Till Death Us Do Part

AUTHOR: Lockhart
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CATEGORY: Mark Greene/Elizabeth Corday
RATING: PG13 1/4 parts
SPOILERS: Just some minor ones for season 7
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SUMMARY: A secret only Mark knows could shatter his life forever and drastically change the future of his wife Elizabeth

Mark felt the fresh morning breeze blow gently on his face as he watched the cars pass by his new house. He was certain Elizabeth would love the house, he would do absolutley anything to make the woman he so dearly loved happy. Absolutely anything. At last he had found his true soulmate, the woman he cherished most in the whole wide world. Every morning as he woke up beside Elizabeth Corday he felt like the luckiest man alive. He knew he was destined to spend the rest of his life with her as soon as he caught sight of the British surgeon. At that time though he was tied down in a loveless relationship with Cynthia Hooper, the Er's desk clerk. Cynthis was a lovely woman, but she just didn't understand him at all. At that point he was still trying to come to terms with his recent assault in the mens washroom and simply needed some comfort. Cynthia was looking for commitment and love. With Elizabeth he didn't need to pretend to be someone else, he could relax and have fun. Most importantly he could be himself. I have everything I ever wanted from life,he thought as he watched the sun rise from behind a few white, fluffy clouds. So why now has fate decided to stike me a cruel blow? Why do I now face losing this happiness and content? I simply wanted to grow old in this house beside my beautiful wife, I couldn't face not having her in my life. I just want things to be the way they were before. Before I found out.

"Mark" Elizabeth whispered as she crept up behind him and kissed her husband lightly on the forehead. "You're certainly up early"

"Yeh your snoring kept me awake" he joked, smiling at his beautiful wife.

"What time is your shift?" she asked, taking a seat beside him on the balcony.

"Nine" he answered, never taking his eyes off the woman.

"I'll make breakfast" she replied cheerfully, making her way through to their large kitchen. "How about pancakes drizzled in maple syrup?"

"Sounds delcious" he shouted, glancing up to catcha glimpse of an aeroplane flying by. Although is worst fears had not yet been confirmed, he knew they were true. That these wonderful mornings spent with Elizabeth would never come again. I should enjoy this incredible moment whilst it lasts, he thought sadly. It may be my last.


"Morning Dr Greene" Abby greeted the physician as he entered the reception area.

"Hi Abby" he replied, taking off his waterproof jacket. "What have we got this morning?"

"21 year old man complaining of back ache in exam four, 9 year girl in curtain three complains of abdominal pain and there's a 57 year old woman in curtain one who took a nasty fall at home" she informed him.

"No chance of a quiet morning then?" he laughed half-heartilly. "Where's Kerry today?"

"Off, she's still not back from her break in Africa"

"Dr Greene incoming trauma!" Chuny shouted as she ran towards the doctor and nurse. "RTA, three majors, two minors. EMT's are rolling up now"

"Okay clear trauma one and two" Mark ordered, taking control of the situation at once. "Grab Luka, Chen and Carter, page surgery down here too!"

"32 year old male, found drunk at the wheel" Zadro informed as he rushed the patient into the hospital. "Trauma to the head with multiple lacerations. BP's 130/90, pulse 90"

"Thanks Zadro" Mark replied as he helped push the gurney into Trauma One. "Gently on my count folks, 1, 2, 3! Lets get a CBC, ABG, type and cross for four, a PT, blood alcohol level and a tox screen"

"Mark do you need my assistance?" Jing-Mei asked as she appeared at the doorway.

"Yeh" the male attending answered as he listened to the patient's lungs through his stethoscope. "Good breath sounds bi-laterally. Give him 10 of morphine and 100 of lidocaine"

"Pupils open and reactive" Jing-Mei noted as she flashed a penlight into the man's eyes. "Order a Head CT and hook him up to an IV of normal saline"

"His name is...........Rodney Chambers" Chuny told the doctors as she finally found an ID card in the leather wallet he had been carrying.

"Hey leave my stuff alone!" Rodney slurred in his drunken state.

"Charming eh?" Dr Chen grunted in disgust. Personally she didn't think Mr Chambers deserved to live. This maniac had managed to seriously injure a family of four and didn't even seem to show any remorse for his actions. Two innocent children could easily lose their lives because of his stupidity and carelessness.

"Just keep your mind on the job Jing-Mei" Mark replied sternly. Although he did agree with the female doctor, this was no time to let her emotions rule her better judgement. "Call me when the Head CT arrives. What's the bullet Luka?" he inquired as he dashed through to the adjoining trauma room.

"Thirty seven year old male named Ray Dennis, found unconscious in the driver's seat" Luka answered.

"BP's 150/100, pulse tachy at 120" Yosh informed as carefully monitored the patient's vitals.

"Lets get a CBC, Chem 20, ABG, Pulse Ox, chest x-ray and hook him up to an EKG" the Croatian decided as he completed intubation of the patient.

"Give him 10 of morphine and 5cc's bolus every two minutes" Cleo orderd as she started work on inserting a central line.

"100 of lidocaine and we should also get a peritoneal lavage" Mark added.

"No breath sounds on the right, he has a collapsed lung" Luka sighed as he threw his stethoscope back around his broad shoulders.

"Pulse Ox 82" Abby told them worringly as she removed the small clip from the male patient's middle finger.

"BP's falling 110/90!" Yosh shouted loudly across the room.

"Well give him 10 of dopamine and 5 of adenosine, IV Push" Cleo replied.

"GCS score about a 5. I'd give him a 3 for still being alive" Luka shook his head sadly. The situation suddenly brought back memories of his own family's death. The three people he cared about most in the entire world as a result of a country torn apart by a vicious war. The man lying on this gurney bed had simply been at the wrong place at the wrong time. Just like his beloved wife and children.


"Well what a wonderful way to start the morning" Robert groaned sarcastically as he pushed open the doors to the third trauma room. "Gretyl keeps me awake all night with her constant barking and now I've just arrived in the midst of a multi-victim trauma"

"You lead such a gruelling life robert" Elizabeth replied in disgust. He could try and show at least a little compassion for the little girl lying on theis gurney bed, she sighed in vain. Surely he does have a heart lurking underneath that brash and egostistical exterior. No, that horrible little turd doesn't care about anyone except himself.

"Conni order a belly CT" Carter told the nurse as he examined the terrified little girl.

"Is my Mommy and Daddy okay?" she asked timidly.

"I'm sure they are alright" Dave answered, flashing Jennifer a wide, friendly smile. "What's your favourite cartoon?" he asked, trying his best to take her mind off the horrific accident.

"Winnie The Pooh"

"Really? Well that's my favourite too! I love Tigger, he is just simply the coolest guy on television"

"Nice to know I emply mature adults who watch cartoons aimed at five year olds" Robert replied.

"Oh c'mon Rob, don't tell me you don't like to indulge in watching old kids favourites such as Mickey Mouse every now and then?"

"Do you wish t continue working here in County general Mala...........wucci or whatever the hell your surname is?" he asked rather viciously.

"Nice going Dave" John laughed quietly.

"Sweetheart does it hurt when I press down here?" Elizabeth inquired, gently touvhing her stomach.

"A little" Jennifer nodded. Elizabeth stood upright for a moment and held tightly onto the gurney for support. A slight wave of dizziness passed through her head so she closed her small, emerald eyes and waited for the strong pain to subside.

"Lizzie are you okay?" Dave asked, generally concerned for the surgeon's well-being.

"Fine" she opend her eyes to face him. "Just rather tired"

"BP's 90/70, pulse brady at 60" Lydia interrupted.

"Give her another milligram of dopamine and order an ABG" Carter replied. "Jennifer are you having a little trouble breathing?" The small girl nodded in reply to John's question. "My chest hurts" she whispered weakly.

"Well we're going to have to put a tube down your throat to help you breathe" he explained. "There's nothing to worry about sweetheart, you are in very good hands" As John spoke, Jennifer's eyes slowly closed before the machines around her suddenly started to bleep wildly.

"Pressure's dropping!" Conni screamed at the top of her voice to make sure everyone in the room heard her clearly. "BP 70/50, pulse 50!"

"Jennifer, Jennifer open your eyes" Dave ordered, tapping her chest a couple of times in the hope of a response.

"She's in shock, start two large-bore IVs, normal saline" Elizabeth commanded.

"Run in another 100 of lidocaine" John added as he assisted the other doctors in their desperate attempts to revive the patient.

"And start CPR now!" Robert yelled as he watched Dave commence chest compressions. A tiny thought at the back of his mind told him that the girl didn't stand a tiny chance of survival. No matter what attempts they made to re-start her heart, Jennifer's last moments on this earth had passed. The male surgeon felt a small tear form at the corner of his eye. Why did such a young girl have her life cut tragically short because of an idiot who decided to drive after drinking? Did the man in question even show a glimmer of remorse for his tragic actions? Although the staff of his hospital viewed him as cold-hearted, arrogant, selfish rat, Robert Romano truly did care about the little girl lying on the gurney bed.


"Heart rate's falling!" Yish shouted.

"Push in another milligram of atrophine" Mark ordered as he tried his hardest to repair the patient's collapsed lung.

"Pressure's falling!" Abby told them trying to maintain her usual, calm composure. "Another two units of O Neg going up on the rapid infuser"

"There must be a clot in the thoracic cavity" Mark shook his head. "Page Dr Kayson from Cardiology"

"Dr Greene do you wish to inject TPA?" the female nurse asked him, looking towards him for leadership.

"No" Luka interrupted in a more commanding tone of voice. "We don't know for sure if he actually has a blood clood clot in the coronary artery"

"Yes but if he does have a clot he could die without proper traetment" Mark argued fiercely"

"He might not have a clot though!" Luka snapped back angrily. "If we inject TPA he could die from the powerful drug!"

"We've lost the pulse!" Yosh yelled, attracting the attentions of the two men locked in a bitter arguement.

"Start compressions at once" Cleo ordered. "Give him a milligram of Solumedrol and another 5 of adenosine"

"BP's 160/110, he's hypertensive" Abby said in the midst of all the noise created by the machines all around her.

"He's throwing PVCs" Luka noted as he continued the chest compressions. "100 of lidocaine"


"Paddles" Mark requested as Abby handed the neccesary pieces of equipment over to him. "Charge to 300, clear!"

"Still in V-Fib, crit's down to 81" Cleo spoke.

"Again, charge to 300. Clear!"


"When was the last epi?" John asked as he watched Lydia bag the girl.

"10 minutes ago" the nurse answered sadly.

"That's it" Robert decided. "She's been down too long. Hold the compressions" Dave stood back as he stared at Jennifer, lying motionless on the gurney. Tubes and wires were hooked up to her body, delivering the medicine she so desperately needed to stay alive. Her face as white as snow, as if no blood ran under the flesh.

"Time of death 11:42" Carter said quietly as he pulled off his trauma gown. Pushing the door beside him open, he entered the adjoining trauma room where Mark, Luka and Cleo were working feverishly to resucitate the father.

"Charge to 360, clear!" Mark yelled as he brought the paddles into contact with the patient's chest. "Another 100 of lidocaine, clear!"

"Asystole" Abby said as a flatline appeared on the ECG.

"It's no use" Luks told him. "Time of death 11:45" Mark threw down the paddles bitterly before ripping off his gown and gloves and throwing them on the floor. Wiping the sweat from his brow he suddenly felt a strange twitch in his abdomen. Those thoughts were immediately discarded when Haleh appeared at the doorway beside the patient's wife.

"Oh my goodness Ray!" he woman with short chestnut hair screamed in horror as she rushed into the room. "Ray!" she sobbed, stroking his short jet black hair with her long, slender fingers. "No Ray, I love you. Please don't leave me and the children. I need you ray, the kids need you. Ray, no, no!" Mark watched in sympathy as Mrs Dennis rested her head against her husband's chest. It was sucha tragic sight, a woman in mourning for her dead usband. How would she cope with the pain and grief of losing a loved one? How would anyone cope in the that situation? As mark asked himself those questions, he felt a sharp pain just below his chest. It may have only lasted a couple of minutes but he knew that was the kind of pain he would have to endure in the weeks to follow. "I'm so sorry Mrs Dennis" Mark comforted the distraught woman as he clutched his chest. "I am so sorry"


Mark sat on the steps beside the ambulance bay, feeling the warm sunshine beat down on his forehead. The warm rays of golden sunshine were the only light in his life at the moment. I two hours time he would know the dreadful truth. The truth that would decide the future for Dr Mark Greene.

"Rough morning eh Mark?" John spoke as he took a seat beside the older doctor. He took out a cigarette from his pocket followed by a small lighter.

"Don't you realise that's bad for you" Mark said, nodding towards the cigarette.

"I know, I am a doctor after all" John laughed as he raised it to his mouth, inhaling the sweet nicotine.

"You know I've never told you this Carter, but I'm proud of you. You battled your drug addiction bravely and have managed to stay clean for nearly half a year. It's an honour to be your friend"

"Oh please" John shook his head, feeling rather embaressed at his friend's kind, endearing words. "I should never have needed to go to rehab in the first place. It's a period of my life I am certainly not proud of. After the stabbing I felt so guilty about Lucy's death, I blamed myself for not protecting her properly. In the two years I knew her all I ever did was shout at her, give her an incredibly hard time. As much as the girl tried, she could never do anything to please me. Even when I found out she had stopped taking Ritalin for her hyperactivity I still didn't offer her the support she so richly deserved"

"I'm sure that where ever Lucy is now you are the least of the people she would blame" Mark replied sorrowfully.

"I still have the nightmares" Carter continued. "It is the same image I see every night, Lucy lying still on the cold, concrete floor, covered in litres of her own blood. Her wide eyes open with tremendous fear. Her pale face as white as snow. So I vowed I would never let any patient in my care die. I know it's a pathetic exuse but I turned to the drugs because I though they would help me. I thought they would me through my tiring shifts, my pain, my sorrow.......... It should have been me that died on Valentine's night, not Lucy"

Mark stared sadly at the ground below his feet, watching his tall shadow from above. What did it actually mean to die? What would it be like knowing you only had a few hours left in this wonderful world? Would there be life after death, or would that be it? After you pass away you simply become a memory in the minds of the people you love? How do the fiends and relatives that you leave behind cope? How do you manage to cope? There were so many questions running through his mind that remained unanswered. "Don't dwell on the past too much John" he finally replied, standing up from his seat on the steps. "Enjoy your life whilst you still can. You never know when it might be cruelly snatched away from you" he strolled away in the direction of the hospital entrance leaving Carter to ponder on his last words. What did his friend's words exactly mean?


"Scalpel" Robert ordered as his surgical nurse Shirley handed him over the desired instrument. "So Lizzie, are you enjoying life in your new home with lover boy?" he asked, looking up at her with a grin on his face.

"If you are referring to Mark then yes, we love our new home" Elizabeth replied, glaring at her boss who stood on the opposite side of the gurney from her.

"How sickenly sweet" he laughed. "You must invite me over for dinner one night"

"I'd rather sell my soul to the devil" she muttered under her breath.

"Ouch Lizzie! You certainly do know how to hurt a man's feelings. I thought we were the best of friends now, obviously I am mistaken"

"Suction" she requested, barely able to hide her annoyance and frustration at the man.

"Uh oh" Robet said suddenly as he paused for a moment from operating. "There's a small tear to the bottom left of the liver"
"You're joking" Elizabeth sighed. Normally a simple operation would be no problem for the experienced female surgeon but in the last hour she had experienced some nausae and dizziness. All she wished to do was lie down for an hour, not repair a man's liver. Especially the liver of a man who had just torn a family of four apart, killing the father and daughter.

"Me joke, never!" Robert exclaimed sarcastically. "What's wrong Elizabeth? Can't you keep up with the big boys now?"

"I just feel slightly sick" she answered, tilting her head to the side slightly.

"Well when you have just cracked open a man's chest to reveal a lot of blood and organs, sometimes you do feel slightly nauseated" he mocked her. "It certainly does put me off the steak dinner I have planned for tonight"

"No I think I am really going to be sick" she panicked dropping the sponge she was holding in her right hand. "Excuse me Robert" Quickly pullling off her gown and gloves, she held her hand to her mouth and dashed in the direction of the ladies toilets.

"Lizzie get your ass back over here now!" yelled a bewilldered Romano. "Damn it" he quielty cursed as he watched her run into the distance of the surgical department.


Mark walked slowly down the empty corridor. Every step nearer to the room grew heavy on his heart, the same heart that was beating extremely fast. He had been fretting whether to turn up for this vital appointment or not. Did he want the truth or should he perhaps just live in blissful ignorance to it? Would lving without the facts be better or worse? It was a rhetorical question he could keep on asking himself. No one would answer him though, it had to be his decision alone. This is it, he gulped in fear as he knocked on the grand wooden door. I'm doing this for you Elizabeth. You deserve to know the truth my love. "Dr Michaels" Mark acknowledged as he entered the small, cosy room.

"Dr Greene" the man nodded as he sat down in his large leather chair. "We have your test results back"


"What can I say?" Carter laughed in astonishment. "Congratulations Elizabeth!"

"You mean I'm pregnany?" she asked, staring at the ultrasound screen, trying her hardest to make out a clear image.

"looks to me like you are about eight or nine weekd pregnant" John replied.

"That's.......that's great!" she squealed in delight, jumping up from the bed to hug the male doctor in excitement. "I simply can't believe it, Mark and I are going to be parents!"

"I am very happy for you both" he told her honestly. "Mark will be absolutely thrilled with the news"

"Thanks again John" Elizabeth hugged him for a second time. "I can't wait to tell him the great news"

"Uh Elizabeth" John called after her as the female surgeon turned to leave the room. "Is Mark okay? It's just that he seemed a little depressed when I talked to him this morning. There's nothing wrong, is there?"

"Mark's fine" she reassured him. "It's probably just the stress of moving house recently"

"Yeh you're right" John laughed, feeling rather embaressed for asking such a silly question. "I'm sure he is fine"


Mark turned the key inside the golden lock and pushed open the door to his house. He had taken a long walk after work to help clear his head. So many worrying thoughts were flooding his mind that he just couldn't think properly. I have to tell her, he sighed, hanging his jacket on a small hook in the hallway. But how exactly am I supposed to tell her? Will she cope well with the news? How am I supposed to cope?

"Mark you're home" Elizabeth rushed over to where her husband stood, a worried expression across her small face. "Your shift ended two hours ago"

"I decided to take a walk" he replied, glancing away from her concerned stare. He simply couldn't look her in the eyes anymore. It simply broke his heart into a thousand and one tiny pieces.

"Anyway" she smiled happily. "I've cooked us a special dinner, we have something to celebrate"

"What?" he asked.

"I'm pregnant Mark" she finally told him. Mark's face fell as he heard her utter those three little words. Pregnant? No, this couldn't possibly be happening. He didn't want Elizabeth to be carrying his child at this moment in life. He didn't want her to be pregnant at all. No, surely this couldn't be happening to him. "Mark?" she gently broke him out of his thoughts. "Mark, speak to me. Mark!" He looked sadly at her before walking slowly through to their bedroom. Closing the door behind him, he sat down on the edge of their large bed and broke down into a flood of tears. Behind the wooden door stood a distraught Elizabeth, wondering why her husband could not accept his unborn child.

Authors Notes: Just a note to say that this fanfic does not in anyway follow the storyline of Mark's brain tumour in ER. As you read the next few chapters my fanfic will take a few new twists and turns. So what is Mark hiding from Elizabeth? Why can't he accept the baby? Can the relationship between the two doctors survive? Find out in part two of Till Death Us Do Part! Also I would like to thank Starkid for all the great help in this story, this fanfic is for you!

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