Travels With Us

RATING: PG (For bad language and suggestive dialogue)
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DISCLAIMER: I don't own ER. If I did I wouldn't be writting this story. I don't own Disneyland either. Places stated and such are real, and I don't own them!
AUTHOR'S NOTES: I came up with this story while I was on vacation in Disneyland. Unfortunately, I didn't get to start working on it until December. It's meant to bee funny and I hope you enjoy it. Also, I don't hate Dave. He just annoys me from time to time.
SUMMARY: The County Staff takes a vacation to Disneyland.

Day One 

***OíHare International Airport*** 

[Romano] I canít believe the hospital is paying for this!  

[Kerry] Me either! Arenít we lucky! 

[Romano] Yeah, really.  

[Dave] What exactly are we doing again? 

[Deb] Weíre going to Disneyland. Gee, why do you think weíre in an airport?  

[Dave] Maybe we are picking someone up. 

[Deb] You are H-O-P-E-L-E-S-S hopeless!  

[Dave] Thanks! 

[Kerry] Here are the tickets. Weíre about to board.  

[Romano] Woo Hoo. 

[Dave] I want a window! 

[Deb] Why are you being so childish all the sudden?  

[Abby] What do you mean? Heís always childish. 

[Luka] Do Dave and Deb always bicker like this? 

[Kerry] Yup, pretty much so.  

[Luka] I sense this is going to be a long trip.  

[John] I think Iíll go home now... 

[Kerry] Sorry, we paid for this ticket, youíre going. Now, everyone better get on this plane before I whack you all with my cane! 

[Cleo] Fine. Fine! Come on Peter.  

[Deb] Lead on O gracious leader! 

***On The Plane***  

[Dave] I still want a window! 

[John] Fine! Just donít tell us again! 

[Elizabeth] Iím next to Mark. 

[Deb] Surprise, surprise. 

[Cleo] Youíre starting to sound like me. 

[Romano] Or, even scarier, me! 

[Deb] So? 

[Cleo] So quit it! 

[Deb] Iíll try.  

[Abby] Iíll sit by Luka. 

[Luka] Uh, actually, Iím sitting in the exit row, and I need to be by myself... 

[Abby] What. Donít you like me anymore? 

[Luka] Errr...I take the fifth!

[Abby] Fifth what? 

[Luka] Amendment. 

[Abby] Who do you know about the Bill of Rights?  

[Luka] Iím getting naturalized. 

[Abby] Oh. Well, Iíll sit by John then.  

[John] Oh, so youíre kissing up to me now that you lost your boyfriend. Well, it isnít going to work.  

[Abby] Darn.  

[Romano] Will you people just sit down so the plane can take off?!?!  

[John] Uh, okay.  

[Elizabeth] Do we get a movie?  

[Dave] How about food?  

[Cleo] You know, he is really getting on my nerves.  

[Peter] Do you realize I havenít had any lines in this fic yet?  

[Cori] Donít worry. Youíll get lines.  

[Peter] Who are you? 

[Cori] Iím Cori.  

[Peter] Who?  

[Cori] You know, Cori. The author of this fic.  

[Peter] But this fic is about the ER characters. Youíre not supposed to be here.  

[Cori] Well, if you wouldnít ask me questions, then I wouldnít be here.  

[Peter] I was talking to Cleo.  

[Cori] No, you were talking to me. Thatís how I wrote it.  

[Peter] Agh! I donít know what Iím saying any more! Just go away.  

[Cori] Fine. Bye.  

[Peter] And donít come back! 

[Coriís voice] Then donít give me a reason! 

[Peter] Bah Humbug!  

[Cleo] You realize itís only October donít you.  

[Peter] So what. Iím in a scroogie mood. So sue me!  

[Mark] Good grief!

[Peter] Hey, you havenít had any lin-  

[Cleo] (putting a hand over Peterís mouth) You donít want her to come back do you?  

[Peter] Right. I forgot. Sorry.  

[Deb] Yay! The plane is taking off now! 

[Elizabeth] Yay! We have a movie! Earphones please! 

[Dave] Iím still hungry. 

[Mark] Good Grief! 

[Elizabeth] Is that all you say?  

[Mark] Right now? Yeah. 

[Captain] This is the captain speaking. Weíre going to take off now.  

[Romano] Finally.  

[John] Iíll take some earphones too! 

[Luka] Iím sleepy.  

[Deb] Itís only nine fifteen in the morning.  

[Luka] So? Zzzzzz... 

[Deb] Thereís one down.  

[Elizabeth] Yay! The movie is Anastasia! 

[Cleo] What kind of movie is that? Theyíre supposed to show something like Airplane!  

[Kerry] Heavens, no!  

[Cleo] Whatís wrong with that?  

[Kerry] It will make me worry the plane will crash! 

[Dave] What! The plane is crashing?

[Deb] No dummy, weíre still on the runway! 

[John] This is going to be one looooooong trip! Did I already say that?  

[Peter] Probably. 

[Luka] Iím up! Did I miss anything?  

[Abby] No.  

[Dave] How many miles to Salt Lake City?  

[John] Got me. All I know is itís about two hours from Chicago.  

[Kerry] God! This dumb plane finally takes off!  

[Dave] Are we there yet?  

***In Orange County*** 

[Kerry] what happened to Salt Lake City? 

[John] I donít know. Maybe we missed it. 

[Luka] We need to go grab our bags.  

[Deb] Yeah.  

[Dave] Thereís mine! 

[Deb] Do you always pack so heavily? I mean, I thought that was a female trait. 

[Dave] I guess I never thought about it.  

[Luka] What exactly do you have in there?  

[Dave] Food! 

[Cleo] Doesnít he look very proud of himself?  

[Peter] Doesnít he always?  

[Kerry] Thereís my bag! 

[John] And mine.  

[Abby] So do we all have our luggage?  

[Everyone Else] Yup.  

[Kerry] Letís go! 

[Romano] I forgot to ask you. Are you in charge of this?  

[Kerry] More or less.  

[Romano] Cool. 

[Peter] Did you just say cool?  

[Romano] Yes.  

[Peter] Weird.  

[Kerry] To the hotel!  

***At The Santa Anna Comfort Inn***  

[Abby] So whatís the game plan?  

[Kerry] Here are your hotel assignments.  

[Abby] Iím with...Cleo?  

[Cleo] Damn.  

[John] Iím with Luka! Good. I didnít get with Dave 

[Dave] Hey!  

[Deb] Iím with Kerry.  

[Mark] Lizzy, itís you and me! 

[Romano] Surprise, surprise.  

[John] You know, a ton of people have said that during this trip.  

[Abby] What? 

[John] Surprise, surprise.  

[Abby] Oh. Only two people. Three if you count you.  

[John] I guess so.  

[Romano] Iím with Peter!?!?! 

[Peter] I smell a rat! 

[Kerry] Good night everyone! 

[Dave] What about me! 

[Kerry] Youíre alone.  

[Dave] Whoopee! 

[Deb] Whoopee? Oh God.  

[Kerry] By the way, these are your roommates for the rest of the trip.  

[Romano] Hell on earth.  

[Peter] Hey, Iím not too happy about sharing a room with you either, but Iím not complaining Ė yet.  

[Kerry] Everyone get to bed we have to get started early tomorrow. Remember, meet here at eight.  

[Dave] Yes master.

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