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'Archived pre' means it was archived between May 30, 2000 and Dec 29, 2000 but I lost the update


12 Hour Hero's Trial by Noerf

PG - JC/AL - 1/1 - Archived Dec 18, 2001
Carter, Abby, Luka, and the rest of the staff at Cook County General's ER discover that a lot can change in 12 hours.

6 years, 8 days, 12 hours by Katie

PG - CH/Cast - 1/1 - Archived pre
Carol's life is finally together, she is at peace with herself and she has a family. As she is leaving County with Doug to go back to Seattle, something happens that catapults her life into pieces again.


Afraid For Her Life by Tara

PG-13 - AL/JC/SL - 5/5 - Archived Aug 9, 2002
Eric comes to visit...not a love triangle

After the Kiss by Lily

G/PG - JC/AL Romance - 1/1 - Archived Jul 26, 2002
Abby and Carter's kiss at the end of Lockdown

After You Left by Celina

PG - MG/SL Angst - 1/1 - Archived Apr 23, 2001
Right after Susan's departure, Mark comes back home to face the hard reality of having to go on without her.

Aftermath by Stormwatcher

PG - LKo/JC/Cast Drama - 1/1 - Archived Aug 7, 2000
This story is structured as an episode that could have taken place the day following "May Day." It follows up on events and hints suggested therein for the entire cast, particularly Luka Kovac and John Carter.

All Around the Town by Kitchen_Sink5

PG - DM/EC - 6/6 - Archived Apr 23, 2001
This story is a Dave/Elizabeth story - it is NOT A ROMANCE! I cannot stress that fact enough.

All Hopes are Lost by Sylvia

PG-15 - JC/AL/LKo/Cast - 1/1 - Archived Dec 10, 2002
Is true love meant to be forever and always?

All I Ever Really Needed To Know I Learned From ER by Kitchen_Sink5

PG - Cast Humor - 1/1 - Archived Jun 5, 2001
This list is a spoof of "All I Ever Really Needed To Know I Learned From Kindergarten". It's a list of things that we learned from watching ER.

All The Things She Said by The_Gothic_Weaver

R - KW/KL - 1/1 - Archived Jun 01, 2004
Kerry's final attempt to get Kim back.

All the Wrong Words by Kitty

PG - JC/AL - 1/1 - Archived Apr 7, 2002
Carter has a bad night and seeks comfort with a friend.

Altered Level of Consciousness by Triggersaurus

U - DR/CH Cast - 3/3 - Archived Jan 15, 2001
This short series looks at Doug's disappearence and Carol's life three years after the twins are born. This series is finished.

Always the Quiet Ones by brihana25

R - Drama - 9/? - Archived Aug 3, 2003
Peter discovers Carter in the aftermath of an apparent suicide attempt, but all is not as it seems.
Last Updated Aug 3, 2003

Anna's Song by Carrie Verkman

PG - JC/AD - 1/1 - Archived Feb 24, 2002
John Carter's feelings after Anna Del Amico's departure to Philadelphia with Max Rosher.

The Answer to Our Lives by Rachel

PG-13 - JC/AL - 8/8 - Archived Aug 3, 2003
Carter ponders his relationship with Abby. He tries to sort out his relationship and find the answers to their lives.

Anywhere For You by Celina

PG - MG/SL romance - 1/1 - Archived Feb 18, 2001
It follows "Gone"

April by Lucia Lafee

PG - LKn/Barbara Knight Drama - 1/1 - Archived Oct 14, 2002
Lucy's mother point of view.

As Perfect as You by Lauren

PG - ST/LKo Romance - 1/1 - Archived Mar 30, 2004
Sam and Luka 3 years in the future!

Ask Miss Cleo by Susan

PG - Cast Humor - 1/1 - Archived Jun 28, 2002
Cleo finds herself doing a psychic friends infomercial and gets some familiar callers.

At First Sight by Anna Rousseau

G - ER/Short Story - 1/1 - Archived pre
One of my friends set me a challenge: write a piece of fic with two characters who never met in the show.

Atlanta Heat by Kristen

PG - JC - 1/1 - Archived Aug 7, 2000
Written in response to a challenge: You must write a Carter story where the word "hot" is used three times.


Baby Boom by Carrie Verkman

PG-13 - JC/LKo/MG/DM - 5/5 - Archived Feb 24, 2002
Somehow all the men in the ER get pregnant. Except Peter Benton and Robert Romano, because they're surgeons. A comedy piece!

Baby Gone by KatMac

PG-13 - KW/AL/SLo - 1/1 - Archived Jan 11, 2004
Sandy and Kerry are crushed be an unfortunate event

Baby Sitter by Carrie Verkman

PG - JC/SL - 1/1 - Archived Jan 19, 2002
This takes place when Susan Lewis was still a regular on the show, and also at the same time taking care of little Suzi. It also involves John Carter since he has a little crush on Susan. I'm only going to say this once...this is not a romance story

Baby's Got a Secret by Ash Carroll

R - JC/JMC - 1/1 - Archived Feb 18, 2001
A shocking revelation is made.

Back to the Old Haunts by Susan

PG-13 - LKn humor/fantasy - 1/1 - Archived Apr 25, 2002
How Lucy's been keeping herself busy since her demise.

Beautiful by Madison

PG - JC/AL - 1/1 - Archived Feb 14, 2003
Angst/Carby: Abby's POV........

Beautiful in My Eyes by Melissa Larkin

G - JC/SL Romance - 1/1 - Archived Mar 4, 2002
Carter and Susan's life through marriage and becoming first-time parents.

Behind the Mask by Cathy Roberts

PG - JC/Cast - 11/? - Archived pre
A multi-character story dealing with what happens after Romano discovers that Carter has been sent to Atlanta.
Last Updated Dec 29, 2000

Behind the Scenes by John Ross & SimplyShelly

NC-17 - JC/DM/Slash - 16/? - Archived Mar 4, 2002
This story is also set to intertwine with events starting in season 8 so there are a lot of spoilers included but so far only for episodes already viewed in the USA.
Last Updated Sep 13, 2002

Best I Ever Had by Susan

NC-17 - JC/SL - 4/4 - Archived Apr 24, 2002
Susan reflects on her relationship with Carter.

Beyond Friendship by Celina

PG - MG/SL Romance - 1/1 - Archived Apr 23, 2001
Mark and Susan realize their true feelings for each other, but her decision to leave Chicago might change everything...

Big Brother by Anna Rousseau

PG-13 - Cast - 6/? - Archived Aug 7, 2000
Response to a challenge set by Monica to write a story about the ER staff.
Last Updated pre

A Birthday Surprise by Victoria May

PG-13 - JC/JMC - 1/1 - Archived pre
John's 30th birthday turns out to be much more than he expected.

A Birthday To Remember by KatMac

R - KW/SLo - 1/1 - Archived Jan 11, 2004
Sandy and Kerry have some fun!

Black Sails by Nina Smith

PG-13 - Crossover (X-Files) - 1/1 - Archived Jul 31, 2000
Sequel to Dark Smear Under the Sky

Blast from the Past by Starbright

G - SL/JC - 1/1 - Archived May 31, 2002
After Carter see Paul, he needs someone to talk to and turns to Susan.

Bonds of Circumstance by Amy

G - LKo/ECG/MG/DK - 1/1 - Archived Jun 14, 2002
Mark's funeral. Two dr.s find out just how much they have in common.

Bonheur Trompé by Kelly

PG - AL/LKo - 15/15 - Archived Apr 23, 2001
A possible life-altering event makes Abby and Luka realize how much they care for each other.
Finished Oct 11, 2001

The Boy Next Door by Jennifer Warner

R - AL/JC - 11/11 - Archived Dec 31, 2002
Different version of Brian's assualt on Abby in the episode "A Simple Twist of Fate." I was truly disappointed there was no Carby interaction, so I made my own.

Boys Night by Carolina

R - Cast/Humor - 1/1 - Archived pre
The boys of ER spend a wild night together

Breathing by Lauren

PG - JC/AL Romance - 1/1 - Archived Mar 28, 2004
Abby and Carter finally happy.

Broken Beyond Repair by Sylvia

PG - JC/AL - 2/2 - Archived Jun 27, 2003
Abby reveals a secret to Carter with earth shattering results.
Finished Jul 27, 2003

Broken Thoughts by Kristen

PG - JC/PB - 6/6 - Archived pre
These are the journals of Peter Benton and John Carter that take place after the events in "May Day". They are written as realistically as possible conveying the often turbulent and confusing emotions experienced by both men.

Bruised Hearts by Kim

M14 - KW/DM/JC Romance/Angst - 7/7 - Archived pre
Kerry learns a secret about Dave, Carter falls further into his addiction, and somewhere along the way, a love triangle develops.

Burden of Guilt by Kristen

PG - JC/PB/MG friendship - 7/7 - Archived pre
Things don't go as planned on the way to Atlanta.

Burning Up by Missy

PG - Romance/SL/Chuck - 1/1 - Archived Apr 12, 2004
Things to do when your car breaks down in Arizona.

By Heart by Elise

PG-13 - Script-style - 1/1 - Archived Sep 14, 2002
Susan kicks ass, nurses plan a little sumpin-sumpin, Weaver kicks ass, Carter kicks ass. Some Carter/Abby shipperdom, but hopefully not nauseatingly so. No Pratt, no Chen, no Dave, no Cleo, and virtually no Luka. Oh, but there is a pregnant nun.


Camaraderie by Victoria May

PG-13 - JC/ensemble - 8/8 - Archived pre
One man's journey through sorrow and despair teaches the ER staff the meaning of friendship and camaraderie.

Can you smell-l-l-l-l what the Crock is cookin'? by Caroline

PG-13 - ER/WWF Crossover - 1/1 - Archived Jan 15, 2001
Carter falls unconscious and wakes in a world he never dreamed he would ever be in. A world known as the WWF.

Care To Join Me? by Lene

PG-13 - Friendship/Romance - 1/1 - Archived Aug 9, 2002
After a hectic day in the ER, Carter goes 2 eat ... and invites Abby to join him. I know, doesn't sound very exciting does it? Oh well please just read it. It's better than it sounds, trust me!

Carter's Life Changer by Claire M.

PG-13 - JC - 1/1 - Archived pre
Carter takes on a school student in the hospital and has no idea what lies in store…..

Carter's Proposal by Melissa Larkin

G - JC/SL Romance - 1/1 - Archived Mar 4, 2002
Carter proposes to Susan!

Carter's World by Carrie Verkman

PG-13 - JC/AD/DM - 1/1 - Archived Feb 24, 2002
One night, I watched "Wayne's World", and then I got the idea for this fic. Dave appears in this story too.

Cartoon Balloons by Missy

PG - Romance/Slice-of-life SL/Other (Chuck) - 1/1 - Archived Feb 22, 2004
Chuck comes home early from a shift to an unexpected surprise

Catching Up by Rebecca

PG - KW/JC - 2/2 - Archived Feb 19, 2001
When Kerry finds out that a friend is ill, she makes a trip to see them.

Choices by Stormwatcher

PG - KW/LKo/JC/Ensemble Drama - 1/1 - Archived pre
this is written as an episode occurring about three months after May Day. Kerry has a bad day with a patient and Romano; Elizabeth and Mark consider something new; and both John and Luka deal with the families of patients.

Chosen Victim by Julie

NC-17 - JC/ensemble - 27/? - Archived Jul 16, 2000
Carter receives sexual harasment at work and needs the support of his colleagues.
Last Updated Jun 29, 2001

A Christmas Story by The She Devil~>

PG-13 - Romance - 5/? - Archived Jan 17, 2003
What if you made different choices? Said yes instead of no? Got a second chance? Thirteen years into the future, Dr. Jing-Mei Chen thinks she has it all. Then one day, when her past catches up to her, fate gives her a glimpse of what her life could've been.
Last Updated Aug 10, 2003

Class Dismissed by Kitchen_Sink5

PG - Cast - 1/1 - Archived Jun 21, 2001
We all know that eventually ER must end. This is how I would write the series finale.

Closure by AKPC32

G - DM - 3/15 - Archived Aug 2, 2002
Putting closure to an unfinished story. Dave's past and present
Last Updated Oct 10, 2003

Come Undone by The She Devil~>

PG-13 - Romance - 3/3 - Archived Apr 25, 2002
When a little crush turns into something more. Quite simply, what happens when two people like each other and decide to act upon it.
Finished Aug 12, 2002

Coming Clean by KatMac

PG - KW/Parody - 1/1 - Archived Jan 31, 2004
What Kerry felt after Frank confronted her

Coming Home by Kate Rosen

PG-13 - AL/JC/SL/LKo - 6/6 - Archived Nov 9, 2003
What I hope happens when Carter returns from Africa for good. Carby fans will be pleased!!

Common Ground by Michelle W.

PG - JC - 8/8 - Archived pre
Whether it's a "chance" meeting or a Godsend, readers won't be able to deny that Dr. Carter and a runaway teen, Nathan, have some "common ground."
Finished Apr 25, 2002

The Consequences Of Klutziness by Anna Rousseau and Carrie Verkman

U - Crossover (ER/The West Wing): WW (SS/CJC/JL/DM) ER (JC/AL/KW/DM) - 1/1 - Archived Mar 4, 2002
CJ, Josh and Sam have to pay a visit to the Emergency Room during a visit to Chicago.

Cornflake Girl by Susan

PG - KW Angst - 1/1 - Archived Jun 28, 2002
Kerry contemplates her sexuality after the kiss

Counting Sheep by Anna Rousseau

PG-13 - Crossover (multi) Cast/Humor - 3/3 - Archived Aug 7, 2000
Find out what happens when our favourite ER characters cross over into the land of celluoid film...
Finished pre

Cowboys and Angels by Triggersaurus

PG - LKo/JC/DM/MG/EC - 4/4 - Archived Jan 15, 2001
Why did the doctors of ER choose to take the path into medicine and end up where they are today?

Curled Up and Hidden by Sylvia

PG - AL - 1/1 - Archived Jun 13, 2003
Abby relives a childhood memory...

The Curlers Calamity by Carrie Verkman & Charlotte Rodwell

PG-13 - Crossover(ER/Will & Grace): W&G/J&K/JC/LKo - 1/1 - Archived Mar 4, 2002
Grace sets fire to her hair with her curlers; the whole gang's in Chicago... the cast of Will & Grace end up in the ER. Nonsensical hilarity ensues...


The Dance by Sylvia

R - AL - 1/1 - Archived Aug 17, 2003
The dance of love is always hard. But the dance of heartbreak is always harder.

Dancing With Madness by Carolina

PG-13 - Other (Maggie W.) - 1/1 - Archived Dec 22, 2001
A look at Maggie's life.

Dark Smear Under the Sky by Nina Smith

R - Crossover (X-Files) - 2/2 - Archived Jul 31, 2000
An evil heart has its eye on Carter

A Day In The Life Of A Comedian-And Other IntEResting Stories by Carrie Verkman and Anna Rousseau

PG-13 - Crossover (ER/SNL): SNL:JF/CK/TM ER:AL/LKo Humour/Crossover - 1/1 - Archived Jun 24, 2002
An injury occurs during a taping of a special Saturday Night Live in Chicago....three men in drag end up in the ER....old relationships bring comedy to County...

Daylight by Cimerene

PG - JC/KW - 16/16 - Archived pre
This fic is set after the return of John Carter from the Atlanta rehab. facility. It is a mostly lighthearted fanfic: full of tender moments, a few reality checks, and no angst!
Finished pre

Dead Forever by Gin Werdo

PG - DM - 1/1 - Archived Aug 6, 2001
Lucy's dead, and Dave has to face it.

Dear Abby by Carolina

R - AL - 9/9 - Archived Jul 16, 2000
Abby and Luka befriend each other after an unwelcomed visit from the past
Finished Aug 7, 2000

Dear Diary by KK

PG-13 - Romance/Angst - 4/4 - Archived Dec 21, 2002
This is Erin Harkins diary (the new med student, in case you people are really out of it.) It mostly depicts her relationship with Luka and how it is affecting her.
Finished Feb 8, 2002

A Dizzy Fall by Jenny

PG-13 - Angst/Drama - 1/1 - Archived Oct 11, 2001
This takes place on the morning of the episode "May Day". Its whats going through Carter's head as he gets ready for the fateful day.

Don't Leave Me Alone by Rebecca

PG - Cast - 1/1 - Archived Feb 19, 2001
Something will happen one of the ER staff members.

Don't Look Back in Anger by Carolina

PG-13 - JC - 1/1 - Archived Aug 7, 2000
Carter returns home after rehab

Don't Want You Back by Lockhart

PG-13 - SL/MG/EC - 5/5 - Archived Sep 23, 2001
After a four year departure Dr Susan Lewis returns to County as an attending. How will her arrival affect the relationship between Mark and Elizabeth and what major secret does Susan hold from her time spent in Phoenix.

Doug and Carol Forever by Triggersaurus

PG - Humor - 1/1 - Archived Jan 15, 2001
Your average day in the ER when fanfic authors are in charge.

Dreams by Carrie Verkman

PG-13 - Cast - 9/9 - Archived Feb 24, 2002
Have you ever wondered what the characters of ER dream about? This is what their dreams would be like.

The Dress by Em

PG - JC/AL Romance - 20/20 - Archived Jul 5, 2002
Abby and Carter are shopping for a dress for her to wear to Richard's wedding when their relationship takes a sudden turn.
Finished Aug 2, 2002

Drive... Me Crazy by Lindsey

PG - Cast Parody - 1/1 - Archived May 15, 2004
A parody of the season 10 finale, 'Drive'

A Dying Love by Carrie Verkman

PG-13 - JC - 10/10 - Archived Jan 19, 2002
John Carter begins to pull his life together after the incident on Valentine's Day. He then meets Samantha, a patient he falls in love with. Can John keep his relationship a secret while also trying to save her life?


Emergency Rouge by Carrie Verkman and Anna Rousseau

PG-13 - Crossover (ER/Moulin Rouge): MR: C/S ER: LKo Humour/Tragedy - 1/1 - Archived Jun 24, 2002
A glass too much of Absinthe and Christian dreams that Satine is still alive and that they find a place where she can be cured of her illness.

English Breakfast by Catharine

G/PG - JC/AL Friendship - 1/1 - Archived Sep 6, 2002
Dinner, a play, some midnight tea, and something unexpected.

Enriqué Weaver-Lopez by Toby Rollins

PG-13 - KW - 1/1 - Archived Sep 1, 2003
Kerry & Sandy Adopt

The ER at the North Pole by Kelly

PG - Humor - 1/1 - Archived Jul 27, 2001
What happens when the staff of County General goes to the North Pole?

An ER Fairytale by John Ross

NC-17 - JC/LKo & Cast - 1/1 - Archived Aug 15, 2001
This is my second Fanfic ever. Just a bit of comedy

ER/Stand Crossover by Rap

PG-13 - Ensemble - 62/62 - Archived Dec 29, 2000
Take the Stand, a book where everyone dies of the flu and the survivors fight a battle between good and evil...and throw in a hodge podge of unrational doctors :)
Finished Aug 16, 2002

Eve of Faith by Shirley Yoshinaka

PG - JC/PB drama - 1/1 - Archived pre
Benton extends a hand of friendship to Carter on Christmas Eve.

Every Street by Triggersaurus

PG-13 - Alternative Universe/Mystery/Drama - 17/17 - Archived Jul 17, 2001
Alternative Universe, ignoring everything beyond The Storm. Doug goes to court over the case of Ricky Abbott, with major consequences.
Finished May 17, 2002


Fairy Tales of the ER: Snow White and the Many Dwarves by Triggersaurus

U - Humor - 1/1 - Archived Jan 15, 2001
What if Snow White lived in Chicago??

Falling by Spyderx

PG-13 - AL/JC Angst - 1/1 - Archived Jun 29, 2001
Abby lets go.

Family by Victoria May

PG - JC - 1/1 - Archived Dec 29, 2000
An unexpected family reunion and confrontation aids in John Carter's recovery.

Family Reunion by Katie

PG - Cast - 1/1 - Archived pre
Season 6 finale, MY way of Doug coming back and such...

Far Away Land by Alicia

PG-13 - Romance - 1/1 - Archived Jan 4, 2002
A tragedy brings Robert and Lizzie together in a far away land.

Farewell by Carrie L Verkman

PG-13 - Cast - 3/3 - Archived Mar 28, 2004
One year after the demise of Cook County General, Haleh brings back the staff to pay a final goodbye to the hospital as well as some loved ones lost along the way.

Fast As You Can by Jen

PG-13 - 7/7 - Archived pre
The murder of a doctor in the ER stirs feelings of grief, sorrow, and fear, as 5 more doctors have gone missing...

Father's Day by Carrie Verkman

PG-13 - JC - 6/6 - Archived Jan 19, 2002
As Father's Day nears, memories of John's childhood relationship with his father come in to play as he helps a boy abused by his father.

Fear by Topsy

PG-13 - DR/CH - 1/1 - Archived Apr 23, 2001
Carol has to run away from Chicago to save herself and her daughter.

Feelings by Melissa Larkin

PG - Romance - 2/2 - Archived Oct 14, 2002
This follows Lucy and Carter's relationship following the stabbing.

FHT by Simplyshelly

NC-17 - JC/AL Other - 1/? - Archived Jan 04, 2004
Finally the continuation of The Highest Bidder/High Roller Series
Last Updated Jan 04, 2004

Fields of Greene by Susan

G - Cast Angst - 5/5 - Archived May 5, 2002
Mark's friends reflect on their relationships with him after his death.

Fifty or Sixty Years by Andie

R - Romance/Drama - 85/? - Archived Feb 8, 2003
John Carter searches for answers and finds love that lasts -- fifty or sixty years.
Last Updated Nov 23, 2003

Finding Faith by Ritaann

PG - MG/EC - 1/1 - Archived Sep 25, 2001
After Mark's death, Elizabeth finds a conclusion in a place she never expected to.

Fire and Rain by Carolina

R - LKo/AL - 11/11 - Archived Aug 25, 2001
Set in the future. Read to find out.
Finished Dec 18, 2001

The Fire is in Control by Alanna diAblo

PG-13/R - AL - 2/2 - Archived Jul 26, 2002
Abby had looked at her hands in disbelief as she opened the second can. No one was there to stop her, and she couldn't stop herself.

The First Date by Melissa Larkin

G - JC/SL Romance - 1/1 - Archived Mar 4, 2002
John and Susan's first official date!

The First Step by Sylvia

PG - AL - 1/1 - Archived May 23, 2003
Abby lets herself go.

Five, Six, Pick Up Sticks by Carolina

PG-13 - Cast/Humor - 3/3 - Archived Aug 7, 2000
What if the cast of er was still in elementary school?
Finished pre

Follow the Stars by eriscool

PG - DR/CH/LKo/MG/EC - 3/? - Archived Jan 23, 2004
An alternate way to write out Doug.
Last Updated Oct 30, 2004

For The Last Time by Carbychick

PG/PG-13 - JC/AL - 1/1 - Archived Aug 30, 2002
Please, just read it! All I can say is its Carby, very Carby.

For the Love of a Princess by Carolina

PG-13 - AL - 1/1 - Archived pre
After an important phone call, Abby goes back home to her family.

Foreign Bodies by Anna Rousseau

U - SL/JC Drama/Humor - 2/? - Archived Jan 15, 2001
Something strange happens when Carter and Susan get hit by 140 volts of electricity from a defibrillator.
Last Updated Feb 2, 2001

Forever Young by Kelly

PG - LKo/AL - 1/1 - Archived Jul 27, 2001
Abby looks back over her life and relationship with Luka. Told from Abby's POV

Forgotten Love by Brin

PG-13 - JC/Cast - 1/1 - Archived Sep 23, 2001
Carter treats a mother who is suffering from postpartum depression.

Four Weeks by Caitlin

PG-13 - JC/AL Romance, Cast - 1/1 - Archived Jan 11, 2004
What should have happened when Carter got back from Africa!

A Friend In Need by Dreamgirl

PG-13 - SL - 5/5 - Archived Oct 19, 2003
Susan finds trouble in a suicidal patient.

Friends and Lovers by Stormwatcher

PG - LKo/JC/Ensemble Drama - 1/1 - Archived pre
This is written as an episode occurring about two months and two weeks after May Day. It explores a variety of relationships between lovers and friends within the staff at County ER. (follows Uncharted Territory)

Friends and Lovers by Carrie Verkman

PG-13 - JC/JMC - 1/1 - Archived Mar 12, 2002
This is a little fic written after I saw "Never Say Never". Another inner-ER relationship begins to form, however, there's a surprising ending!

Friends Forever by John Ross

PG - JC/CH Friendship - 1/1 - Archived Aug 15, 2001
This was my very first fanfic ever

From The Bottom Of My Broken Heart, And Into Her Open Arms by KatMac

PG - KW/KL - 1/1 - Archived May 15, 2004
The words crossing through Kerry's head after those elevator doors closed. Now this isn't how it actually went, but it's how I would've written it. Curse that storyline!

Full Circle by Victoria May

R - JC - 1/1 - Archived Aug 7, 2000
John Carter's nightmare is finally over.

Full Circle by Emrys

PG - JC Angst - 10/10 - Archived pre
This fic takes place where the end of Season 6 left off. A severely depressed Carter is admitted to the rehab center in Atlanta. The story follows his time there as well as how his friends at the ER respond to his depression and drug use.


The Game by Sylvia

PG - AL - 1/1 - Archived Aug 17, 2003
Love is a game. A game he couldn't win.

Give me an ETA and I'll give you my life by Carolina

PG-13 - Crossover (Newsradio) - 2/2 - Archived Jul 31, 2000
What happens when the craziest crew of New York meets the craziest crew of Chicago?

Going Home by Cathy Roberts

PG - JC/DM/LKo - 3/3 - Archived pre
Carter, Dave, and Luka are stranded in a motel during a blizzard. John is ill and the other two have to take care of him without coming to blows.

The Gold Finch by Kitchen_Sink5

R - CF - 1/1 - Archived May 30, 2001
A journey into Cleo Finch's mind after she hears some life changing news.

Gone by Celina

PG - MG/SL romance - 1/1 - Archived Feb 18, 2001
It follows Unfulfilled Expectations - part 6

Good Things Come With Epidemic Threats by Kiersten

PG - JC/AL - 3/3 - Archived Jan 24, 2003
This takes place after the kiss in lockdown and the first part is pretty much smooth sailing, some nice (but hopefully not gagging) Carby moments...
Finished Feb 8, 2003

Good-bye, My Friend by Melissa Larkin

G - Drama - 1/1 - Archived Oct 4, 2002
A story about how Susan deals with Mark's death

Goodbye? by Sylvia

PG - AL/LKo - 1/1 - Archived May 16, 2003
Luka and Abby finally talk after Hindsight, but it doesn't go as planned.

Goodnight, My Friend by Jen

PG-13 - Cast - 1/1 - Archived May 30, 2001
County weeps as they say goodbye to one of their own.

The Graduation Letter by Jill

G - EC/Other(Ella Greene) - 1/1 - Archived Dec 14, 2003
It's Ella's high school graduation and she opens one of the letters that Mark had Elizabeth write for Ella.

The Greatest Gifts by Tammy

R - Romance - 1/1 - Archived Apr 4, 2003
Kind of a sappy story about Carter and Abby, and Kate (Carter's cousin) and Gallant.


Happy New Year by Lindsey

PG-15 - SL/LKo Romance - 1/1 - Archived Jan 12, 2003
The gang has a New Year's Eve party, where things get interesting....

Happy Valentine's Day, Dave by Kitchen_Sink5

PG - DM Angst - 1/1 - Archived Apr 23, 2001
Dave thinks of a past relationship when Valentine's Day rolls around.

Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas by Lindsey

PG - Cast - 1/1 - Archived Dec 24, 2001
This fanfic is a little different from my previous one. It will read like an episode of 'ER', looking at what the staff members are doing (and thinking) on Christmas Eve and through the night into Christmas Day. I hope you enjoy! (All Romances are valid as of 'Quo Vadis?')

He Doesn't See Me by Cori

G - LKn - 1/1 - Archived Dec 29, 2000
Lucy reflects on the event after her death.

Heart and Shoulder by Celina

PG - MG/SL Friendship - 1/1 - Archived Feb 18, 2001
Still pretty shaken up by the attack, Mark has a major change of attitude, while Susan tries to help him get over the trauma.

Heatwave in Cook County by Shirley Yoshinaka

PG-13 - Crossover (X-Files) JC - 4/4 - Archived pre
Mulder and Scully come to the ER in search of Carter. They want to warn him about a dangerous woman in his life.

Helping Hands by Lynne Facella

PG - JC - 4/4 - Archived pre
Carter tries to get his life back with rehab and the help of his friends, despite some opposition.

Her Inner Demon by Sylvia

PG - AL - 1/1 - Archived pre
Abby fights with her addiction.

Her Rainbow by Sylvia

PG - AL - 1/1 - Archived Aug 17, 2003
Abby contemplates the many colors of her life.

Hero in Strife by Noerf

PG - JC - 14/? - Archived Dec 7, 2001
The life story of Jonathan Truman Carter III, MD. Better known as Carter. But not known at all.
Last Updated Jan 31, 2003

High Roller - SimplyShelly and John Ross

NC-17 - JC/AL Slash - 82/82 - Archived Jun 7, 2002
A continuation of The Highest Bidder Series
Finished Dec 10, 2002

Highest Bidder by SimplyShelly

NC-17 - JC/Slash - 19/19 - Archived Jun 7, 2002
The hospital has figured out a way to raise funds - an old fashioned auction! And what are they auctioning, you ask? Well, you'll have to read to find out.

His Own Personal Hell by Jen

PG-13 - RR Angst - 1/1 - Archived Feb 08, 2004
Romano reflects on his hell, post Freefall

Home Again by Debbie Mraz

PG-13/NC-17 - JC/Ensemble - 22/22 - Archived Jul 31, 2000
John recovers from his injuries as he rekindles his relationship with Kerry...(Sequel to Long Road Home)
Finished pre

Hope, Faith and Moving Home by Mark_and_Susan_Fan_Always

PG - Drama - 1/1 - Archived Mar 28, 2004
This takes place in 2004, as if Doug Ross was married to Carol Hathaway, they lived in New York and Mark Greene was still alive. Doug becomes a single Dad.

Hot In Here by Alanna diAblo

R - Humor, JC/AL, Pratt/JMC, SL/LKo - 1/1 - Archived Jul 26, 2002
It gettin' hot in here...

A Hotel Room in Oklahoma by Kitty

NC-17 - JC/AL - 1/1 - Archived Apr 7, 2002
Abby, Carter and a hotel room in Oklahoma.

How I Feel by KK

PG-13 - LKo - 1/1 - Archived Dec 14, 2003
This is a simple one part story from Luka's POV. This all takes place in the County General lounge with a cute ending. I am planning a follow-up to this as well.
Last Updated Dec 14, 2003

How Many? by Jenny R.

G - Angst - 1/1 - Archived Apr 17, 2004
Dr. Greene muses on his life and his diagnosis. Very angsty.


The 'I' in FBI by Carrie Verkman and Anna Rousseau

U - Crossover (ER/The X-Files): XF(DS/FM) ER - 1/1 - Archived Mar 4, 2002
Mulder once again loses his gun and ends up in the ER causing quite a stir among the doctors and nurses.

I Love Abby by Dreamgirl

R - AL/SL - 21/21 - Archived Jan 24, 2003
Special Guest, Dr. Jamie Howell enjoys working in the ER but there's something more that she enjoys! Then again, Dr. Howell goes through a relationship that makes her realize her real love!

I'll Always Love You... by Sylvia

PG - AL/JC/SL/LKo - 5/5 - Archived Jan 12, 2003
There is no summary for this. You just have to read it.

I'll Be Right There by Sylvia

G - AL/JC - 1/1 - Archived May 16, 2003
The tables turn for Carter and Abby.

If He Hadn't... by Sylvia

PG - JC/AL - 1/1 - Archived Jan 12, 2003
Carter regrets a choice he made.

If I Ask Of You by Noa

G - LKo/AL Angst/Romance - 1/1 - Archived pre
Did anyone ever tell you about that County rooftop magic?

If Only by Jen

PG - JC - 1/1 - Archived Dec 29, 2000
A voice from the past plays with John Carter's emotions, adding a new wrinkle to his already deteriorating life.

If Only I Were a Quartermaine by Amanda K.

PG-13 - Satire/Crossover (General Hospital) - 4/4 - Archived Aug 6, 2001
What happens when the ER docs go to General Hospital for a medical conference and have to stay for a week?
Finished Nov 3, 2001

If These Walls Could Talk by Anna Rousseau

PG-13 - Cast/Humor - 1/1 - Archived Jan 15, 2001
So, we get the heavy plots on the show, but what lighter moments do the ER gang experience?

If Tomorrow Ever Comes! by Em

PG - Romance/Humour - 10/10 - Archived Jul 26, 2002
John Carter is experiencing the longest day of his life…over and over and over, until he realises who he is meant to be with.
Finished Aug 30, 2002

Impatient by Nicole Simpson

NC-17 - Crossover (X-Files) Ensemble - 1/1 - Archived Jul 16, 2000
A romantic mishap and Scully ends up in the emergency room. (Sequel to Outpatient)

Impulse by Spyderx

PG-13 - AL/JC - 1/1 - Archived May 30, 2001
Missing scene from "Sailing Away."

In the Still of the Night Shift by Kitty

PG - Cast - 3/3 - Archived Jan 15, 2001
It's another Hallowe'en and Lucy, Dave, Mark, Carter, Abby and Luka just aren't in the mood.

In Sickness and in Health by Alanna diAblo

PG - Friendship/Romance - 1/1 - Archived Nov 2, 2002
Carter's sick, and it's Abby's turn to play doctor.

Insomnia by Carbychick

PG - JC/AL Romance - 1/1 - Archived Apr 4, 2003
Abby's uncertain, but Carter knows just how to make her feel better...

IntERactive by Anna Rousseau

PG-13 - Crossover (Star Trek, Voyager) - 6/6 - Archived Aug 7, 2000
Torres steps into a holonovelisation of Be Still My Heart and takes on the persona of Emma Torres, third year med student, and feels very un-Klingonly emotional towards the events involving two photonic projections.

Into the Fire by brihana25

R - JC/Ensemble Drama/Friendship - 15/? - Archived Feb 18, 2001
A high school shooting floods the Cook County General ER with injured teachers and students, and leaves Carter trapped inside the school with the gunmen. While Carter tries frantically to help the students escape, Drs. Green and Benton minister to the injured on the scene, leaving Drs. Weaver and Kovac to attempt to maintain some order in the midst of the chaotic emergency room.
Last Updated Aug 3, 2003

Into the Light by Stormwatcher

PG - LKo/KW/JC/Ensemble Drama - 1/1 - Archived pre
This is written as an episode occurring about three months after May Day. Kerry makes a career changing decision; John tries to get others to change their behavior towards him; Mark and Elizabeth consider another idea; and Luka's past is revealed.

It Happened One Night by Susan

PG-13 - KL/MD - 1/1 - Archived Apr 25, 2002
Kim meets up with a former coworker after "Rampage"


Just Another Night by Elisa

PG-13 - JC/JMC/KW - 1/1 - Archived Jan 19, 2002
Carter treats a special patient, offers Deb a sympathetic ear and has a tense late night talk with his mom. There's a bit of Kerry in this, too.

Just Around the Ambulance Bay by Mia

G - Cast/Parody - 1/1 - Archived Mar 21, 2003
ER parody to the tune of "Just Around the River Bend" in the Disney classic Phochohantas


Kerry on the Outside by Toby Rollins

PG-13 - KW - 1/1 - Archived Jan 24, 2003
KW in love

Kerry Weaver Returns by Rebecca

PG - KW - 10/10 - Archived Feb 19, 2001
Kerry helps Julie, the blind girl she met after something tragic happens.

Kidnapped by Lynne Facella

PG - JC/PB - 10/10 - Archived pre
Dr. Carter is held for ransom and an unwitting Dr. Benton gets dragged along for the ride.
Finished May 30, 2001

Killing Me Softly by Kelly

PG-13 - LKo/AL - 1/1 - Archived Aug 6, 2001
A choice Abby makes could destroy everything between her and Luka.

The King of His Castle by Alicia U.

PG - RR Humor - 4/4 - Archived Aug 7, 2000
What does Dr. Romano dream about? The fair Lady Lizzie, of course!

Knight and Dave by Koistin

PG-13 - LKn/DM - 3/3 - Archived Aug 6, 2001
Dave asks a girl out, and they actually say yes! hehe!
Finished Sep 1, 2001

A Knight of Appreciation by Sadira Jewelsten

PG - JC/LKn Friendship - 1/1 - Archived Jan 4, 2002
Carter takes Annabelle into the ER to get her ear checked and Lucy realizes how much she is appreciated by her friends and family.

A Knight of Comebacks by Sadira Jewelsten

PG - JC/LKn Friendship - 1/1 - Archived Jan 4, 2002
An old habit comes back to haunt Lucy and she confides in Abby for help.

A Knight of Trust by Sadira Jewelsten

PG - JC/LKn Friendship - 1/1 - Archived Jan 4, 2002
Lucy helps Valerie through a set-back and Carter meets Valerie for the first time and hears about Lucy's heroic save. Also, Carter comforts Lucy when a tragedy happens.

A Knight to Remember by Kim

PG-13 - RR Angst - 1/1 - Archived Aug 7, 2000
Lucy Knight's death has a surprising impact on Chief of Staff, Robert 'Rocket' Romano.


Labor Pains by Carrie L Verkman

PG-13 - Women of Season 7 - 5/5 - Archived Jun 28, 2002
Every woman in the ER is expecting twins in the hottest summer of Illinois history, except Kerry. What could possibly happen in a busy and hot hospital with four overly hormonal women?

Ladies Night by Carolina

R - Cast/Humor - 1/1 - Archived pre
The girls of the ER spend a wild night together

Last Day by Victoria May

G - JC/PB - 1/1 - Archived Aug 7, 2000
A short look at Carter's last day in rehab.

The Last Day in Paradise by Susie

G - MG/EC - 1/1 - Archived Aug 25, 2001
Elizabeth remembers her last day with Mark

Last Goodbyes by Diana

PG-13 - JC/Ensemble - 2/2 - Archived pre
Carter is plagued by guilt and visions of a long gone friend.

Late Shift by Debbie Mraz

NC-17 - JC - 1/1 - Archived Jul 26, 2002
No Summary

Laughing Away Tears by Ritaann

G - SL - 1/1 - Archived Jun 19, 2001
Someone is heading home. Thoughts, tears and laughter all shared on this one journey.

Laughter is the Best Medicine by Triggersaurus and Ryan

U - Humor - 1/1 - Archived Jan 15, 2001
A cynical look at Season 6

Laughter is the Best Medicine 2 a.k.a. I Know What You Wrote Last Summer by Triggersaurus

PG - Humour - 1/1 - Archived Aug 14, 2001
Everything goes a little crazy in the ER, in a Season 7 kind of way.

Leave Your Key by Sylvia

PG - JC/AL - 1/1 - Archived Jun 13, 2003
Carter returns from the Congo...

Leftover Sorrows by Becky Oratto

PG - JC - 1/1 - Archived Aug 25, 2001
Carter is still trying to cope with his surroundings and memories of Lucy.

Lessons Learned by Kristen

PG - JC/PB/LKo/RR Angst - 15/15 - Archived pre
What happens when John Carter thinks he's having a bad day? It gets worse.

Let Me Fall After Her by Brin

PG-13 - JC - 12/12 - Archived Jul 5, 2001
Anna Del Amico comes back to visit Chicago. However, her meeting with Carter does not go smoothly. Something happens to her while she is there, and Carter gets thrown into another tragic loop.

Let There Be Peace On Earth by Ash Carroll

PG - LKo/CF - 1/1 - Archived Feb 18, 2001
The holidays are a bad time for Luka, but a visit from a friend helps to make things a little brighter.

The Letter by Ashley

G - JC/LKn - 1/1 - Archived Jan 12, 2003
A very special letter to Carter.

Letting Go by Ashley

G - JC/AL - 1/1 - Archived Apr 4, 2003
Carter and Abby let go.

The Light of Darkness by Ritaann

G - You'll see! - 1/1 - Archived Nov 3, 2001
Waiting in the dark for a light in the night, a special someone who she loves.

Little Nurse Lost by Lou Lou Bell

PG - AL/Angst Crossover (Twilight Zone) - 1/1 - Archived Jun 29, 2001
Hmmm...How to describe this one...Abby is lost "Somewhere" in the ER and Dave, Carter, Kerry, and Luka try to find her.

Long Road Home by Debbie Mraz

PG/NC-17 - JC/Ensemble - 23/23 - Archived pre
This is a post-stabbing fic. Complications arise as Carter struggles to regain his "normal" life.

Losing Control by Riot

PG-13 - JC/AL - 8/8 - Archived May 23, 2003
Abby ran..... and Carter doesn't chase after her. But he is summoned to help her. And sparks fly!
Finished Jul 6, 2003

LOST! by Eriscool

PG - SL/Others - 11/11 - Archived Dec 05, 2003
A little girl gets lost.

Lost and Found by Michelle and Laura

PG - JC/LKn Friendship, MG/DR/CH - 1/1 - Archived pre
Carter has nightmares following the shooting death of an EMT; Lucy discovers a long kept secret in her mother's attic; Mark and Carter attempt to reunite Doug and Carol after Carol learns she is pregnant.

Lost Souls by Victoria May

PG - JC - 11/11 - Archived Aug 7, 2000
Two strangers meet on the shores of Lake Michigan.
Finished pre

Love Takes Time by Julianna Peterson

PG-13 - Romance - 1/1 - Archived May 5, 2002
Dr. Carter finally asks Abby out for a date, after he is told that she will be moving to California for good. Carter must find a way to keep her and make her his.

The Loves of My Life by Melissa Larkin

G - Romance - 1/1 - Archived Oct 14, 2002
Susan reflects upon the loves in her life.

Luck of the Irish by Li

PG - DM - 1/1 - Archived Aug 7, 2000
Dave hopes some good luck is on the side of a neighbor's baby


Magi by C. Midori

PG - JC/AL - 1/1 - Archived Dec 31, 2002
A Merry Unchristmas in two parts. Flashbacks, unrequited love, T. S. Eliot, argyle socks, and some heavy-handed religious symbolism. Because Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without heavy-handed religious symbolism.

Magic by Victoria May

PG-13 - JC/DM - 1/1 - Archived pre
Response to the renewed challenge--"stuck with you" on atec. John and Dave get stuck in an elevator with a mysterious stranger.

Making the Difference by Katie

PG-13 - Cast - 1/1 - Archived pre
Season 7 premiere County returns, various plotlines are begun....Carter's in rehab. A trauma shakes the ER.

Malucci and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day by Li

PG - DM Humor - 1/1 - Archived Aug 7, 2000
Dave has a bad day in the ER and nothing will go right, or will it?

Mark Greene by Redhead1294654

G - Poem - 1/1 - Archived Jun 8, 2003
A poem about my beloved Mark

Matchmakers by Melissa Larkin

G - SL/LKo/DM Romance - 1/1 - Archived May 17, 2002
Susan and Luka play matchmaker with Dave Malucci and Susan's cousin, Melanie.

A Matter of Choice by Elisa

PG - JMC/LKo - 1/1 - Archived Apr 23, 2001
I won't give away much… just some Luka Kovac and Deb Chen interaction (not a romance! I happen to think that Deb and Carter are meant for each other...but that's a different story!)

A Matter of Faith by Lockhart

PG-13 - JC/AL - 1/1 - Archived Jan 9, 2002
After Paul Sobriki's return, Carter reflects on the day on the rooftop of the hospital and finds some comfort from a dear friend.

Maybe Hope: A Post Scene to Homecoming by Kristen

PG - JC/PB - 1/1 - Archived pre
A late night visit after Carter returns to Atlanta.

Maybe One Day by Sylvia

G - LKo - 1/1 - Archived pre
Luka wakes up from a bad nightmare, to realize, it's not a nightmare.

Med School? by Sylvia

PG - AL/JC - 1/1 - Archived May 16, 2003
Carter gives Abby a little surprise.

Meeting Again by Rebecca

G - Cast - 1/1 - Archived Feb 19, 2001
Syd encounters some weird things when she visits chicago to visit Kerry Weaver.

The Message by Katie

PG - JC/LKn - 1/1 - Archived pre
Sixth Sense mixed into this one....Takes place near the beginning of season 7, shortly after Carter's return from Atlanta.

Miles to Go Before I Sleep by Katie

PG - EC - 1/1 - Archived pre
Elizabeth Corday needs to provide assistance 30,000 feet in the air...

Mind of the Damned by Sarah Rochester

NC-17 - JC Crossover (Interview with the Vampire) - 5/5 - Archived Apr 23, 2001
John enters the world of the Damned.

More Damage is Done by Sarah

PG - EC - 1/? - Archived Jan 12, 2003
Set in the future, Ella is 16 and is getting into some trouble. Please read and send me your comments! thanks! Enjoy!
Last Updated Jan 12, 2003

The Morning After by Kitty

PG - JC/AL - 1/1 - Archived Apr 7, 2002
'Tis the morning after the proverbial night before.

A Mouthful of Air by JD

PG-13/R - AL/LKo Angsty Friendship - 8/8 - Archived Aug 30, 2002
In a Carter 'n' Abby world, Luka tries to come to terms with his feelings... and yes, there *is* a long-overdue girls' night out.
Finished Oct 12, 2002

Music of the Knight by Kim

PG-13 - RR Angst - 1/1 - Archived Aug 7, 2000
Sequel to A Knight to Remember

Musing by Jacinda Noelle

PG-13 - JC - 1/1 - Archived Aug 25, 2001
Carter reflects on the three dominant women in his present life.

My Best Friends' Wedding by Celina

PG - SL/MG - 1/1 - Archived Jul 26, 2002
Susan stops by Chicago to invite Mark to her wedding, but the encounter is not that simple.

My Bloody Valentine by Phantom of the Basement

PG-13 - Parody/Horror - 1/1 - Archived Jan 04, 2004
Someone is dead, someone is in love, and someone is in shock. Who are they? As you read this story, try to figure who is who...there are many possibilities!

My Other World by Katie

PG-13 - SL/Chuck, SL/MG, Cast - 4/? - Archived Jan 04, 2004
A blow to the head sends Susan into a whole different time of her life.
Last Updated Feb 15, 2004

My Susan by Celina

PG - MG/SL - 1/1 - Archived Apr 23, 2001
Years after Union Station, Mark reflects about his life with Susan and his feelings regarding their relationship.

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