The Way It Should Be

AUTHOR: Carrie Verkman
SPOILERS: Takes place in Seasons 4-5
DISCLAIMER: As you know, none of the ER characters belong to me. They are Warner Bros. property. However names that appear in my stories that have no relation to ER belong to me and you may use them if you wish to. I really don't want to get sued by Warner Bros. because I make $6.00 an hour and I'm only 17. I don't need a lawsuit on my hands.
AUTHOR'S NOTES: I want to hand out a big huge thank you to Cathy Roberts and Anna Rousseau. Since I have only been watching ER since Season Five, they helped me out with some background info on Anna Del Amico. Thanks to them, I now know more about Anna and what she was like. If I do have anything incorrect in my story about Anna or something else, let me know so it can be changed. Cathy, Anna, you guys were a big help and I really do appreciate it! Thank You!
SUMMARY: I always wanted Anna and Carter to hook up on the show, so this is what I think would happen. This is how I wanted it to be, hence the title. It takes place in Season Four with a few minor changes. There's also a sequel to this story, please read it!

Her name was Anna. Anna Del Amico. He had no idea what the name Anna meant or what ethnic background Del Amico was, but it was one of those names that just rolled off your tongue when you said it. Anna Del Amico. Was it Italian? French, Russian, German, or even Spanish? It didn't matter to him. The name seemed to fit her well. As did everything about her. Her soft blond hair hung perfectly around her well-rounded face when it hung down. Other times she had pulled the hair back in a ponytail or in a messy, but sexy, bun with a large hair clip. Anna had thin pink lips that were soft and kissable. Her smile showed two rows of straight shinning teeth. God, how he loved her smile. Most of the time she was happy, and she laughed often. Her laugh was like bells ringing from a far off church. When he heard her laugh, he felt it as music to his ears. Anna had the same eyes as him. They were a rich chocolate brown that always shinned. Anna was perfect. 

John Carter sighed. He sat a few feet away from where Anna was sitting at the front desk. John watched her work. He watched everything she did. Anna was filling out charts while quietly humming to herself. She wore a black skirt, a blue blouse and of course her white lab coat. Today her hair was pulled up in a bun, the way John liked it. John was busy too, but every so often he stole glances at Anna. God, she is so beautiful, he thought, if only we were together. John sighed again. He was lovesick for Anna. 

Anna heard him sigh loudly, "Did you say something John?" 

He looked up, "What? No." 

"How is Chase doing?" Anna asked. 

That was another reason why he loved Anna so much. His cousin Chase was a heroin addict. From Anna's experience with narcotics, she helped Carter detox Chase. John never knew why Anna had been so knowledgeable about heroin. But their efforts to keep Chase clean never worked; he was left brain damaged. 

"He's doing okay," John answered. "The Kenner Institute has been working with him around the clock. He has improved some. but he'll never be the same."  

"That's good to hear." Anna said. 

"Yeah it is. Anna I wanted to tell you something. I know you've been helping me with my family a lot, and I just want to tell you how much I appreciate all you have done." John said in one breath. 

"John you've thanked me enough. Really, it was no problem. Now I have to get back to work." 

Anna left and went back to her patients. John nervously ran his fingers through his hair. He knew why Anna was acting this way. Sure they had gotten along great when they first met, but things had gotten tense between them. He did ask her out on a date. But to John, doing laundry wasn't really romantic or anything. Still he got to see Anna. Anna got upset when John lied to her about being rich. That's when things got worse. Anna bailed him out of jail too and she didn't seem happy doing it. The only way John could make it up to her was to kiss her. Only one kiss, and John knew he was in love with her. He knew Anna didn't feel the same way though. There was some reason why and John wanted to find out.     

He jumped when Doug Ross called out his name, "Hey Carter! Oops, didn't mean to scare you. A penny for your thoughts?"

John then realized he was just sitting there thinking. "Oh hey Doug. I just have a lot of personal things going on in my mind, you know with Chase and all that." He lied. 

"Oh yeah," Doug said. "Do you think you can put it all behind you at the ER ball?"

"Oh my God, I totally forgot about that!" 

"Are you saying you haven't asked anyone yet?" 

"Am I supposed to?" 

Doug chuckled, "Relax, it's only tomorrow evening. I'm sure you'll find someone to take. Catch ya later." 

As if there wasn't enough on his mind, he had to find someone to take to this ER ball. He immediately thought of asking Anna. When pigs fly, John thought. 

John had been living with Kerry Weaver for almost two months now. He greatly appreciated her kind hospitality. He also appreciated her cooking. It had been so long since he had a good home cooked meal. When he had first tasted her cooking he said, "Damn Kerry! If I had known what a good cook you were I would have moved in with you earlier!" 

Now the two of them were sitting at Kerry's dining room table eating pasta. John was usually a big eater, but tonight he just sat and played with his food. 

Kerry noticed he had hardly touched a thing. "Didn't your mother ever tell you not to play with your food?" 

"Not that I remember." 

"What's the matter?" Kerry asked sympathetically. 

"Nothing." John lied. 

"You're awfully quiet tonight and you haven't eaten my pasta which you love. It's got to be something." 

John sighed. "Kerry I don't want to bore you with my problems." 

"Nothing you say can bore me.  Now spill your guts." 

John put his fork down. "It's Anna." 

Kerry's eyes lit up. "Anna? Our Anna? Anna Del Amico?" 

"Yes." John then spilled his guts as Kerry asked. "Oh Kerry, everyday when I see her I just want to scream out how much I love her. I have been attracted to her ever since I first saw her. Anna is so great. She's sweet, kind, sophisticated, bold and just so beautiful." 

"What's the problem then?"

"Kerry, I know that she doesn't feel the same way. We did go on one date-well we only did our laundry-but to me it meant so much and to Anna it was just another date. Then when she bailed me out of jail I wanted so badly just to tell her everything I felt, but I knew that would bother her since getting me out of jail was enough of a problem. Then even today Doug Ross asked me if I was taking anyone to the ER ball. And guess who I thought of?" 

"Anna." Kerry answered.

"Yes. I want to ask her, but what if she says no? I love her so much." Just thinking about Anna made John become hard. "I hate to ask you this, but what should I do?" 

Kerry smiled.  "First of all, I want to say you are acting like a high schooler asking a girl to the senior prom. Don't be so nervous! Act like a mature adult. Tomorrow ask Anna to the ER ball.  If she says yes, then you will have a date. If she says no, then you will just be how you are now. Lovesick, single, and um.hard." Kerry couldn't help but notice John's erection. 

John blushed, he was embarrassed. "Thanks Kerry. I'm sorry I acted like such an adolescent. And I'm sorry I didn't eat your dinner." 

"That's okay. All is forgiven. Now eat up, you've got a big question to ask tomorrow." Kerry smiled. 

"Oh God. I'm already nervous." John continued to eat, but he didn't know if he could keep it down. 

End of Chapter One

The next day Kerry offered John a ride to work since they had the same shift. John was definitely not ready to ask Anna to the ball. 

"Nervous?" asked Kerry. 

"Yeah." John didn't want the ride to work to be over just yet. He also felt nauseous. 

"You'll feel better once you ask her." 

"That is if I don't puke all over her first." 

Kerry pulled in to the hospital. "We're here." she said. "John are you coming?" 

John was still buckled up in the car. "Yes I am." He tried to move but he was petrified. "No I am not." 

Kerry literally dragged him out of the car. "Come on!" 

"Kerry I think I'm going to be sick." John whined. 

"Oh no you're not!" Kerry pulled him in to the ER. 

When they entered there was no sign of Anna. Kerry and John walked into the lounge. Kerry went in first. But John did not follow.   

"Oh for Christ's sake Carter get in the damn lounge! She's not in here!" Kerry only called him Carter at work. 

John walked in. He took off his coat and stuffed it in his locker. Then he put on his white coat. He looked in the small mirror hanging in his locker. John smoothed out his hair and checked to see if there was any food in his teeth. The last thing he needed was Anna laughing at him because of poor dental hygiene. "Do I look okay Kerry?"

"You're a stud. The ER is busy now so talk to her when it's slow. Don't neglect patients because of your libido. Good luck!"

Kerry left the lounge. 

John took a deep breath. Just be yourself, act like an adult, he thought. Another wave of nausea hit him. 

The ER was busy. There was a never-ending flow of patients. John liked that. He had no time to think of Anna when he was in a trauma or doing a procedure on a patient. He kept himself busy, but then again he knew he would disappoint Kerry if he never asked her out.          

"Carter I need some help." Anna called. Hearing her melodious voice made John melt. 

John walked over to the room Anna was in. "What do you need me for?" 

"This." Anna was desperately trying to restrain an eight-year-old boy. Anna was a pediatric intern. She loved kids and babies. John liked that about Anna too. 

"I got him Anna. You can go ahead and clean up the stuff he knocked over." John said, trying to put the boy back on his bed. 

"Leave me alone! I'm Superman!" the boy yelled. 

"I'm sure you are. Anna get me a fourteen gage needle with some Haldol."  

Anna did as she was told. "You're going to sedate him?" 

"It's the only way we can get him back into bed."  John said. Anna held the needle in her hands. "Tommy this may hurt if you don't sit still." Anna drove the needle into Tommy's arm. When the pain hit him, Tommy bit down on John's hand. John cried out in pain. 

"Oh John are you all right?" Anna asked worriedly. 

Tommy laughed out loud. Anna scolded him for what he did. Then Tommy began to settle down until he was sleepy. Anna put him in restraints, then tended to John. 

"It didn't break the skin." John said. 

"Let me look anyway." Anna held John's hand  Her skin was smooth and warm and John liked the way it felt on his skin. I wonder if all the skin on her body is like that, John wondered. 

"You just need an ice pack. Come with me." John followed as Anna got him some ice. John suddenly heard Kerry's voice in his head. "Ask her out now!  Now is the perfect time!" 

John swallowed. He was afraid to speak with the fear of vomiting. John cleared his throat, "Um Anna?"


"I was. um, well, you know. wondering if I-I mean you want-" John could barely speak. 

"John? Get on with it." Anna said. 

"Do you go."

"Go where?"

John moaned, "I. excuse me. Oh dear God!" John ran away from Anna and headed towards the men's room. He had barely enough time to lock himself into a stall before he vomited. His body heaved as he saw Kerry's scrambled eggs and bacon again. John you are such an idiot, he thought, you can't even ask out a girl without vomiting. She probably thinks you're crazy or something. With that thought, John retched again. 

Anna was puzzled. "Kerry have you seen Carter?" 

"Not recently. Why?" 

"Well it was the strangest thing. I was going to get some ice for Carter's hand and he wanted to ask me something." 

Kerry knew what he wanted to ask. "What did he ask you?" 

"I don't know. He couldn't seem to find the right words. Then he said "Oh dear God" and ran off towards the men's room. It was so weird!" 

"I'll talk to him. You just get back to work." Kerry said. She went to the men's room to find Carter. 

Inside the men's room John was splashing cold water on his pale face. He couldn't believe how stupid he was. John took a few deep breaths and then was ready to face the world again. As he walked out he bumped into Kerry. 

"What the hell did you do?" she demanded.

"What?" he asked. 

"Don't give me that!" Kerry snapped. "You tried to ask out Anna but you couldn't do it! Right?" 

John rolled his eyes. "Kerry I screwed up so bad. I didn't know what to say. It's just that."

"Just that what?"

"I'm afraid of what she'll say." 

"You'll never know unless you ask her. Am I right?"

"Yes, you're right." 

"Good. Now I need your help." Kerry said. 

"On what?" John asked. 

"I have a 20 year old leukemia patient that needs a bone marrow transplant. He has no family members with the right type because his is so rare. So I offered to ask people in the hospital, assuming that they're healthy enough, what type they were." 

"What type are you looking for?" 

"People with B Negative blood."

"Sorry, I'm O Negative. I can ask other doctors for you." John said. 

"Great, thanks. I'll ask the nurses." 

After searching Kerry found no one with the right type. She checked in with John. "What did you find?"

"No one has B Negative blood." He reported. 

"John did you ask everyone?" asked Kerry. 


"How much do you want to bet that Anna Del Amico has B Negative blood?"

"Kerry please." John begged. "I don't think I can face her yet."  

"I'll ask and if she does, you get to do the extraction. Deal?" Kerry asked.  


Sure enough Anna had the correct type. Kerry sent her into the suture room where John was waiting to do the extraction. Anna was nervous because of John's behavior earlier. Would he be able to do the extraction? 

"Come in Anna. Sit down." So far John was behaving himself. "Roll up your sleeve." 

Anna sat down. "Are you okay John?"

"Yeah, why do you ask?"

"I wanted to make sure your hand was okay, that's all." Anna lied.

"It's fine." John said. He began to rub alcohol on Anna's arm to make it sterile. Anna shivered when the cold liquid touched her skin. Or was it because John was touching her? Anna ignored the thought as she watched John extract the marrow with a long needle. 

"Anna I want to apologize for my behavior earlier. I wanted to ask you something and I got nervous." John confessed. 

"You can ask me anything John, it's okay."

John pulled out the needle. "Almost done. You look a little pale. Are you okay?"  

"I'm okay. What were you going to ask me?"

John took a deep breath. This time no nausea came. "If you're not doing anything, would you like to go to the ER ball with me?" 

Anna's eyes lit up. It was sweet of John to ask her. "John that's really sweet of you, but."

"But what?"

"I-I'm feeling kinda tired after doing this extraction. I don't think I'll have enough energy to go. I'm pretty worn out." 

John was disappointed. He had a feeling she would decline his invitation. "Oh well, that's okay. I don't want you to go if you're not feeling well." 

"I'm sorry John. This doesn't mean that I don't like you or anything. Are you sure you're okay?"

"Yeah, I'll be fine. Get some rest, take it easy." John left the suture room.  

Anna felt bad for rejecting him. If only you knew the real story, she thought, I just don't know if I have the heart to tell you John. 

John found Kerry in the lounge. She was drinking coffee and when John came in she had a smile on her face. "Well, how did it go?"

"Wipe that smile off your face Kerry. She says that she's too worn out from the bone marrow extraction and she doesn't want to go." 

"Oh John, I'm so sorry. You poor thing, are you okay?" 

John sniffed. He felt like crying. "Yeah, I'll be alright. I'll stay home tonight and catch up on some paper work. Then maybe relax and listen to some music." 

"John I have a great idea." Kerry said. "We could go together."  

"No that's okay." 

"Come on. We'll go just as friends. Anna won't be there. It will be better than moping around my house."

John could live with that. "Okay I'll come. Thanks Kerry I owe you one."


End of Chapter Two

Anna Del Amico lived in an apartment building close by County General Hospital. The El train was nearby and Anna often rode it to work on cold days, rather than taking her car. There was a small convenience store nearby and a nice little park she often jogged at.

Her apartment was small, but cozy for one person. Despite it being small there was virtually nothing wrong with it. Except the roaches. The whole building was infested with them and Anna was used to them by now. She called her apartment the "Roach Lodge". There was also a small kitchen, one bathroom, one bedroom, and a fireplace.  

Anna sat on her couch sipping tea. The TV was on but she wasn't watching it. There was too much on her mind. Anna was thinking about John Carter  She felt terrible about turning him down. She did plan on going to the ball, but not with anyone else. It was too hard dating anyone after Max. Max Rosher. Anna smiled when she thought of him. He was a kind loving man who she had dated back in Philadelphia. He was a doctor too. Anna had fell in love with him. But then she found out about his narcotics addiction and she left him. Anna thought if she helped John Carter with his cousin Chase's addiction, she might begin to get over Max. But it wasn't easy. Anna still loved Max. 

The hardest part for Anna was that she loved John Carter also. She loved him since the day they met. He was cute with a boyish look on his face. John had a great personality and cared for everyone he met. He was passionate about his job as a doctor and that drove Anna wild. But what Anna loved the most was his smile and his rich chocolate brown eyes (much
like her own) that made you melt. John had a body that Anna wanted. She fantasized about him and often undressed him with her mind. She hoped that one day she could make her fantasies come true. 

Anna looked at her watch. She had to get ready for the ball. Anna had picked out a strapless black dress that went down to her ankles along with a black sash to go around her shoulders. Go to the ball, have fun, tell John about Max later, she told herself.  

Kerry looked at her watch impatiently. "John hurry up! We're going to be late!"  

John was tying his tie; "I'll be up in a minute." John looked at himself in the mirror. He was still hurt by Anna's words. But Kerry told him to put it past him. He came out of his basement room to find Kerry. She wore a plain red dress, but she looked pretty. "Kerry you look great." John said. 

Kerry blushed, "Thank you John. You don't look so bad yourself." 

John smiled and thanked Kerry for her compliment. The two of them were off to the ER ball. 

Anna arrived before John and Kerry did.  She was not happy with herself for turning John down. Carol Hathaway noticed the look of sadness on her face. "What's wrong Anna? You're not your usual peppy self." 

Anna replied, "John Carter asked me out to tonight's ball and I turned him down when I knew I shouldn't have." 

"Was he upset?" asked Carol. 

"Yeah. He didn't show it but you could see it in his eyes." 

"Why didn't you say yes?" 

"It's a long story and I don't want to talk about it." Anna said. 

John and Kerry arrived. John nearly fainted when he saw Anna. "Oh God." He said.  

"What? What's wrong?" asked Kerry. 

"It's Anna. She's here." 

"You're kidding? I thought she said." 

"I thought so too." John walked over to Anna. 

Anna didn't see him coming. But she heard his voice call her name.


"John?!" Anna was surprised. 

"I need to talk to you. Excuse us Carol." John pulled Anna away. "I want one good reason why you turned me down this afternoon. You lied to me." 

"If you listen and let me talk you'll get your reason." Anna snapped back. "First of all I want you to know I feel terrible about what I said this afternoon. I have nothing against you John and you know that." 

"The why did you turn me down?" asked John. 

"The reason why I turned you down is because I'm still getting over my last boyfriend. I'm still in love with him." 

"You could have told me Anna." John said. "It hurt me when you lied. I would have felt much better if you'd told me the truth." 

"I'm so sorry." Anna said. "If there's anything I can do to make it up to you, let me know."

"I want to know how you can still be in love with a guy who's not even your boyfriend now." John said.   

"I left my last boyfriend because of his narcotics addiction. It hurt me because I thought I was doing the wrong thing by walking away from him. I should have stayed and helped him because I loved him. Then when Chase came along." Anna's voice became soft.  

"No you didn't. You used Chase as a way to get over your old boyfriend? How could you do that Anna? He is my cousin!" John said angrily. 

"I'm sorry, I really am. Right now I am in a very difficult point in my life. I don't know who I love or who loves me. If you want to stay mad at me that's fine. I deserve it!" Anna ran off crying. 

John looked at her helplessly. He was mad at Anna for lying to him and then using him. But then he saw that she was going through a difficult time and felt sympathy for her. He remembered that she said she didn't know who she loves. That made it sound as if there was someone else. John hoped that he was the someone else. John went looking for Anna. Someone said she had gone home already. Poor girl, he thought, all she needs is someone to talk to, and that could be me. 

End of Chapter Three

Anna ran home in tears. Her make-up was stained from her tears and was running down her face. Anna looked in a mirror. "I'm a mess." She said. "Everything is a mess. My personal life, my relationship with Carter." Anna sat down on her bed. She rubbed her face with her hands. "I hope things don't get worse." 

Just then the phone rang. Anna picked it up on the first ring. "Hello?"

"Anna! It's Max. I'm so glad you're home." Max said cheerfully. 

Anna groaned. "Max, this isn't a good time." 

"No, no, no, just bear with me for a moment. I've got great news! I'm clean! I'm off the narcotics!"

Anna's mood shifted. "Max that's so great."

"Yep. And you know what else? I got my job back at the CHOP, and they are letting me come to Chicago to do a study in the Pediatric ER! Isn't that great?" 

Anna was excited now. "When are you coming?" 

"Next week." Max answered. "I was hoping I could stay with you if that's all right?"

"That's fine." 

"Wow Anna this is so great. It'll be like old times. Well I've got to go, but I'll see you next week." Max then hung up the phone.

Anna was smiling. It would be good to see Max again. But what about John, she wondered. She let her thoughts wander until she fell asleep. 

One week later....

John finally found a break in his busy schedule to talk to Anna. He wanted to tell her that he wasn't mad about the Chase thing and if Anna ever needed to talk, he would listen. John made his way to the lounge. Already he could hear Anna's cheerful laugh. She must be feeling better, he thought. John opened the door to the lounge and saw Anna standing there with Max Rosher. 

"Oh, Anna I'm sorry. I didn't mean to interrupt you and your guest." John headed for the door. 

"Oh no John, stay." Anna said. "I want you to meet Max Rosher. He is here from Philadelphia doing a study on Pedes ER. Max this is John Carter.  The one I was telling you about." 

"Nice to meet you Doctor Carter. Anna has been telling me so much about you and all of your work." Max shook his hand. 

"The pleasure is mine." John said. "Max, can I talk to Anna alone please?" 

"Yeah sure. I'll be in the cafeteria sweetheart. John, it's been a pleasure." Max left John and Anna alone. 

"Sweetheart?" asked John. 

"Max is always such a big smoothie. What's up?" Anna said. 

"I just wanted to tell you that I have no hard feelings about the Chase thing and I've put it behind me." John explained. 

Anna was surprised. "Oh well, thank you."

John continued. "Also I know you were upset the other night and if you ever need to talk I'll be here."

"Thank you John. I am doing much better. Max has been so great to talk to." Anna said. 

"Say is this Max guy the old boyfriend?" asked John. 

"Why? Are you jealous?" Anna asked playfully. 

"What? No, I was just curious, that's all. I mean he's just an old colleague right?" 

"Right." Anna said. John was acting weird.

"And I'm sure he's not staying at your place either." John said. 

"Actually he is. John what is the big deal?" 

"Nothing." John said. "You know what? I'm just being paranoid. I shouldn't have bothered you. I've got to go now." John left the lounge, Anna was left puzzled.  

"I'm telling you she was definitely flirting with this Max Rosher guy who all of a sudden appears out of nowhere!" John explained. Him and Kerry were sitting on her living room couch after dinner. Once again Kerry inquired into was John was thinking about.  

"Maybe this isn't the ex-boyfriend she told you about." Kerry suggested.  

"I know that it is. I just know." John said. "I finally start to get somewhere with the lovely Anna Del Amico and BAM! Max Rosher shows up and ruins my life!"  John threw his head back and sighed. "I'm too late Kerry. Anna is going to fall for this Max guy and run off with him, leaving me alone forever."  

Kerry spoke up. "You don't know whether Max is an old boyfriend of hers or just a great friend. I don't think you should look into this much further. If Anna wants to tell you where her relationship is going then let her tell you on her own. It would be rude to ask." 

"Yeah you're right. You're always right. How come you didn't become a psychiatrist instead of a doctor?" John asked.  

"Because I don't want to get paid for hearing other peoples problems. I just sit and listen to you and you pay the rent." Kerry said laughing. 

John threw a pillow at her. "That was mean Kerry Weaver!" But Kerry's joke had lightened the mood. John was feeling better now after sharing his feelings. 

"Kerry, have you seen Carter?" Anna asked. 

"He's in the lounge taking his break." Kerry answered. 

"Thanks." Anna headed to the lounge. She found John drinking coffee. He looked up when Anna came in. "Hey Anna? Where's that old smoothie Max?" he asked sarcastically. 

"Oh be quiet. Max is up in the OR observing pediatric surgery." She said. Then she got serious. "John I know you said yesterday that I could talk to you if I needed it, and, well I want to tell you something."

"Go ahead." John put his coffee cup down. 

"I'm not being totally honest with you about Max." Anna explained. "He is my ex-boyfriend. The one I was in love with. But I don't feel that way about him anymore. Max was the one addicted to narcotics, but he's clean and that's why he was granted this study." 

"Oh I see." John said. "Well Anna, thank you for being honest with me."

"Okay well I got to get back to work." Anna left the lounge. John had a wicked smile on his face. "I knew it!" He said to himself. 

Later that night Max and Anna were lying in bed together. Max insisted he had a bad back and refused to sleep on Anna's lumpy couch bed, so the end result was the two of them sharing a bed. Anna seemed distracted. She was thinking about her growing attraction towards John. She had planned to tell Max that night she was finally over him.   

Max spoke up. "Hey baby doll, what's the matter?" 

"Nothing." She lied. 

"Are you thinking of that nosy Carter? You know today I caught him spying on me in the cafeteria. It's like he was doing a background check on me or something. What a moron." Max said. 

"I don't think he's that bad." Anna said. "He's a great doctor and he's really friendly." 


Anna was disgusted. "Max you are always so cranky. Give him a chance."

Max went on. "He can get all the chances he wants, but that won't make me like him." 

"Max is there anyone you do like?"

Max had a passionate smile on his face. "I like you, Anna." Max stroked the hair away from her face and kissed her. The two of them came to the point to where they had already taken off their clothes. 

"Max, if we're going to do this we need protection." Anna said.

"I don't have anything." Max answered. 

Anna headed towards the bathroom. "That's okay. I'm always prepared." She pulled out a box of condoms. Anna picked one out and took the wrapper off. She was about to throw it in the trashcan when she saw the empty bottle of pills. Anna picked it up and was horrified. Anger swept through her body. She confronted Max holding the empty bottle in her hand. 

"You lied to me." She said. 

Max looked up. "What's that?" 

"Don't fuck with me, you lying bastard." Anna felt tears in her eyes. 

"Seriously, I-I don't know where that came from." 

"You lied to me about being clean. These are your pills!" 

Max began to apologize. "Anna I'm so sorry. I couldn't do it. I couldn't stay clean. One of the reasons I came here was to see if you'd help me."

Anna started to cry. "I would never help you now." 

"Anna let's talk about this. There's no need to cry." Max begged. 

"Get out."


"Get out now before I call the police. GO!" Anna demanded. She got dressed. Max packed his things and Anna watched him leave. Anna was still crying and didn't know if she could stop. There was only one man that could make her feel better. The one man she should have been with all along. Anna grabbed her coat and left for Kerry Weaver's house where John Carter was living. 

End of Chapter Four

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