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SUMMARY: Susan and Carter realize that they are meant to be together after something happens to one of them.

Susan looked at Carter as he left. Why did I tell him that he was in love with Abby and should go after her? How stupid could I be? I loved him, and I just told him to go after another woman. It's just like me to tell him to go after another woman. I'm scared to ever be in a serious relationship, so I thought I would broke up with Carter, before we had any serious feelings for each other. I wouldn't have felt so bad, so why does it feel like a part of me is missing? thought Susan.

Susan was going to go after Carter, but changed her mind. What's the use? I told him he loves Abby. Then why did he date me? thought Susan.

Carter couldn't believe what Susan had just said to him. That I have feelings for Abby? Wouldn't I know that I still have feelings for Abby? Yeah I liked Abby once, but that was a long time ago. If I wanted Abby I would have gone after her when she broke up with Luka. I didn't because I realized that I didn't want someone who was still hung up on another guy. But Susan is a different story. I liked her a lot. Why did I tell her that the kiss was okay? Why didn't I just tell her that the kiss was great and that I love her? But it's too late isn't it? I lost the best girlfriend that I ever had.

The next day...

Susan and Carter were trying to avoid each other.

"Hey Susan, where's Carter?" asked Mark.

"How would I know?" snapped Susan.

"Because you are dating him." said Mark.

"We are not dating anymore." said Susan.

"Oh, it was because of me wasn't it?" asked Mark.

"Carter was jealous of me staying at your place, but that's not the reason why we broke up." said Susan.


Carter had just entered the ER, and saw that Susan and Mark were talking. You could see he was starting to get jealous. Oh, I see us breaking up hasn't upset her much. thought Carter.

Carter then left to get ready for his shift, but he couldn't stop looking at Susan and Mark. I hope they have a great life together. thought Carter.

Susan couldn't wait to go home. All day she was thinking about Carter and their break up. She saw on the schedule that Carter was working, but she had not seen him all day. He must be avoiding me, like I'm avoiding him. When Susan got home, she sat down and relaxed. When she went to bed, she just couldn't get to sleep. John, I missed you. Why did I have to break up with you? You were the best thing in my life, but I will get on with my life, like I always do.

Carter couldn't wait to leave the ER. Even though there were a lot of patients to look at, all Carter could think of was Susan. Her beautiful face, her smile. Why did I let you go? I miss you Susan.

When Carter was thinking about Susan, Susan was thinking about Carter.

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