Union Station

AUTHOR: Carrie Verkman
EMAIL: carebear1025@juno.com
SPOILERS: This story contains spoilers for season seven about Mark and Elizabeth, just to let you know.
AUTHOR'S NOTES: Thanks to Anna Rousseau for sending me this challenge. It was a lot of fun!  This was my first challenge, so tell me what you think. Also I don't mind people giving me fanfic challenges, just bear in mind that I have a busy schedule, so no promises that they will be done right away. Thanks for reading!
SUMMARY: I don't usually write stories with Elizabeth and Susan, but this was a challenge sent to me by Anna Rousseau. Two people, who have never met, share one thing in common.

The windy city of Chicago was blanketed with fresh fallen snow. The streets were filled with people getting ready for the holidays. Department stores advertised holiday sales, with the windows filled with gifts. People carried arms full of brightly wrapped presents. Children scurried though the streets, with ice skates flung over their shoulder, heading to the closest frozen pond. Carolers sang merrily to the people passing by and to the cars on the roads. Faintly in the background of all the city noises, bell ringers rang their hand bells to attract people to their bright red collection buckets for the less fortunate. It was Christmas in Chicago.

Elizabeth Corday dropped a handful of change into the bucket. She smiled as the bell ringer thanked her. Elizabeth made her way to Union Station. There, she would board a train to Manhattan. Her fiancÚ, Mark Greene would be there waiting for her. He was undergoing treatment for his brain tumor. Elizabeth promised to go with him and now she was on her way.

The snow began to fall harder. Snowflakes clung to Elizabeth's wavy hair. She tightened her scarf and pulled her jacket closer to her body. It wouldn't be long until the jacket wouldn't fit her. Mark and Elizabeth were expecting their first child.

She climbed the stairs to the train platform. Elizabeth hummed along to the hymn being played. Beyond The Sea. It was her favorite.

Susan Lewis wished she had a warmer jacket. She had forgotten how cold Chicago was. As her train pulled up to Union Station, memories of her departure to Phoenix came back. It seemed like yesterday she was saying good-bye to Chicago, and all her friends at County.

The hardest was her good-bye to Mark. He loved her and begged for her to stay. However, Susan wanted to fulfill her personal desires. To be closer to little Suzi Lewis.

And now she was coming back. Things had not gone well in Arizona. Susan had been married to Jack Perry, another doctor at the Phoenix hospital. Then a serious malpractice suit made Jack become seriously depressed. Susan left him. She knew there was a place for her at County. That there would be a locker for her in the lounge with her name on it. That Mark Greene would still be her friend, and be in love with her. Susan realized she loved Mark all this time. That's really what made her come back.

The train stopped. Susan gathered her things and stepped off the train. It was the same stop where she had left a brokenhearted Mark. The doors opened and Susan, not paying attention to where she was going, ran right into Elizabeth.

"Oh excuse me." Susan said apologetically. "I'm so sorry."

Elizabeth smiled at the friendly stranger. "That's okay. With weather like this, it's easy to get distracted."

"Tell me about it. I'm coming from Arizona."

Elizabeth let out a small laugh. "You poor thing, coming to freezing Chicago!"

"It's not as bad as you think. I used to live here."

"Oh I see." Elizabeth adjusted her coat and her purse slipped off her shoulder. "Oh shoot!"

"Let me help you." the stranger said. The two of them bent down to pick up Elizabeth's belongings. Susan picked up Elizabeth's hospital ID.

"You work at County?"

"Yes. I am a surgeon."

"Isn't that ironic? I used to work there when I lived in Chicago. Emergency Medicine."

"Oh!" exclaimed Elizabeth. "I bet you know...um...Peter Benton?"

"Yes." said Susan, who continued to pick up Elizabeth's things. "Yes I do."

"John Carter? Kerry Weaver?" asked Elizabeth.

"Yes, I know Kerry. Carter used to have a crush on me."

"Oh, I can't wait to tease him about that!" Elizabeth said, giggling over the gossip she just learned.

"Do you know if Mark Greene is still there?" asked Susan.

"Oh yes! He is my fiancÚ. I'm going to Manhattan to meet him."

Elizabeth showed off her engagement ring and a picture of the two of them. "Did you know him?'

Susan's expression on her face was blank. Mark was engaged? Just perfect. Susan put the last item in her purse. "What's this? A sonogram?"

Elizabeth nodded. "Mark and I are having a baby." She patted her barely bulging stomach.

"Oh I see." Susan was upset by the news. It was too bad for her. She was too late.


"It's just that...Mark and I were really good friends...and I, um...am glad to hear he's happy."

"For now." said Elizabeth, thinking of his brain tumor.

"Well." said Susan. "It was nice meeting you Dr. Corday. Have fun in Manhattan." Susan began to walk away.

"Wait! You didn't even say what your name was! I can tell Mark 'hello' for you."

"My name is Susan Lewis. And don't bother saying hello. No need."

Elizabeth was puzzled. She wondered what caused Dr. Lewis to leave so suddenly. Did something happen between Mark and Susan? Was it something Elizabeth said?

Elizabeth stood there, watching Susan leave.

Beyond The Sea began to play louder, over the loudspeakers at Union Station.

The End.

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