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SUMMARY: Carter's thoughts on "A Boy Falling Out of the Sky"

As long as I live, I will never regret those words. "I want to marry you!"

Regardless of what Abby thought, I meant it. What am I talking about? She knows it. Abby’s not very in touch with her emotions, but I certainly am in touch with them. Both of us know we’re ready for that. I think we always have been. The truth is, I can’t stand the thought of not being with her. Looking back, life before Abby was hardly life at all. Just being her friend would have never been enough for me. But now, just being her boyfriend isn’t enough, either. I want to be her husband. I don’t care that she’s been married before, that she’s promised eternal love to another man that didn’t work out. It wasn’t me. I know that as long as I’m looking at her when I say that I want her to be mine forever, I’ll never break that promise. Abby feels the same about me, too. She has to. I know Abby, despite the fact that we’ve only been going out for a short time, I know her better than anyone. I know how she acts when she’s not interested, and I’ve seen the change in her now that we’re together. We’re both scared to admit it, but we’ve long passed the point of being satisfied with what we have of each other. Together, we can move forward, emotional baggage and all.

My speeding thoughts slow to a crawl as this understanding comforts me. They pick up pace as I open my eyes and study her sleeping form, curled in my arms. But this time, they’re not confusing. All I know is her, and that I love her.

But the best thing? I haven’t spoken a word out loud, yet she heard everything.

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