The Weak Link

AUTHOR: Alyssa
CATEGORY: DM angst w/ other cast members
SPOILERS: maybe end of 6th season beginnning of 7th
DISCLAIMER: do not own any of these characters. This is my first Fan Fiction and I have little to no medical knowledge so give me a break. You can E-mail me at
SUMMARY: Dave falls apart and the ER has to put him back together again

“Malucci! Malucci wake up!” Dave bolted upright at the sudden noise. He looked at the clock 8:03 a.m. He had only slept 10 minutes. “Malucci, you’ve got patients to see.” Dave threw his legs over the side of the gurney. He was soaking wet. Sweat covered his whole body, head to toe. “My goodness Dave. You must only be 20% water now. Clean yourself up before you see anyone.” With that Haleh left. Dave wiped his forehead, bringing his hand back covered in sweat. Dave didn’t remember, but whatever he was dreaming must have been pretty tense.

Dave Malucci finished the third stitch. “You doing good, only two left.” he said to the 14 year old girl he was stitching up. The girl cringed but didn’t say anything. The door to the room opened and Jing Mai entered.

“Malucci, have you seen Mark?” She asked.

“Nope, and I really don’t care.” He answered. Jing May left.

Dave was telling the girl and her mother how to care for the stitches when Jing Mai entered again. “I still don’t know where he is.” He said in his playful mocking tone.

“Kerry wants you.” She said with a slight smile. *Uh oh.* Dave thought, he was probably in for it. He looked at his patient and smiled. “Well, that’s just about it. You’re done here. Have a nice day.” He gave them a big smile then exited the room.

Kerry was waiting for him. Dave walked up real nonchalant and gave here a big smile. “What’s up Chief?” He asked. She was cross, he could tell. “Malucci remember that patient....” Dave didn’t listen to any more. He was very good at pretending to listen, nodding at the right time and such. He often blocked people out, and let his mind wander. He was thinking of snow and the mountains now. He was so deep in thought he almost missed the end of her lecture. “So what are you going to do?” She asked.

“Fix it.” He said seriously, he had no idea what she as talking about.

“Damn right!” With that she left, hobbling down the corridor.

Dave watched her leave then walked up to the reception desk. “Hey Randi. What is she mad about.” Randi looked at him with an incredulous look on her face.

“That patient. The one with the hair.” She said matter-of-factly. Dave smiled.

“Oh, her.” With that he walked off, with absolutely no intent on fixing the problem.

Dave was just walking up to admit looking for any new patients when Jerry announced a trauma coming in. “ETA two minutes.” Dave walked up to Mark, who was getting ready for the trauma.

“What is it?” he asked.

“Car accident. They’re bringing in someone with a head trauma.” Mark answered as he pulled on his gloves.

“I’ll help.” he said, pulling on a gown and gloves.

Kerry, Benton and Carter came just about the same time as the ambulance. They pulled the gurney into Trauma 1 and began work. From the very beginning Dave was pushed into the background. As he made his way to the gurney Kerry turned to him. “Dave what are you doing here? I think four doctors is enough to handle this.”

“But..” Dave complained.

“Out!” Kerry said, allowing no leeway for more complaints. Mark and Carter looked at him sympathetically but quickly turned back to the patient.

Dave stormed out of the room ripping off his gown and gloves and hurling them into the garbage can. He stormed off, unaware of the many eyes aimed in his direction.

He somehow found himself lying on the bathroom floor. He didn’t remember going there exactly, but remembered storming out of Trauma 1 and having no patients to attend. He sat there, very uncomfortably staring at the scalpel he was holding. He didn’t remember picking up the scalpel either. But what did it matter, he had it now. He stared at it for a moment, only half trying o talk himself out of it. A little voice inside say ‘Why not? You’re the laughing stock of your peers, your superiors don’t think you can do anything right, your family wants nothing to do with you, and you have no love life.’ The little voice sealed it. He was determined to do it and when he decided to do something he never backed out. He wondered why he couldn’t wait, why he had to do it here, in the hospital bathroom. Maybe he wanted them to realize what he was going through. Maybe he didn’t really want to die, maybe he wanted them to save him. Or maybe he just wanted to get it over with. Whatever the reason, he knew this was where it was going to happen. He smiled slightly, then made the first cut.

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