Mexico. Girls in string bikinis, buff lifeguards, a bunch of people playing beach volleyball and of course, Malucci in a Speedo. Wait a second, Malucci in a SPEEDO? What the... he sat bolt upright, and rubbed his eyes. Surely, it was just the sun playing tricks on him, right? Dave Malucci was NOT standing in front of him in a Speedo. It was all a figment of his imagination, that's all. What would Dave be doing in Mexico of all places?


"Ha! You suck!" Dave called out gleefully as he spiked the volleyball over the net and the other players missed the shot.
"Score!" He high-fived a tall, tanned man standing next to him. He was so glad he'd come down here on vacation. He'd finally found another residency after Weaver terminated him, but it didn't start until next month. He'd spent the past few months working per diem at a couple of places to earn some quick cash and managed to afford a cheap hotel room in Mexico. Sure, the place wasn't the Ritz or anything, but it'd do for him. The scenery, well, the scenery was the best. Nothing could beat a bunch of beautiful people wearing next to nothing. Dave grinned; this was the best vacation he'd ever been on, even if he had to come to Acapulco all alone.


That's GOT to be Malucci, John mused to himself. Sure, he'd had thoughts about the man while he was working at County, but Kerry had put an end to those when she fired him and he no longer saw him everyday. He wasn't playing volleyball only a few feet away in a Speedo, was he? Maybe if I just got a closer look, John thought, rising from his lounge chair. He began to slowly walk towards the game.


"That's ten to one, guys!" Dave said as he watched the other team miss his serve.
"Gee, we wouldn't have realized otherwise" One of the guys on the other team called back grumpily.
"Hey, come on, I can't help it that I rock!" Dave responded.
"You ever hear of modesty?" The guy shot back.
"Modesty? The man is wearing a lime green Speedo. The only thing LESS modest would be a thong" One of Dave's teammates, a pretty brunette in a VERY skimpy bikini spoke up.
"Oh, like YOU'D know about that, Amber?" A tall, olive skinned man next to her asked while eyeing the cleavage about to pop out of her top.
"Shaddup, Tony, or I'll put a cover up on" She playfully swatted him.
"Hey, I wasn't complaining. How 'bout you, Dave?" Tony said quickly.
"Nope, not complaining at all" Dave said, licking his lips. Amber certainly had a lot to show. He'd like to think that it was his volleyball skills that were winning the game, but he knew in reality that it was the fact that the guys on the other team were mesmerized every time Amber jumped in the air, hoping that she'd slip out of that string bikini top.
"Hey, get your own," Tony joked, and then took Amber in his arms and began to kiss her passionately.
"Aww, man get a room," Another guy, obviously one of Tony's friends, complained.
"Yeah, or let us join in", Dave said grinning. He wouldn't mind that at all. Amber was hot and Tony wasn't so bad to look at either.
"Gee, Dave, I didn't think you liked to share." A very familiar voice spoke up from the sidelines.
"I... Carter?", Dave said turning in shock to see his former colleague standing on the sidelines with a grin on his face.
John tried not to gasp as Dave turned. Not only was the man wearing a lime green Speedo, but it showed off what he possessed... ALL that he possessed. John reflexively checked Dave out; muscular chest, some hair, not a lot, but not entirely smooth. Most importantly though, below that marvelous chest was something even more exquisite, a massive bulge in that Speedo. John tried his best not to drool. Never in his wildest fantasies did he think he'd see Dave this close to naked, and that it would be such a beautiful sight.
Dave, for his part, didn't notice John checking him out, mostly because he was doing the same thing himself as he took in John's appearance. John was dressed in, well, way more than Dave would have liked. Only a slight glimpse of his chest was available through the opening of the partially buttoned Hawaiian print shirt he wore. Beneath the shirt, he was decked out in a pair of tan swim trunks. The man looked great, then again, John always looked great. Dave suddenly found himself wishing this were a nude beach.
John tried to regain the ability to speak. Don't look at the Speedo; don't look at the Speedo, he ordered himself. "So... uh, practicing medicine among the natives?" He said with a wink. Okay, he could speak to Dave as long as he didn't look at that little lime green Speedo or think about what that little piece of spandex was containing.
"Natives?" Dave was momentarily confused. What natives? All he could think about was nude beaches, and John, John nude and running through the waves.
"Yeah, Malucci, indigenous peoples. You know, the people who live in an area." John spoke slowly as if to a little child.
"Oh, yeah, uh, yeah, I mean, no." Dave tried to get himself together, to stop thinking about naked John. Okay, unsexy thoughts, unsexy thoughts. Weaver naked... damn it, now he was thinking about threeways... this wasn't working.
"So which is it, Dave?" John asked raising an eyebrow.
"Huh? What?" Dave said distractedly as he imagined Kerry and her lover having sex on the beach while John looked on, completely naked.
"Do you work down here or not?" John was puzzled. Maybe Dave had had too much sun today and was coming down with heatstroke?
"Work? No, no, I don't work here." Dave finally regained coherence by picturing the desk clerks Jerry and Frank going at it on top of the admit desk.
"Ah, so vacation?" John was about to suggest that Dave should get out of the sun for a while and get something to drink, but he seemed to be coming around.
"Yeah, vacation. You?" Dave asked, wondering what led John to be on the beach in front of him, looking so magnificent to boot.
"Yup, Weaver let me have a few days off. Feels good to be away from the cold of Chicago," he said with a grin. It also was quite good to see Dave Malucci in that Speedo. He was grateful that he had worn the baggy swim trunks today. He'd gone hard the minute he saw Dave.
"You're going to have a garbage-man tan," Dave blurted out suddenly. Damn it, he thought he blocked the thought of undressing John from his mind. His Speedo was feeling awfully uncomfortable all of a sudden.
"Excuse me?" John asked, confused by Dave's sudden statement.
"You're wearing a shirt, you're going to have a garbage man tan, just on your lower arms", Dave tried to explain. So take it off, Carter, he added silently, dying to see what John's chest really looked like.
John laughed, "Dr. Dave, didn't you learn in medical school that tanning is unhealthy? Leads to skin cancer, remember?"
"Oh, right." John had him there, damn it. Why couldn't he ignore his medical training and take the shirt off?
Neither man had noticed but while they were talking the game had broken up around them. Tony had carried Amber off to some private or perhaps, not-so-private dune. The others had milled off in separate directions.
"Looks like your game is over," John said indicating the empty court.
"Huh?" Dave turned around and noticed that everyone else was gone. "Well, we won anyway."
"Kind of sucks that your friends deserted you though." John asked, hoping for some information on who those people were, and if any of them had any kind of claim on Dave. After all, they weren't co-workers anymore.
"Them?" Dave shrugged "Not my friends, just some people I met around here. Don't even know half of them"
"Oh, so you're not here with anyone?" John asked trying to keep the hope out of his voice. If Dave was alone, so many things might happen. Sure, he knew it was a long shot, but he couldn't walk away. Not when Dave was wearing that Speedo and looking so wonderfully sweaty from the heat and the game.
"Yup, you?" Dave asked, fully expecting to hear that John was here with some beautiful girl or some hot guy.
"No, came down on my own." John replied, his eyes wandering again to the bulge in Dave's Speedo.
Dave had been with enough people to know when they were turned on and he easily noticed where John's gaze had slipped. Sure, catching someone to spend the night with was the goal when he put the Speedo on this morning, but he hadn't expected that John would be that someone.
"Well, I don't know about you, but I'm about ready for a siesta." John said with a slight yawn. He made up that story because he knew he was going to need some relief and soon. The thoughts about what was under that fabric were just adding up.
"Oh, yeah, okay..." Dave looked put off. He thought he'd been reading John's signs the right way yet he wanted to go off and nap. Maybe he was really tired. As John began to walk away from him, Dave realized it was now or never.
"Hey, Carter!" Dave called after him. John stopped and turned and Dave plodded through the sand to catch up with him. "Since we're both, you know, in town... maybe we can get a drink or something later?"
John didn't drink anymore, but he happily would have gone to an autopsy with Dave had he been asked at that point. He'd go anywhere with the man in the lime green Speedo. "Sure, sounds great"
Dave grinned. This was so working out, he was going to see John again. He'd given up all hope of ever being with John when Weaver fired him but now fate had brought them together again. John gave him the room number and hotel he was staying at and then retreated down the beach. As he watched his disappearing form, Dave imagined that there was no material in the way and he was watching each muscle move as John walked off down the beach.

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