Where is Everybody?

AUTHOR: Lou Lou Bell
EMAIL: TheZoneChick@aol.com
CATEGORY: DM/Angst/ Twilight Zone Crossover
DISCLAIMER: I wish that I owned Erik Palladino, but much to my chagrin I don't :(, so I figure I might as well write about him right
AUTHOR'S NOTES: This is my first fic, and it combines my fave show "The Twilight Zone" with my fave Dr. on ER. I am only 17, and so hopefully you like my story Please write weather you like it or not, but don't bash me please, constructive criticism is always appreciated.
SUMMARY: Dr. Dave goes to work one day to find Cook County TOTALLY deserted.

Dave Malucci finished locking his bike up, and walked into the ER, but to his surprise and confusion, there didn't seem to be anyone else inside.

[Dave] Hello? Hellllooo?? Hmmm, that's strange. Well, I guess I will go change.

(Malucci walked up to the lounge)

[Dave](opening the door) Hello?

(He walked to what would be his locker, but there were no names on the lockers, and no locks on the locks. He opened Carter's locker, or what would have been Carter's locker, and all of Carter's things were still inside.)

[Dave] Jeez, this is weird.

(He opens his locker and his scrubs were there, but any form of ID was missing)

[Dave] Hey! Whose the dirtbag who stole my things? I swear to Christ when I get my hands on you...(But Dave realized that he was still alone. He walked to the mirror, and suddenly realized that he didn't remember who he was)

[Dave] The face looks vaguely familiar buddy, but the name escapes me. But I do know one thing, I think. It seems that I am a doctor of some sorts, so I guess I'd better go see if there is anyone who neds some doctoring up. (He changes into some scrubs, and goes into the exam rooms. No one is in there.)

[Dave] Anybody here? Hey? HEY!!! (Dave listens and hears the elevator door open. He runs inside to see who is on the elevator but no one is. He stays on anyway.)

[Dave] Maybe it is just this floor (Dave gets off at the surgical ward floor, and that seems to be deserted also

[Dave] HELLO!!! I'm serious, I don't think this is funny anymore! Come out come out where ever you are!!! HEY!!!! Ollie Ollie oxen Free!!

(He looks into one of the rooms and sees the figure of a person standing over a bed. Frantically he opens the door, the room is dark and the light must be out.)

[Dave] Hey, Hi! I was wondering if you could do me a favor? It's the craziest thing, but I've looked and I can't seem to find anybody around. Maybe they are all out to lunch or something, but literally there hasn't been a soul! (He walks toward the person) Look I don't want you to think I am nuts or anything like that, its just that I don't seem to remember who I am. Its a real oddball thing, but when I got here, I don't exactly remember how I got here, I mean I rode a bike, and I guess I came from home where ever that is... Amnesia!!! Amnesia right that's what its called and it must be what I got cuz I can't remember a thing, and I can't seem to find anyone to ask. You're the fist person I have seem. Look I know I am a Doctor, I think. (He walks up to the "person" only to discover that the "person' is really a skeletal model used in the med-student's anatomy classes.)

[Dave](scared for a moment) AHH! Jesus Christ! Oh, a skeleton, whoo, scared me for a sec.

(He goes back downstairs to the admit desk. Someone has had coffee, but by now it is cold. RIIIINNNNNGGGG!!!, the phone rings)

[Dvae](with hope in his voice)Hello!! Hello!! (He clicks the receiver) Hello, Operator? Operator?? Hello? (he hangs up and dials the operator himself)

[Recording] Hello, this is the special operator. The number you have reached is not a working number. Please check the number and try your call again. This is not a working number.

[Dave] But I didn't dial a number!! I dialed the operator!

[Recording] This is only a recording

(Dave slowly starts breaking down)

[Dave](with much disappointment in his voice) Look operator please, I just want to know who I am. (he hangs up, and walks around the whole hospital twice, carefully checking each room, but he finds neither patients nor doctors. He runs out to the ambulance bay)

[Dave] WHERE IS EVERYBODY!!!!!????

(he collapses on the cold cement floor, he wakes sometime later and goes back inside. He goes to the men's room, splashes some cold water on his face, dries himself, and looks into the mirror)

[Dave] You know what my problem is? I am having a nightmare, but I can't seem to wake up. (he begins to talk to his mirror image) Still can't think of your name fella, but you must be part of my nightmare. It is like Scrooge said to that ghost Jacob Marley. He said "You may be an undigested bit of beef, a crumb of cheese, a blot of mustard, a fragment of an undone potato, but there is more of gravy than there is grave about you." See That's what you are, you are what I had for dinner last night. You must be (Angrier) but NOW I've had it! I'D LIKE TO WAKE UP NOW!!! (calmer) If I can't wake up, at least I'd like to find somebody to talk to. (He goes and sits in chairs. He picks up a book in chairs entitled "The Last Man on Earth". He looks at it wonderingly and puts it down. Suddenly the sound of an ambulance is heard and he rushes out to the bay, but there is no ambulance in sight, so he goes back inside, only to realize that the ambulance is coming from a TV in one of the rooms. He runs to the admit desk nearly collapsing on it. He grabs the mic and starts hitting the paging buttons)

[Dave] Help me! Somebody Help me!! Please help me, somebody Please help me help me help me help me! Please somebody help me

[Kerry] Malucci!!! Malucci!!! Wake up!! Luka go get some water!! Malucci WAKE UP!!( she shakes him, but she can't get him out of this deep sleep, and he is looking very distressed, the whole staff is in the room watching him thrash around on the gurney screaming for help. Luka comes back with the water and hands it to Kerrry who throws it on Malucci)

[Dave] AAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!! (he sits BOLT upright hitting his head on the light) {rubbing his head} OWWW!! Chief! Kovac! guys, boy am I glad to see you!!

[Mark] Malucci, are you alright?

[Dave] Malucci!! That's my name!!! I'm Dr. Dave!! Dr. Dave Malucci 2nd year resident Dr Dave Malucci, that is me!!!

[Elizabeth] Dave are you sure you are ok?

[Dave] Oh, Dr. CordayI never thought that I'd be happy to see you in my entire life!! (he jumps off the gurney and gives Dr. Corday a big wet kiss on the lips!) I am so happy to see each and every one of you!!

(Dr. Corday wipes off her mouth and spits out Malucci's germs.)

[Kerry] Control yourself Malucci, or we will be forced to sedate you, and keep you overnight for observation!

[Dave] I'm sorry Chief (he gives her a big hug, and looks at her surprised/confused look and hugs her again.)

[Carter] Man Dave, that must have been one hell of a dream you were having.

[Dave] Dream? I was the only one left on Earth, Carter, I mean there was NO ONE!! It was no dream, It was my WORST nightmare!!


This is the end of my very first fanFic, and I hope you all enjoyed it. If you did I will write more, as long as you like my stories I will keep writing thme, usually fitting a different TZ eppy in with one or more of the ER cast, (but only the current season 6/7 cast cuz that is how long I have been watching) Thanks for reading and feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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