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'Archived pre' means it was archived between May 30, 2000 and Dec 29, 2000 but I lost the update


Never Can Say Goodbye by Gayle Ben-Ezra

PG-13 - JC/Cast Drama/Romance - 1/1 - Archived May 13, 2002
Reflections on 9/11 and a different kind of Carby.

Never Too Late by Lara_2113

PG-13 - AL/LKo - 6/6 - Archived May 23, 2003
A series of Luka/Abby songfics, beginning the day after Foreign Affairs.

New Beginnings by Melissa Larkin

G - SL/AL Friendship/General - 1/1 - Archived Mar 4, 2002
Susan and Abby become friends following Abby's attack.

A New Start by Celina

PG - LKn/JC Friendship - 1/1 - Archived Apr 23, 2001
Carter comforts Lucy after a hard day at County.

Nightmare as a Child by Lou Lou Bell

PG - DM/Angst - 1/1 - Archived Apr 13, 2002
A Twilight Zone Take on Dave Malucci’s Past: Dave meets a very odd little boy who gives him insight to a past that he seems to have forgotten.

Nightmares by Megan

15 - JC/PB Friendship - 11/11 - Archived Jul 16, 2000
When Carter is involved in an automobile accident, the nightmares he has tell him more than what would be expected.
Finished pre

Nobody In the Mirror by Gin Werdo

PG-13 - JC - 1/1 - Archived Dec 22, 2001
What was going through Carter's mind in that night in the airplane, on his way to the rehab?

Not At Fault by Sylvia

PG - JC - 1/1 - Archived Dec 21, 2002
What would go through Carter's mind, if Abby hadn't told Mark. If he hadn't gotten help. If he hadn't realized he needed help.

Not Gone Yet by Stephanie Muñoz

G - General - 1/1 - Archived Apr 25, 2002
A short vignette from Rachel's perspective

Not Like Her by Sylvia

PG-14 - AL/LKo/JC Drama/Angst - 1/1 - Archived May 23, 2003
Abby's greatest fear becomes a reality.

Not Like This by Katie

R - SL/Chuck, LKo/Sam, KW, AL - 1/? - Archived Feb 15, 2004
The happiness of pregnancy is tarnished when a hostage situation threatens the ER.
Last Updated Feb 15, 2004

Nothing Could Ever Keep Him by Sylvia

PG - JC/AL - 1/1 - Archived May 23, 2003
Abby and Carter finally find each other where they should be.

Nothing Lasts Forever by Ritaann

PG - JC/JMC - 1/1 - Archived Aug 25, 2001
See how it goes. Writing this off the top of my head. Whatever comes!


On the Eighth Day by Noa

G - LKo/AL - 1/1 - Archived Dec 31, 2002
Post-ep to 'Quo Vadis?', 8.07

On the Lake by Ritaann

PG-13 - JC/Other - 7/7 - Archived Dec 29, 2000
Carter takes a walk on the lake and hears a very sad story from a complete stranger who happens to be female. A complicated relationship begins.
Finished Jun 19, 2001

Once Twice Three Times by Ritaann

G - JC/JMC - 10/10 - Archived Feb 18, 2001
A tale of two friends, a story of lust, love and betryal. A Difficult decision comes upon Deb, and she realizes that her future has already been decided. Will she risk the best friendship she's ever had for the man she truely loves, or shall she choose to be the perfect daughter? There's no turning back now, or is there...
Finished Jan 24, 2003

Once Upon a Lifetime by Lisa

PG - LKo/AL - 1/1 - Archived Jul 27, 2001
Short Abby POV fic about how fate has affected her life by bringing her together with Luka

Once Upon A Long Time Ago by KK

PG - Romance JC/SL - 3/3 - Archived Jan 17, 2003
What happens when the love of your life is lost...and so are you?
Last Updated Feb 08, 2004

One Candle Burns by Samantha

PG-15 - DR/CH - 8/8 - Archived pre
Doug is asked by United Nations Missionary Officials to aid in the war effort in Kosovo. A rewite of 'The Storm'.
Finished Jun 8, 2003

One Day At A Time by Debbie Mraz

PG-13 - JC/Cast Angst/Drama/Friendship - 18/18 - Archived Feb 2, 2001
John Carter finds himself at odds with management over the use of Naltrexone. He feels the side-effects that he is experiencing are more than he can bear, or are they?
Finished Dec 1, 2001

One is the Loneliest Number by Carolina

PG - Cast Angst - 1/1 - Archived pre
A peek into the lives of some of the characters of er.

One Last Time by KK

G - EC - 1/1 - Archived Apr 7, 2002
A poem written by Elizabeth shortly after Mark dies.

One of Those Days by Kerry

PG/NC-17 - KW/AL - 1/1 - Archived Nov 13, 2002
Finding unexpected love after “one of those days”.

The One You Love by Kris Ginn

PG - JC/AD - 1/1 - Archived pre
Anna has a decision to make: Will she stay with the one who loves her, or is she going back to the one she loves?

Only You by Catwoman

PG - Romance - 9/9 - Archived Jul 27, 2003
Well, Carby addicted as I am, Abby and Carter finally get together... and we'll see how it goes from there
Finished Dec 14, 2003

Only You Can See Me by Dreamgirl

PG - SL/MG/MGa - 1/1 - Archived Nov 02, 2003
Susan moves on with life after Mark dies just until she finds herself on the floor.

Outpatient by Nicola Simpson

G - Crossover (X-Files) Ensemble - 1/1 - Archived Jul 16, 2000
Mulder makes several trips to the ER, as usual.

Out of Africa by katgirl

PG-17 - angst - 1/1 - Archived Jun 13, 2000
A what-if post 'kisangani'

Out of the Blue by Rachel

PG-13 - JC/DR - 6/6 - Archived Aug 10, 2003
An act in the past, before Doug is a doctor comes back to haunt him years later. Is Doug ready for the challenges that a young woman brings into his life?

Out of the Closet by Koistin

PG - DM/AL - 3/3 - Archived Jul 29, 2001
Dave has a big secret, that Abby finds out. Just who is Dave's lover.....?
Finished Sep 1, 2001


Painful Memories by Melissa Larkin

PG - Drama/Angst - 1/1 - Archived Oct 14, 2002
Dave has found the love of his life. Will he lose her?

The Painful Truth by Abigail

PG - KW - 1/1 - Archived Dec 29, 2000
Dr. Weaver is in search of her past, the truth, and her life. Stumbling across a few unknowns, a few tears, and finding a new friends, Kerry uncovers the her startling past.

Par Amour Pour Magdalena by Cat

PG-13 - JC/AL LKo/AL JC/SL - 19/? - Archived Oct 14, 2002
"One day I married Luka Kovac. How did that happen? Simple, I got pregnant."
Last Updated Feb 14, 2003

Parenthood by Dreamgirl

PG-13 - SL/LKo/Other - 12/? - Archived Dec 05, 2003
Susan and Luka are parents but didn't know till years later. Review please!
Last Updated Aug 30, 2004

Part of that ER by Mia

G - Cast/Parody - 1/1 - Archived Mar 21, 2003
An ER parody to the tune of "Part of Your World" in the Disney classic THE LITTLE MERMAID

The Party by WeaverWhore

PG-13/R - KW/KL AL/CH/DM/JC/LKo/PB/EC/MG - 1/1 - Archived Jul 27, 2001
The ER Staff Stays at Kerry's…and makes some discoveries….

The Party by KatMac

PG-13 - KW/MG/Cast - 2/2 - Archived Jan 11, 2004
Mark and Kerry share a few moments

Past Problems, Future Regret by Sylvia

PG - JC/AL - 1/1 - Archived May 23, 2003
One word could have changed everything for Abby...

Past Tense, Present Tense, Future Tense by Eriscool

PG - DR/CH/Others - 3/3 - Archived Oct 19, 2003
It's a Saturday in 2009 and after a long frightening road…Carol and Doug find out that Tess is more like her mother than anyone could imagine.

The Perfect Dad by dc_soulmates

PG - DR/CH - 1/1 - Archived Jul 12, 2002
D/C Standalone, how they spend Father’s Day. Just FYI- they live in Seattle.

The Plan by Corinne Konrad

PG-R - LKn/DM/JC - 4/4 - Archived Jul 17, 2001
Lucy wants to get back at Carter for never listening to her, flaunting his relationships and everything else that was shitty. She calls in Dr. Dave for the job.
Finished Aug 14, 2001

Pleasant Surprises by Lindsey

PG-13 - EC/RR Friendship - 4/4 - Archived May 31, 2002
Elizabeth goes back to England after Mark's death, and encounters more than a few surprises.

Pocket Change by Sharon R.

PG-13 - Drama Adventure/Angst/Suspense - 21/21 - Archived Nov 02, 2003
Kovac and Carter travel to the Congo to volunteer their services unaware of the fate that awaits them. Written prior to "Kisangani" with no spoiler knowledge, it is a very different story than what ER gave us.
Finished Dec 05, 2003

Pocket Change 2: A Game of Cards by Sharon R.

PG-13 - JC/LKo & ?, Mystery/Suspense/Drama - 23/23 - Archived Feb 28, 2004
Sequel to Pocket Change
Finished Jul 30, 2004

Pocket Change 3: Hide and Seek by Sharon R.

PG-13 - JC/LKo Adventure/Angst - 9/? - Archived Feb 12, 2005
Sequel to Pocket Change and Pocket Change 2
Last Updated May 23, 2005

A Poem For Carter by Redhead1294654

G - Poem - 1/1 - Archived Jun 8, 2003
Send feedback please

Power Struggle by Lindsey

R - AL/JC - 8/8 - Archived Jun 8, 2003
A sudden change in events forces Abby to make a drastic decision
Finished Aug 17, 2003

The Powers That Be by Shirley Yoshinaka

PG-13 - Cast Humor - 1/1 - Archived pre
The ER staff wonder if the world of fanfiction is real or make-believe.

Pregnant Pause by Koistin

PG-13 - AL/JC/LKo - 1/1 - Archived Jul 29, 2001
While the cat's away (Luka) the mice will play (Carter and Abby). teehee.

Present from the Past by Rachel

PG - JC - 5/5 - Archived Dec 10, 2002
This story takes place 18 months after Carter’s return from rehab.

Promises Broken by Kris Ginn

NC-17 - JC/Ensemble - 6/6 - Archived pre
This story takes places one to two years after Carter returns from rehab. He finds someone very special to love, who made a special promise to her mother and herself. One night, her promise is forcibly broken.


Questions and Answers by Brin

PG - JC/Gamma/DM/Cast - 1/1 - Archived Sep 23, 2001
Carter has a bad day involving many questions

Questions Without Answers by Carbychick

PG-13 - JC/AL Romance/Angst - 5/5 - Archived Sep 20, 2002
When Carter is hurt in a tragic accident, Abby realizes her true feelings for him, and is going to try and make it work when he needs her most. I know it might not sound all that great... could you read it anyway?
Finished Oct 12, 2002

Quilt Work by Mia

PG-13 - Romance JC/AL and SL - 4/4 - Archived Aug 3, 2003
Susan works hard to bring Abby and Carter back together. It's what I want to happen in season 10


Random Acts of Kindness by Kristen

NC-17 - JC/KW/PB Friendship AL/LKo RST Post-Episode - 1/1 - Archived Feb 18, 2001
Closure scenes for several characters at the end of the episode.

Rats in a Maze by Kristen

PG-13 - JC/DM/MG/PB Friendship/Angst/Action - 7/? - Archived Mar 3, 2001
When Carter takes on a personal challenge to finally heal himself some of his friends decide to come along to help. Unbeknownst to them all is that the journey of one man gets them all entangled into a more complicated encounter then anyone ever expected.
Last Updated Apr 14, 2001

The Real Romano by Katie

PG - Song/Parody - 1/1 - Archived pre
Parody on "Will the Real Slim Shady Please Stand Up" by Eminem

Reflections by Ash Carroll

PG-13 - DM/AL - 1/1 - Archived Feb 18, 2001
After "Sand and Water," Abby contemplates the evening's events with a surprising companion.

Reflections of Ella by Susie

G - MG/EC/Ella - 1/1 - Archived Aug 25, 2001
Ella Greene is 15. She looks back on her life without her father

Relocation by Jacinda Noelle

R - JC/KW - 1/1 - Archived Aug 25, 2001
John deals with Kerry asking him to leave her apartment.

Remedy by Jacinda Noelle

NC-17 - JC/KW - 11/11 - Archived Apr 23, 2001
John’s illness leads to tender moments shared with Kerry.
Finished Aug 25, 2001

The Reunion by Carrie L Verkman

PG-13 - Cast - 1/1 - Archived Jun 28, 2002
Susan Lewis starts a trend when she comes back to the ER. See who shows up!

The Ring by Anna

PG-13 - Romance - 3/3 - Archived May 24, 2002
Carter and Kerry have a mistaken incident

Riot Kerry by KatMac

PG - KW/Parody - 1/1 - Archived Jan 31, 2004
Just me, Kerry Weaver, and a crazy remake of GC’s Riot Girl
Updated June 13, 2004

Risk Management by Debbie Mraz

NC-17 - JC/Other Romance - 6/6 - Archived Jul 26, 2002
No Summary

Roof's Hidden Truths by Sylvia

PG - JC/LKo - 1/1 - Archived Jan 12, 2003
John and Luka finally make ends meet in a very uncomfortable situation.

The Room Where She Died by Kate

PG-13 - JC/PB/RR Angst - 1/1 - Archived Dec 29, 2000
Another post stabbing angst story. Don’t read this is you are sick of this subject but just thought I’d add my two cents.

The Route To You by Tracey

PG - AL/JC - 5/5 - Archived Nov 27, 2002
Abby and Carter meet up after 3 years…
Finished Jun 01, 2003

Russian Roulette by Cori

R - JC Angst - 1/1 - Archived Feb 2, 2001
Carter considers suicide.


Safety in Numbers by Debbie Mraz

PG-13 - JC - 10/10 - Archived pre
The continuing friendship of John and Helen, as they face a very frightening experience together.

Save Me by Jill

PG-13 - EC/Other/Cast - 4/4 - Archived May 15, 2005
"I thought I could handle it... I guess I was wrong"

Say Goodbye by Lindsey

G - JC/PB Friendship - 1/1 - Archived Dec 30, 2001
This is a John Carter/Peter Benton fan fic. Takes place on and around 'I'll Be Home For Christmas'.

The Scene in the Window by Sylvia

G - AL - 1/1 - Archived May 23, 2003
Abby watches a scene in the window...

Second Chance by Kitchen_Sink5

PG - JC - 6/6 - Archived Dec 29, 2000
Carter meets up with his old friend, Grace, a girl who he never could find a way to tell her that he loved her. Now that she's back, it seems that he might get a second chance. But nothing's ever as simple as it seems
Finished Jan 15, 2001

Secrets & Confessions by Melissa Larkin

G - SL/LKo/DM Friendship/Romance - 3/3 - Archived May 17, 2002
Susan and Luka become friends after Susan confides in him. SL/LK friendship, romance follows.

See Amid the Winter's Snow by Kelly

PG - LKo/AL - 1/1 - Archived Oct 21, 2001
Luka and Abby spend Christmas in New York City

The Shadow of Lighthouse by Rach L.

PG - JC/JMC Friendship - 1/1 - Archived Jan 15, 2001
Carter finally realizes he still hasn't really gotten over his addiction

Shape of My Heart by Rachel

PG - JC/AL - 2/2 - Archived Aug 10, 2003
What happens when someone you don't want to comes back from your past.

She Will Be Loved by Jill

PG - LKo/ST - 1/1 - Archived Apr 23, 2004
Very Short piece of of Luka's thoughts and/or feelings.

She’s Got A Way With Words by The_Gothic_Weaver

R - KW/KL - 1/? - Archived Jun 01, 2004
Kim finds an interesting e-mail waiting for her as she starts her shift. Who is it from, and what might the aftermath be?
Last Updated Jun 01, 2004

Shifting Through the Ashes by Kristen

PG - JC/PB Angst - 4/4 - Archived Dec 29, 2000
Carter. Benton. A collapsed building. Angst is all that can be said.

The Silent Anniversary by Becky

PG - JC - 1/1 - Archived Nov 22, 2001
Valentine's Day brings past thoughts to the surface of Carter's mind.

A Simple Twist of Faith by Megan

PG-13 - JC/PB Angst/Action/Friendship - 13/13 - Archived Aug 2, 2002
A mistake seemingly made by Carter his dire consequences for him and his tenuous friendship with Benton, and leads to something no one else expected.
Finished Jul 16, 2004

Slow Turning Pain by christyedna

PG-13 - Angst/Romance/Fluff - 1/1 - Archived Mar 14, 2003
Post "A Thousand Cranes." Companion piece to FigFan's story of the same title. This one is Carter's POV.

Slow Turning Pain by FigFan

PG-13 - Angst/Romance/Fluff - 1/1 - Archived Mar 14, 2003
Post "A Thousand Cranes", companion to christyedna's "Slow Turning Pain"

Slowly Slipping Away by Sylvia

G - JC/AL - 1/1 - Archived May 23, 2003
The one person he would die for is dying slowly for him

Snow Angels by Carbychick

PG - JC/AL - 1/1 - Archived Apr 4, 2003
Carby fluff, and a little bit of snow:) Cute!

Snowball Effect by Kristen

PG - JC/PB - 1/1 - Archived Feb 18, 2001
A what if scenario for the things that took place during the episode.

So Bad it Hurts Inside by Brin

PG-13 - Carter/Cast Angst - 21/21 - Archived Jul 4, 2001
The stabbing has Carter struggling to gain control of his life.

Solace by Julia

G - KW/AL Angst - 1/1 - Archived pre
An unexpected encounter leads to some soul-searching. How does a doctor's personal experience affect her professional behavior?

Someday by Alanna diAblo

PG - JC/AL Friendship/Romance/Angst Carby UST - 1/1 - Archived Apr 7, 2002
She didn't want someone to yell at her, she didn't want someone to tell her what to do, she needed someone to listen to her and to support her.

Somehow It Would by Sylvia

PG-13 - JC - 1/1 - Archived Jul 27, 2003
Carter gets visited by old memories.

Someone's Prayer by Cristallo

PG-13 - AL/JC - 8/8 - Archived Jul 12, 2002
Abby receives devastating news that will forever change her life...
Finished Aug 2, 2002

Something in the Wind by Kitchen_Sink5

PG - LKn/DM/LKo/AL/JC Angst - 1/1 - Archived Jan 15, 2001
This story looks at the lives of Dave Malucci, Luka Kovac, Abby Lockhart, and John Carter around the time 'May Day' and 'Homecoming' took place. It is told from the perspective of Lucy Knight. Ultimately, it is the story of a girl, looking in on her friends in the world of the living

Sometimes by Amanaka

G - KW - 1/1 - Archived Dec 05, 2003

Sometimes The Grim Reaper Rings Twice by Gayle Ben-Ezra and Sharon Short

PG-13 - JC/AL/Cast Drama/Angst - 44/? - Archived Aug 9, 2002
Abby moves back into her apartment.
Last Updated Dec 28, 2003

Songs of the Heart by Sarah Rochester

NC-17 - JC - 14/14 - Archived pre
If love had a soundtrack, it would be this.
Finished Dec 29, 2000

Sophie by Carrie Verkman

PG-13 - JC/AD - 6/6 - Archived Feb 24, 2002
Anna leaves for Philladelphia, but comes back later with a big surprise for Carter.

South of the Border by Susan

NC-17 - JC/DM Slash - 5/5 - Archived May 31, 2002
Carter and Dave meet up while on vacation in sunny Mexico and find themselves in a sticky situation.
Finished Jun 14, 2002

The Speed of Love by Brandon

PG - JC/AL - 1/1 - Archived Jun 27, 2003
Abby makes a phone call she should have made long ago.

Sticks and Stones by Julie

15 - JC/PB Angst - 6/? - Archived pre
Benton and Carter’s tenuous relationship takes a heavy blow.
Last Updated Dec 29, 2000

Starting Over by Jacinda Noelle

G - JC - 1/1 - Archived Aug 25, 2001
John returns to County General after leaving Atlanta.

Storage Room Madness by KK

G - LKo/EC - 1/1 - Archived Jan 12, 2003
After a big fight in front of the entire ER, the staff decides to lock Elizabeth and Luka in a storage closet that only opens from the outside.

Stranded by Carbychick

PG-13 - JC/AL Romance - 1/1 - Archived Sep 16, 2002
Carter and Abby get stuck together due to bad weather...

Strange Comparisons by KatMac

R - JC/KW - 1/1 - Archived Jan 23, 2004
Kerry and Carter have an interesting evening

Stuck with You by Anna Rousseau

PG-13 - LKn/AL - 1/1 - Archived pre
Summary Pending

A Sudden Change Of Heart by KatMac

PG-13 - KW/SLo - 3/3 - Archived Jan 11, 2004
Baby issue?????

Summer Rain and Roses by Shirley Yoshinaka

M15+ - JC - 12/? - Archived Jul 16, 2000
This series features John Carter and some characters of my own creation. It begins approximately four months after the Valentine's Day "incident" from Season 6 and will span the course of one year. John becomes involved with a woman and her young son, and this relationship will change his life.
Last Updated Oct 25, 2002

The Sun Will Shine Again by Lindsay

PG - DR/CH - 1/1 - Archived pre
Such Sweet Sorrow from Doug's point of view.

Surviving Seattle - A Family Affair by Lindsey

R - DR/CH romance - 5/? - Archived Jun 01, 2004
Take a look at what life is like for the Ross-Hathaway family after Carol's move to Seattle. Takes place on and immediately after 'Such Sweet Sorrow'.
Last Updated Jul 30, 2004

Sweet Love by KK

PG - Ensemble - 4/4 - Archived Apr 7, 2002
This is a story about the ER staff finding love, heartbreak, and discovering feelings they never knew they had.
Finished May 31, 2002

Sweetest Goodbye by Jill

PG - KW/SLo - 1/1 - Archived Apr 23, 2004
When the time comes to say goodbye to the one you love, it is often hard to find the words. Weaver POV

A Symbol of Love by Sylvia

NC-17 - AL/JC - 1/1 - Archived Jan 12, 2003
It's what happened right before the shower scene in season nine! *_*


Tea Time by Cathy Roberts

G - JC - 1/1 - Archived pre
John Carter's neighbor has a crush on him.

Telecommunication by Carbychick

PG - JC/AL - 1/1 - Archived Apr 4, 2003
Carter's thoughts on "A Boy Falling Out of the Sky"

That Little Candelabra by Eriscool

G - CH - 1/1 - Archived Dec 05, 2003
She ends up reliving it all. Was it all a dream?

That's the New Me by Noa G.

G - DM/AL - 1/1 - Archived Jan 15, 2001
I wrote this story the day after New Year, while I was home instead of going to school. It happens on New Year Eve 2000, and deals with Abby & Dave.

There's No Place Like Home by Lindsey

PG - SL/JC romance - 19/19 - Archived Jun 19, 2001
Susan Lewis returns to County General & who knows what could happen!
Finished Dec 1, 2001

There To Catch Him If He Falls by Carrie Verkman

PG-13 - JC/AD - 8/8 - Archived Mar 12, 2002
A long awaited sequel to "The Way It Should Be." Anna and John seem to be living the American Dream, but the accident on Valentine's Day, a drug addiction, and a painful recovery tear the happy family apart.

Things Behind the Sun by C. Midori

R - Drama JC/AL/SL/LKo - 12/12 - Archived Nov 2, 2002
Carter takes stock of his life and Abby finds herself missing from his count. Sequel to Through the Door.
Finished Jul 03, 2004

Thoughtful Mood by Elisa

G - AL - 1/1 - Archived May 30, 2001
Abby ponders. Told from her POV.

Three 'o Clock Flight by Sylvia

PG - JC/Other - 1/1 - Archived May 16, 2003
Carter tries to move on. Will it work?

Through It All by Amanaka

G - KW/KL/CL - 1/1 - Archived Dec 14, 2003
A reunion.

Through the Door by C. Midori

R - JC/AL Angst - 10/10 - Archived May 31, 2002
[Complete] When a series of tragedies blurs the fast-disappearing line between friendship and what lies beyond, Abby must decide how far she is willing to push the line--and Carter, how far to let her.
Finished Aug 30, 2002

Till Death Do Us Part by Lockhart

PG-13 - MG/EC - 4/4 - Archived Nov 22, 2001
A secret only Mark knows could shatter his life forever and drastically change the future of his wife Elizabeth
Finished Dec 7, 2001

Times Change by Noah

PG - Romance/Drama/AL/JC/Cast - 2/? - Archived Apr 23, 2004
Carter gets in a car crash and goes into a coma to be awoken two year later wondering where Abby is Last Updated May 07, 2004

Too Late by Samantha

PG-13 - DR/CH - 1/1 - Archived Jul 31, 2000
What if Mark had called Doug before Kate was born? What if Carol had bled out during her C-section? This story reflects those questions.

The Toothbrush Talk by Kitty

PG - JC/AL - 2/2 - Archived Apr 7, 2002
A toothbrush raises some interesting questions about their relationship.

Travels With Us by Cori

PG - Cast - 7/7 - Archived Jan 15, 2001
The County Staff takes a vacation to Disneyland.
Finished Mar 3, 2001

The Trip by Shannon

G - Humor/Crossover (Charmed) - 1/1 - Archived Sep 5, 2001
Charmed and ER come together to fight off a demon in disguise.

The Trouble With Happiness by Tracey

PG - AL/JC - 11/? - Archived Dec 31, 2002
Prologue is set straight after Lockdown, but the rest as you shall see is set way into the future. And you'll have to excuse any lack of medical knowledge. My only reference is the snatches I get from ER.
Last Updated Dec 05, 2003

True Happiness by Sylvia

PG-14 - JC/AL - 1/1 - Archived Nov 27, 2002
Carter and Abby find themselves together at last, but unfortunately there's still some lost heart in the triangle, Luka. But don't worry, true love is supposed to last forever. And it will.

True Love by dc_soulmates

PG - DR/CH - 1/1 - Archived Jul 12, 2002
None- read to find out.

True Love by Melissa Larkin

G - Romance - 1/1 - Archived Oct 14, 2002
Dave and Melanie discuss their relationship

Twas The Night Before Christmas by Carrie Verkman

G - Cast - 1/1 - Archived Jan 19, 2002
In the end of the episode "Homeless for the Holidays", John Carter and Abby Keaton are in bed together reciting lines from "Twas the Night Before Christmas". That's where I got the idea to change the poem a little to match the everyday life of the ER. It's read by Kerry Weaver.

Two Years On by Anna Rousseau

PG-13/NC-17 - JC/AD - 7/7 - Archived Aug 7, 2000
Anna comes back and this is what happens...
Finished Jan 15, 2001


Uncharted Territory by Stormwatcher

PG - LKo/JC/Cast Drama - 1/1 - Archived pre
(Sequel to Aftermath) This story is structured as an episode that could have taken place two months after the season six finale. It involves John Carter's return from rehab, a new charge nurse, a new budget for the Kerry, more training for Malucci and Abby, romantic difficulties for Peter/Cleo and Mark/Elizabeth, and a tired Luka.

Under a Lover's Sky by Nora

G - MG/EC - 1/1 - Archived Aug 14, 2001
Another Mark and Elizabeth story.

Under the Mistletoe by Kim

PG-13 - DM/KW Romance - 1/1 - Archived Jan 15, 2001
A Christmas Story of two lonely people who find each other on the holiday.

An Unexpected Christmas Present by Celina

PG - MG/SL Romance - 1/1 - Archived Feb 18, 2001
It's Christmas 1996 and Mark is enjoying a very depressing holiday, but his best gift is about to arrive from Phoenix.

Unfulfilled Expectations by Celina

PG - MG/SL romance - 6/6 - Archived Jan 15, 2001
Nearly three years after Union Station, Susan and Mark bump into each other in a medical conference in Boston.

Union Station by Carrie Verkman

PG - EC/SL - 1/1 - Archived Jan 19, 2002
I don't usually write stories with Elizabeth and Susan, but this was a challenge sent to me by Anna Rousseau. Two people, who have never met, share one thing in common.

Until the End of Time by Mara Weaver

PG - MG/SL Friendship - 4/4 - Archived Jun 01, 2003
Susan and Carter are dating. Mark is living at home with Rachel and Elizabeth is staying in a hotel with Ella. Mark has just found out his tumor is back but hasn't told anyone but Susan.

Useless- The Abby Lockhart Story by Kelly

PG - LKo/AL - 1/1 - Archived May 30, 2001
A look into the past, we learn much about Abby's childhood


The Very Good Years by Lindsey

R - JC/AL Romance - 5/5 - Archived Nov 23, 2003
This fic takes readers into the lives of John and Abby Carter. Feel their love, joy, anger and sorrow as they travel down the rocky road of life together.
Last Updated May 15, 2004

A Very Messed Up Christmas by Shannon

G - Cast Humor - 1/1 - Archived Sep 5, 2001
It's Christmastime in the ER- uh oh!

The Visitors by Melissa Larkin

G - Drama - 1/1 - Archived Oct 14, 2002
Mark and Lucy pay a visit to their friends in the ER.


Waiting to Breathe by Aldsygal

PG-13 - JC/AL Romance - 1/1 - Archived Apr 12, 2003
What if everything, you never knew, you always wanted was slipping from your grasp? Will Carter and Abby have the strength to face their fears and find love?

Walk the Sky by The She Devil~>

NC-17 - Slash/Romance/Angst - 18/? - Archived Oct 25, 2002
After a nasty breakup with Luka, Dave realizes he has feelings for John. But what happens when John realizes he might have similar feelings for Dave?
Last Updated Aug 10, 2003

Walking After You by Kitty

PG-13 - JC - 5/5 - Archived pre
The whole post-Lucy ordeal was really depressing me, so I decided to give Carter something else to focus on for a change. A new med student arrives, and Carter is assigned to her. For better or for worse.

Warning Sign by Jazzy

PG - Angst - 1/1 - Archived Oct 14, 2002
Luka looks back at some decisions he regrets

Wasted Memories by Samantha

PG-15 - DR/CH - 1/1 - Archived pre
Carol comes across a box of Doug’s old things. She sifts through the items, each bringing back a memory of him she’d tucked away, and making the pain of missing him rise to the surface.

The Way It Should Be by Carrie Verkman

PG-13 - JC/AD - 8/8 - Archived Mar 12, 2002
I always wanted Anna and Carter to hook up on the show, so this is what I think would happen. This is how I wanted it to be, hence the title. It takes place in Season Four with a few minor changes. There's also a sequel to this story, please read it!

Weak Link by Alyssa

PG-13 - DM/Cast Angst - 7/7 - Archived Dec 29, 2000
Dave falls apart and the ER has to put him back together again

Wearing Your Tattoo by Missy

PG - Romance/Slice-of-life SL/Other (Chuck) - 1/1 - Archived Mar 13, 2004
There are only so many ways to say "I Love You" Properly...

What Are You Doing New Year's Eve? by Ash Carroll

PG-13 - DM/AL - 1/1 - Archived Feb 18, 2001
Abby gets a New Year's surprise.

What If..? by Carter

PG-13 - JC/AL Drama/Angst/Carby - 4/4 - Archived Jun 14, 2002
Carter's having a really bad day and Abby isn't really helping much...
Finished Jul 20, 2002

What if God... Was? by Carolina

? - LKo - 1/1 - Archived Aug 7, 2001
After a long day, Luka begins to doubt the doubts of his beliefs

What it is to Burn by Alanna diAblo

PG - JC/AL Angst/Romance - 1/1 - Archived Jul 12, 2003
Quickie fic. Post "Foreign Affairs." What was going through Abby's head? CarbyAngst..c'mon, you know you like it.

What You Don't Know Can Scare You by Kristen

PG - JC/PB Creep Story - 1/1 - Archived Aug 7, 2001
John has a frightening night in the ER during Halloween.

What Weaver Wants by KatMac

R - KW/SLo Sci-Fi/Angst/Romance - 1/? - Archived Mar 28, 2004
what if a car accident allowed Sandy to read Kerry's mind?

When the Angels Call...The Last Dance by Carly

PG - LKn - 1/1 - Archived Jul 3, 2001
What if Lucy and Carter's fates were switched... accidentally. An interesting story with a not-so-happy ending.

Where is Everybody? by Lou Lou Bell

PG - DM/Angst Crossover (Twilight Zone) - 1/1 - Archived Apr 23, 2001
Dr. Dave goes to work one day to find Cook County TOTALLY deserted.

Where There's Smoke by KatMac

PG - KW/ SLo/ script - 1/1 - Archived Jun 01, 2004
'Where There's Smoke' except it has a twist. It's Kat's way of course!

Why? by Starbright

G - SL/JC - 7/7 - Archived May 31, 2002
Susan and Carter realize that they are meant to be together after something happens to one of them.

Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People by Cori

PG - LKo Angst - 1/1 - Archived Feb 2, 2001
It's New Years Eve and Luka is rcalling his life in Croatia.

Will You Marry Me? by Melissa Larkin

PG - Romance - 1/1 - Archived Oct 14, 2002
Luka proposes to Susan! :)

With You by KK

PG-13 - Romance - 9/9 - Archived Feb 08, 2004
Follow-up story to How I Feel. This story is about Luka, Sam, love, and many other surprises that you will find out soon enough!
Finished Jun 22, 2004

Women Rule by Toby Rollins

PG-13 - KW/SLo - 4/4 - Archived Jan 24, 2003
KW and Sandy, since TPTB won't give us enough, here's more

Wondering by Sylvia

PG - LKo - 1/1 - Archived May 16, 2003
Luka walks through Chicago, thinking about his life.

The World Can Wait by C. Midori

R - AL Angst - 1/1 - Archived Oct 14, 2002
"And she feels herself react to it like it's the first day, and the first touch, all over again, except for the second time." abby, angst, AU.

Worth Waiting For by Elizabeth

PG-13 - JC/AL - 1/1 - Archived Jul 6, 2003
Starts where season 9 ended. It's what I think could happen between Abby and Carter in the season premiere. For now it is complete, but I may add more later if I get bored or think of something fun to write.

Wrist by Amanaka

G - KW/KL - 1/1 - Archived Dec 05, 2003
Just a little fun.



You Make Me Forget by Manda

PG - Romance/Carby fuzzy-ness - 1/1 - Archived Dec 10, 2002
Abby is a little upset about her AWOL brother, and as soon as Carter appears, she, (and I) lose all thought of her brother. He makes everything better..*Aww*

Young at Heart by Carolina

PG-13 - Cast/Humor - 2/2 - Archived pre
What if the cast of er was still in High School?

Your Mother Should Know by Maluccieca

G - ER Women - 1/1 - Archived Nov 22, 2001
A fic I wrote for Mother's Day starring the ER chicks. Kinda cheesy, but if you like that kind of thing, this could be your piece of cake.

Your Winter by Brin

PG-13 - JC/AL/LKo - 1/1 - Archived Apr 25, 2002
Little aftermath thought of Carter and Abby's relationship, as they go into remission from their previous conversation. Only this time, Luka gets involved.

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