The Toothbrush Talk

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AUTHOR'S NOTES: This is obviously post an end of sorts to the Luka/Abby thing. Your guess as to how it ended is probably better than mine so go with it <g>. Carter and Abby are (in my delusional universe) in a romantic relationship. Let that be a WARNING to all those who would rather gnaw their own limbs off than see them together. And if you do read it, I'm *not* being held responsible for your limbs. :)

I have no idea where the hell I'm going with this. I'm just going. Hop aboard. Bring your own snack food. This is Carter/Abby! Relationship! Angst! Kinda! Shall I see where I can take it, or abandon ship now?:)

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SUMMARY: A toothbrush raises some interesting questions about their relationship.


Morning light seeps through the curtains like a hazy fog, bathing the room in its mute warmth.

Slipping out of bed she moves her weight to the balls of her feet in an attempt to retain this sense of stillness, moving carefully across the room, before hesitating at the foot of his bed to watch him.

His chest moves up and down with a slow, lazy pace. He's lying on his back, his face to one side, with his right arm flung above his head and the other across his stomach, clutching his shirt. The sheets a jumble around his feet. She teases a foot gently with a finger and watches as he twitches away from her. She absently wonders whether his tee shirt is as soft as it looks.

She smiles and pads out into the bathroom. Her toothbrush is hanging next to his and she picks it up and finds the paste. It's several seconds after she's begun to brush when the significance behind this dawns on her.

Her toothbrush. His place. It means something, doesn't it?

She begins to hum the theme tune to an advert. A toothpaste commercial.

She's spitting the paste into the sink when a pair of arms comes up around her waist, a mouth nuzzling playfully at her neck.

"Hey," she says through a mouthful of paste.

He's grinning. She can hear it in his sleep-clouded voice. "Hey back at you."

She spits into the sink again. "Didn't mean to wake you."

He looks up at her reflection, their doppelgangers sharing a smile. "With that singing? I think I heard dogs howling."

And she nudges him in the chest lightly with her elbow. He grins and mocks being injured. His hands tighten around her waist, pulling her further against him, his head burying itself into her hair. His breath warm on her neck.

She grins at his reflection and then turns to look at him, and he smiles, leaning in to kiss her. She stops him with an amused finger. "Go brush your teeth, Carter."

He grunts his discontent at this, raising both eyebrows in an attempt to gain some leeway. C'mon, Abby. Just this once. Teeth, later. Now. Please? C'mon...

She gives in with a resigned sigh. He hasn't brushed his teeth. Neither of them really cares.

After a moment she leans back, to look him head on. "Gotta be going soon," she says.

He nods, a little dumbly, his brain still adjusting to consciousness and the feel of her body against his. "Um, I had the strangest dream. You were in it." He says softly, a hand drawing circles across her skin. "You were leaving me. You were running away to the mountains with Malucci."

She laughs, "With Dr Dave?!"

He smiles. Or is he still? "Promise me you won't."

She smiles and then continues to brush her teeth. "Done and done."

He closes his eyes and kisses her neck softly. He can feel her breathing against him. Her breaths are so small that he's surprised she manages to remain conscious. She smells of toothpaste and shampoo and clean laundry. He remembers falling asleep like this. Breathing her.

"You have the time?" He asks her hair.

She hums a yes.

He waits and then turns to eye her reflection. "Well...why don't you tell me?"

She smiles. "You only asked if I *had* the time."

He groans into her neck. "A wise guy, huh?... well that's *very* attractive first thing in the morning."

She gives a short pointed laugh. "So's waking people up at four in the morning."

His eyes glisten playfully. "I did no such thing."

She laughs again. "Oh really? That's funny, if I remember correctly, your exact words were: 'Wake up, Abby, wake up.'"

He smiles and a phone begins to ring out. He groans into her hair again, kisses her shoulder and moves to go, but before doing so, turns to look at her. "And if *I* remember correctly, you weren't exactly complaining."

She shoots him a glare, but this only makes him laugh.

She thinks that maybe they could go and catch some coffee before their shifts start. Breakfast. Maybe even breakfast. The most important meal of the day and all that hooha that she should really start to pay attention to. Mmm. Blueberry pancakes.

The phone's still ringing out and she can hear him curse, the sound of objects being tossed aside in this solitary search party he's throwing for it. She's definitely going to have to domesticate him sometime soon. How does anyone manage to lose a ringing phone?

"Um, Carter, you want to catch some breakfast?" She calls out to him.

A pause. The phone continues to ring. "You don't believe in breakfast."

She smiles. "The Breakfast Believers Police are we?"

The ringing stops, and she pokes her head out of the bathroom and sees him talking into the phone. He looks up at her and smiles. She returns it. "We can get blueberry pancakes. Oh, and we..." she looks at her toothbrush, "uh, we need to talk."

He stops chatting and looks up at her, half-amused, half-scared-shitless. He's never fared well in Relationship Talks. "Um, we do?"

She watches him for a second and then smiles, nods and returns to the bathroom.

And resuming her toothpaste hum she finishes brushing her teeth.


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