Through It All

AUTHOR: Amanaka
SPOILERS: Various.
SUMMARY: A reunion.

Kim chuckled as her best friend tried to climb out of the car. “Want some help?”

“Only if you promise not to laugh.” Christy glared playfully at the blonde.

Kim was visiting for a week with her long-time friend when, early on day two; Christy tripped down her stairs. “Are you sure it’s just twisted?”


“Christy…Mercy was closer.”

She rolled her eyes. “Things change Kim. You’ve been gone over two years.”

“I wanted to keep it that way too.”

“Tough. Now, help me get inside.”

Kim was amazed at the physical transformation that had taken place in County’s ER. “Wow.”

“Isn’t it nice?”

She nodded and looked for some familiar faces.

“Only a couple left.”


“People you’d know. Most have gone elsewhere than this particular ER.” Christy leaned over the desk and grabbed the unfamiliar desk clerk’s attention. “I think I twisted my ankle.”

He smiled and handed her a clipboard with some forms. “It’ll be just a second.”

“Thanks Trent.”

Kim shook her head. “You know him?”

“Yep. He’s a good kid, has a thing for the new Chief, Susan or something.”

“Oh.” Kim’s attention moved to the sound of accented voices passing by. She recognized Elizabeth with a younger Indian woman, a med. student maybe. “Elizabeth.”

The redhead paused and spun around. “Kim? How are you?”


“This is Kim?” The younger woman asked. “They really didn’t have a chance, did they? Damn!” She nodded to Elizabeth and headed for the desk.

“Who’s that?”

“Neela. She’s a favorite around here, a brilliant doctor already. Takes quite a bit after her mentor I must admit.”

A nurse appeared to take Christy to a room.

“I’ll see you two later then.”

Christy finally spoke up. “I might stop by daycare.”

“He’ll be there, I’m sure. She’s looking better today, by the way.”

“That’s good.”

Kim gave them both a quizzical look.

The daycare worker obviously knew Christy as she went in and scooped up a tiny baby and brought him out into the hallway. “Kim, meet my godson Jacob. Jack, meet my friend Kim.”

“He’s tiny.”

“Three months old Sunday. He was two months premature, but he’s gonna be okay. Right Jack? You’re a fighter, aren’t you?”

They walked around the halls and through the walkway to the next building. “This is administration, Christy.”

“I know. He wants to see his mommy. Don’t you?” She gave him a peck on his head before pausing at the desk.

The clerk squealed at the sight of the baby and came around to hold him. “If it weren’t for you, we’d never see him.”

“Is she around?”

“Yeah, she’s in there. Been working on budget stuff for about an hour, but she’s eating and did have the music on for a while.”

“That’s good.” She took Jack back and went into the office

“Christy! I didn’t know you were coming by. Let me see my sweetie. What happened to you?”

“I fell, nothing serious.” Christy glanced through the door to see Kim frozen in place. She drug her friend in. “Look who I found on my step last night.”


“Hi Kerry.”

Christy had quickly abandoned the two ex-lovers with Jack and left them to catch up.

“Your son’s beautiful, Kerry.” Kim studied her hands in her lap.

“For a while I thought I’d lose him too, but he pulled through.”

“That’s good.” Her mind registered the word ‘too’. “Too?”

“He was born early due to stress and over-exertion on my part. We managed to hold off the contractions for two weeks so he’d have a better chance, but he spent six days in the NICU just after he was born.”

“You and Christy are close.”

“She’s been there the past six months, since March. I’ve attended more funerals…”


“Did you know Mark died last year?”

“I heard from someone, yes.”

“Not long after that, I found out I was pregnant. Sandy was absolutely thrilled…In March, do you remember me talking about Gabe Lawrence?”

She nodded.

“He finally died…and then Luka and John were murdered in the Congo in April or so. There was a memorial service, but the bodies haven’t been retrieved yet.”

“The Congo?”

“Doctors without borders. Things were getting tense here.”


“Then Romano was in a wreck, not that he’s missed too much. All the drama’s gone.”

“What happened?”

“Car wreck; the tree won.”

Kim smiled. ‘Fate’ she thought.

“Then in May Sandy died in a fire…She was a firefighter, a Captain.”

“That’s why Jack was born early?”

Kerry nodded. “It was hell…and there was Christy. By my side day and night, holding my life together while I fell apart.” She gave a small smile. “I owe her that child.”

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