Strange Comparisons

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SUMMARY: Kerry and Carter have an interesting evening

"You are a book waiting to be opened Kerry, and I want to be the one to open you up." Said Carter. He loved Kerry so much. She really was a book. It took just the right amount of guts, kindness, and "spunk" to open her up. She was so personal and so delicate; nobody really knew how to treat her, except carter.

Carter and Kerry were sitting on the couch together and watching a movie. It was the movie version of Kerry's favorite book called "The Client". Kerry had her head on a pillow that was laid carefully across john's legs. The movie was ending and Kerry was getting up when John stopped her dead in her tracks with a long, passionate kiss. Kerry was stunned, but all she could do was kiss him back. She did love him; she just never had the guts to say it. "I love you John" was all that came out of Kerry's mouth. She was being seduced by the man she knew Dr. John Carter. "Shall we take this downstairs or to you room?" carter asked Kerry, pulling away from the exquisite kiss and hoping that he wouldn't get a whopping slap across the face. "The answer is yes, and you pick which one." Kerry said. John scooped Kerry up and headed over the stairs and cocking his head at an odd angle to ask Kerry which door. "First one on the right" Kerry said as she was nipping at john's neck very delicately. John headed into the dimly lit room and slowly and carefully laid the delicate redhead onto her own bed. By now she was tugging at his shirt. She was very needy and he knew and felt this. He wanted to get rid of this neediness, but he wanted to make sure this was what she really wanted. "Is this what you really want Kerry?" John asked and he stripped oh his and her shirt one after the other. "God yes John. I love you, even if you don't love me. Make love to me john." She said as she remover her own bra only to see the stunned look on John's face as he stared at her breasts. He sucked and nipped at them with Kerry's mewing as the seal of approval. Kerry loved this, and besides Mlungisi, John was the only one who did it.

John was just about to slip himself into Kerry when her intelligent brain kicked in and shouted out "WAIT!" "What?" John asked as Kerry was roaming around in her nightstand drawer. She suddenly pulled out a small packet with a faint smirk on her face as John smacked himself in the head for being so stupid. "It's OK, I just don't think we need any little Weaver's or Carter's in this house just yet." "Hah, good one, and you are right. I am not usually this forgetful; you just drive me so wild. I mean seriously, look at what you did to me." He said as he pointed down at the massive john jr. with a rather sheepish grin on his face. John put the condom on and allowed Kerry the chance to take over. He figured, judging by her work personality, that she would want to, but she didn't. John continued his exploration and within a few minutes Kerry had slid him inside her. Devouring every centimeter- by- tantalizing- centimeter of his length. She moaned in the process, and that drove Carter over the edge. Carter had Kerry on top of him, hoping it would be easier for her leg. The two were both on the brink, and Carter was so close. He wanted to be fair, so he used his "ladies first" manors and allowed Kerry to come a little before, or almost the same time as him.

They went through about three condoms before the two of them were spent. For Kerry, this was about three years of pent up sexual energy, and Carter was the perfect remedy for it. This was the first time they had made love. Kerry loved it. She loved it and Carter. She allowed carter the chance to throw away their "trash" before she made sure he was comfortable and then wrapped herself around him and laid her head right on top of those muscular pectoral muscles. The two of them drifted off into their separate yet connected dreamlands, but still laying in each other's arms. Kerry loved Carter, and Carter loved Kerry. It was simple, but the things living in the same house together for a few years can do to you were amazing. They loved each other and no matter what, the swore to themselves they would be their for each other. Carter could live with waking up to Grace Jones, and Kerry could definitely live with someone who made love the way Carter did.

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