Storage Room Madness

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SUMMARY: After a big fight in front of the entire ER, the staff decides to lock Elizabeth and Luka in a storage closet that only opens from the outside.


"No way, I'm not doing this. I have surgery in a half an hour."

"Don't worry Corday, we'll get someone to cover you."

"How long are you going to keep me in there with her?"

"An hour or two, it won't be that bad."

"Don't make me do this."

"Too late."

The door to the storage room slammed shut and Luka and Lizzie stared at each other. They were staring daggers at each other, but they were furious at the rest of the staff. It was Weaver's idea to lock them in a closet together, only because they had gotten into a little tiff over how to treat a patient. They had gotten over themselves, but the staff decided this could let them "talk over their issues".

Lizzie had always had a thing for Luka, now she could act on it.

Luka had always had a thing for Lizzie, now he could act on it.

Lizzie opened her mouth to speak, but she closed her mouth as if she had thought better of it.

"What?" Luka said.

"Never mind, you won't feel the same. Oh ok, I have a thing for you," Lizzie blurted out. Luka turned red when Lizzie said this. Then he admitted having a crush on her too.

"Luka, I never really knew. But you're going out with Erin, and I'm still getting over Mark's death. I don't know if I'm ready for anything yet."

"Yes. But always remember Lizzie, you are my tangy zest of Miracle Whip."

"I'm your what?" Lizzie's eyebrows nearly leaped off her forehead.

"Nothing, I read it in a book once and I laughed for about twenty minutes after reading it."

"Well, when I was...oh, never mind," Lizzie's voice trailed off.

"C'mon, we're trying to communicate. Tell me."

"I love you."

The room fell silent at those words. The only sound that could be heard was Luka opening a jar of Miracle Whip.

"Want some? After all you are my tangy zest of this stuff."

Lizzie dug her fingers into the jar. She actually did love Miracle Whip, but she had never been called a tangy zest of it. But when she thought about, she was kind of tangy.

Luka didn't eat any of it. He couldn't stand Miracle Whip, or any kind of mayonnaise on anything. But just to make Lizzie happy, he stuck his finger in the jar and licked a little bit off of his index finger.

Lizzie giggled with her mouth full of mayonnaise when Luka made a really weird face after eating the mayonnaise. Luka thought Lizzie looked both crazy and sexy. She also looked kind of gross. After all, she did have mayonnaise in her mouth.

"Do you mind if I keep it?" Lizzie said, with the jar of Miracle Whip in her lap.

"No, I don't. I actually hate this stuff. I stole it off Erin because it's her favorite food in the world. I just really can't even stand the smell of it. She loves it though. If Erin asks you where it went, tell her you have no idea. And don't you dare mention my name."

"How much longer do you think we're going to be in here?" Lizzie asked. "This is getting quite ridiculous."

"Well, we should be out soon."

Lizzie leaned into Luka and Luka leaned into Lizzie. They got closer and closer and finally their mouths met.

"Ugh, mayonnaise breath," they said in unison when they broke apart.

Luka popped a mint and so did Lizzie. They leaned into each other and kissed for what seemed like hours. Although when they broke apart and saw they entire staff laughing and smiling at them. Not only had they seen the whole thing, Carter was holding a video camera and was taping the whole thing.

Just to break the silence, Lizzie opened her mouth to speak.

"Mayonnaise anyone?"



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