A Sudden Change Of Heart

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SUMMARY: Baby issue?????

Part 1
The change of mind

"Sandy?" Kerry said sleepily, as she started to wake up. "Yup, I'm right here honey, did I wake you?" "I was half awake anyway," replied Kerry. Sandy leaned in for a kiss with Kerry. Kerry took to the kiss and embraced sandy. The two made passionate love.

When it was over Sandy flopped on the bed next to Kerry and noticed that she (Kerry) seemed to be a bit uneasy. Sandy spooned Kerry and said, "it's OK Kerry, it's OK, I am here, and I love you". With that Kerry smiled and easily drifted off to sleep in Sandy's arms, leaving Sandy to think. After a while she realized that it was OK to love someone, and that it is OK to give your heart away, as long as you don't let yourself hurt, or get hurt. Just as she finished that thought, she drifted away to sleep. Joining Kerry in her dreamful bliss.

When Sandy woke up she just happened to glance at the clock and realized that it was almost 8:00. "Kerry, please tell me that you don't have to go running off to that damned ER of yours today?" "No, I don't, I have the day off. You?" "Do I have the day off? Yes I do" "Good" said Kerry as she leaned over to kiss Sandy. Sandy stopped her and stated that she had been thinking lately. Kerry said "About what" Sandy replied "the baby issue" "Wow, I thought you didn't want kids anymore?" "I changed my mind, I am officially willing to go for in- vitro and carry the baby" "oh my god!" Kerry shouted. She embraced sandy in a huge hug and planted a kiss on Sandy's cheek, so hard that I probably could have left a bruise.

The Clinic

A few weeks later Kerry and Sandy were at the fertility clinic. Sandy was pacing, nervous as hell. "Calm down sandy, you are going to kill yourself before you even have the chance to be pregnant" "maybe that's the point" said Sandy. "I hope not," said Kerry as she got up to give sandy a hug. This comforted Sandy, at least somewhat. She knew that Kerry had once been in this same situation so she knew that there was someone else that knew how she felt. Sandy randomly started laughing. "What is so funny?" asked Kerry. Sandy replied with "this just kind of reminds me of when we were about to go into that bar. "What bar?" asked Kerry? The one we and your staff went to after Mark died." "Oh, that one" Kerry said, joining in with the laughter. Just then the doctor walked out.

"Sandy, you can come in now." Sandy walked away and noticed that Kerry was not that worried. She accidentally said out loud, "God, Kerry and her darn books." "Some women just like to read," said the doctor. "I'll take it as you are the Sports and movies kind of person." "Right on Dr. Mindy" said Sandy. They both laughed and Dr. Mindy started the procedure.

When Sandy came out of the office Kerry immediately hugged her and asked her how it went. Sandy said, "It was no trip to Hawaii, a little uncomfortable, but OK." "Good", now we can go home and celebrate with one of my home cooked meals." Said Kerry. "You do know about the no alcohol rule, right?" said sandy. "Of course, we can have plenty of fun without getting drunk, if you catch my drift" said Kerry. Sandy chuckled and grabbed Kerry's hand as the two walked out of the clinic.

Wanting to Give Up

Kerry awoke to the sound of someone throwing up. She rubbed her eyes and fumbled around for her glasses. When she finally found them she grabbed for her crutch. She walked into the bathroom only to find sandy kneeled over the toilet. Kerry gasped and said "Oh my gosh, how long have you been like this?" "About a half an hour" Sandy said as she threw up again. "It could just be the morning sickness taking a toll on you" said Kerry as she slowly sat down next to Sandy. Sandy collapsed into Kerry's lap and cried. She said in a whining voice "Why did I do this…. I can't take this any more!", she just sobbed. Kerry pulled her into a hug and comforted her.

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