Times Change

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AUTHOR'S NOTES: This is my first fanfic
SUMMARY: Carter gets in a car crash and goes into a coma to be awoken two year later wondering where Abby is

"Abby," came the voice of Susan Lewis,"He's in a coma he might never wake up I'm sorry."

"No, it's not possible," answered a clearly upset Abby, "It's our wedding day, I knew he shouldn't have gone out I knew it."

"You never knew this could happen."

"Well, it happened didn't it, we should be getting married right now."

"Abby, He needs to be moved to the ICU right now. If you ever want him to wake up just sign the form"

"Why? You said he might never wake up."

"Because this could give him a chance."

"Fine, could I just have a mintue with him."

Susan nodded and opened the door for Abby to go in and see him. It was the worst moment of Abby's life watching him tied up to all the machines. In her head she thought 'At least he's not brain dead or worse. Dead.' She sat down by his side and cried. She flashed back to this moring. She had seen the crash happen.

This Morning

"John," Abby said, " Leave it alone, Susan's at work she can take care of it."

"Baby," He answered, "I know I just want to make sure everything is in order, Susan and everybody are coming to the wedding, I want to make sure the temps know what they're doing."

"Fine, you have fifteen mintues go."

She watched him get in the jeep. He slowly pulled out of the mansion's drive-way.She went to the corner to watch him. Then it happened, a Semi drove full force into the driver's side of the jeep.


Abby ran to get him, yelling orders at people such as call 911.

"Abby, the ICU is ready to take him now." Susan said.

"Oh okay, can I come too?" she replied

"Actually, Abby I want you to go and see Dr. Myers."

"Why?" Abby sniped.

"Honey, you just watched John almost die and to make matters worse it's your wedding day."

"No," a hystrical Abby yelled, "This is your fault, you made him leave. He's as good as dead thanks to you."

A few people ran to help her when a firm voice said to them

'Leave her alone.'

Everyone spun round to see who said that to them. Of all the people that could be there it was Dr. Peter Benton.

"Peter," Susan said, "Why are you here?"

"Because I had to see him"

When the voice of Peter Benton yelled it was loud enough to gather every nurse and doctor in the ER and it did just that.

"Peter," came the voice of Dr. Luka Kovac, "Please, tell us why your here?"

"Because as I was saying to Susan I had to make sure Carter was alive."

"How did you even know what happened?" asked a rather curious Jing-Mei Chen

Everyone froze in horror knowing how Peter knew by just peering at the look on his face

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