The Plan

AUTHOR: Corinne Konrad
DISCLAIMER: None of the original ER are mine, they belong to the people who make it. All others are mine. So don't sue me.
AUTHOR'S NOTES: This is my fifth fan fic, second for ER. It is a revised longer version, my first one was too short. This will go into more detail and have more scenes of Dave and Lucy, Dave and Deb, Carter and Lucy, Carter and Dave fighting and more of the cast. Hope you like this one better and it will also have more chapters and a sequel of the first in this version. Please read and review, but be nice. Constructive criticism is welcomed but flaming is not. Thanks.
KEY: Quotations- Dialogue, Stars- Thoughts, Italics- Setting info and narration.
SUMMARY: Lucy wants to get back at Carter for never listening to her, flaunting his relationships and everything else that was shitty. She calls in Dr. Dave for the job.

County General, Admit desk, Lucy talking to Jerry.

"Jer, do you where Dave is?"

"Um, check exam two.." But before he could finish, Lucy was already running towards the exam room. "He's said that he didn't want to be woken up, Well too late now." Jerry turns back to the computer and opens up the site that he was originally on before Lucy took him away from it.

Lucy gets to exam two, knocks on the door and opens it. She peers inside to see Dave asleep on the bed. She walks over to him and sits down beside the bed. She leans over him and kisses him on the cheek. "What the? Lucy what are you doing. Not that I didn't expect it, I always knew you had the hots for me."

"Dave get over yourself. I need your help with something. You'll get something in return. I promise."

"Well tell me what it is and maybe I'll consider helping you out." Lucy sat back down and crossed her legs. "Okay, first off lets get something straight. You like Deb, Right?" Dave nods. "and I want to get back at Carter. We make her jealous, cause I know for a fact that she likes you. You help me put Carter in his place and we're both happy. Now will you help me?" She gives him this puppy dog look and mouths, PRETTY PRETTY PLEASE WITH SUGAR ON TOP AND WHOLE LOT OF MAKING DEB JEALOUS. He looks at her and slides his hand through his hair. He's contemplating in his head. * Should I, is she serious about Deb liking me? Well it's worth a shot. Plus it would be kinda fun to see Carter sqirm cause I've seen the way he looks at Lucy.* "Okay, I'll do it. What are the rules of the plan. Like holding hands or what?"

"Well I was thinking pretty much anything and everything other than sex. Does that sound reasonable?"

"Yeah that sounds fine. So when do we start?"

"As soon as we go out there. We can start off by walking out of here holding hands and then we can go to the admit desk and I'll ask if Carter has asked for me and than we'll go from there. If he has we'll go there and see what he wants and than if he needs me we'll say goodbye, kiss and you'll go off. Is that ok?"

"Yeah, you've really thought this through haven't you? Well I like it, so lets go." They walk out the door holding hands and walk towards the admit desk. "Hey Jerry has Dr. Carter asked for me at all?"

"Yeah, he was just looking for you, he went into the lounge."

"Thanks Jer." Dave and Lucy go off to the lounge. She opens the door to see Carter sitting on the couch reading the newspaper. Dave slips his arms around her waist from behind and pushes her towards the fridge. She giggles and Carter looks up. He sees Dave, but he's not sure who's the girl. Lucy turns around and says, "Dr. Carter, Jerry said you wanted to see me."

"Yeah, Luce. We have a patient in exam four, I was just waiting for you." Lucy turns to Dave and whispers, I'll see you later. They kiss and he leaves. She sighs and turns to Carter. "So what are we waiting for? Lets go." She walks out with Carter hot on her trail. They step into exam four to see that the patient is none other than Lucy's old highschool friend Joline. "Jo, is that you? OMG I haven't seen you in ages"

"Luce, OMG. This is too weird. Guess who I saw yesterday, Corie. So you did it huh. Always knew you would."

"Yep. So what can we do for you? I see that your pregnant, you didn't end up with Zach did you?"

"Nope, actually you don't know him. His name's Adam. I met him in Canada. We hooked up about six months afterwards and now he we are. Seven months along and having triplets. Oh and Corie actually got together with Zach they just a little boy about a week ago. His names Jonathon."

"Wow, that's so great. So what's wrong?"

"Well I haven't felt very well for about two weeks. I thought it might just be extended morning sickness but now I'm not so sure. I get really dizzy and I'm always having to go to the washroom. My husband thinks that I have high blood pressure too. But I'm not sure."

"Well lets check everything out. Chuni, check the blood pressure, get a urine sample and a CBC. Oh and get a CHEM-7 too. Does that sound right Dr. Carter?"

"Yes that sounds fine Luce."

"So Jo, do you know what your having yet?.." Lucy is interrupted be Chuni telling her that Joline's blood pressure is 140/90. "Okay thanks Chuni. Why don't you go ahead and start those test I ordered. So Jo do you know what you're having?"

"Yeah two girls and a boy. I was thinking of naming the girls after you and Corie. Except instead of Corie, Corinne and the boy after my husbands father Dennis. What do you think? I was also gonna ask you if you'd be the babies godmother?"

"Wow, I would be honered. Thank you so much. I'll have to introduce you to my boyfriend Dave after." Chuni comes back in with the results, the diagnosis is exactly what Lucy suspected Preclampsia with Edema and early stages of Eclampsia. Joline would have to be relax, or else she could go into a coma. "Dr. Carter can I make a positive diagnosis of preclampsia with edema and early stages eclampsia?"

"Of course, go ahead."

"Okay, Jo. Your tests show that you have preclampsia, which is an illness found in woman during pregnancy. It's also the early stages of eclampsia which can be very serious if undetected. So what you'll have to do is get lots of bed rest and relax as much as possible until the babies are born. No working, drinking coffee and no excessive exercise. If you don't take care of this it could turn into eclampsia which is known for putting pregnant women into comas. But if you follow these orders you should be fine."

"Oh my gosh, are you sure I'll be okay. What about the babies?"

"The babies should be fine but if you like we could do an ultrasound and I'd recommend making an appointment with you're OB a.s.a.p."

"Can you do the ultrasound please?"

"Dr. Carter may I?"

"Lucy why don't you get Abby to do it and you can watch. I don't want you to screw it up and scare Mrs. Loudon."

"Um excuse me Dr. Carter but I would much rather have Lucy do it and if that's a problem I would like to speak with the attending in charge to make sure that she does it." Carter looks pissed but lets Lucy do. Everything goes perfectly and the babies are fine. Lucy is pleased with Joline's defending her and is also pleased that Carter is unhappy. "Well Jo everything looks fine. Just do as I said and you should be fine. The Edema which is the excessive urination should clear up with the preclampsia. If if doesn't come back or go and see your OB. I'll just go discharge you and let you get changed and I'll bring Dave back to meet you." Lucy and Carter walk out. Lucy goes to the admit desk signs out Joline and asks Jerry where Dave is. But before he could answer someone came up behind her and kissed her neck. She turned around to see Dave. "Oh good, I want you to meet a friend of mine from highschool. Lets go." They walk to the exam room and Carter turns to Jerry. "Since when have they been together?"

"I'm not sure but Lucy went to find Dave and they came out holding hands and all over eachother. They looked pretty chummy didn't they?"

"Yeah they did. Well I'm going on break. I'll be on the roof if anyone needs me." Carter walks off towards the elevators and passes exam room four and sees Joline, Lucy and Dave talking. Lucy and Dave are all over eachother. *What does she see in him?*

Lucy and Dave are talking to Joline. "Joline I want you to meet my boyfriend Dr. Dave Malucci. Dave this is my friend Joline Loudon. We used to be in highschool together."

"It's nice to meet you Joline."

"You too Dave. It's always a pleasure meeting Lucy's friends. I hope your nicer to her than that Dr. Carter. He sure was an asshole."

"Yeah well he's always grouchy around Luce here. He has a thing for her and isn't very happy that I got to her first."

"Oh I thought he got uptight whenever she mentioned you."

"You guys, he doesn't have a thing for me and even if he did. Which he doesn't I'm in love with you Dave and nothing is going to change that." Lucy leans over and kisses Dave. They pull apart and see a man walk in the room. "Oh Joline are you ok?"

"Yeah Adam I'm fine. Lucy here took great care of me. Adam I want you to meet my friend Lucy and Dave her boyfriend. Lucy, Dave this is my husband Adam."

"Hi, it's nice to meet you too. But Jo, we really gotta go and pick up the baby stuff and I made an appointment with Dr. Hammond for this afternoon."

"No problem I'll see you soon I hope Jo, here's my number. Call me whenever you can. And don't forget to take care. Remember no working, coffee or exercising. Just bed rest and water." Joline and Adam walk out of the room and Lucy turns to Dave as her pulls her into a mind boggling kiss. "Dave what the?"

"Carter outside the room looking in."

"Ok, lets really show him." They go back to kissing and Dave puts his hands on her ass. She presses her hands onto his back and they kiss passionetly. Dave pulls away looks at Carter, winks and closes the drapes. They stop kissing and begin to laugh histerically.

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