Women Rule

AUTHOR: Toby Rollins
EMAIL: amm@together.net
RATING: PG-13, some mature (so labeled)
SPOILERS: sort of but the disclaimer warning is there. It's a Weaver pregnancy, that's all
DISCLAIMER: Kerry Weaver is owned by Warner Brothers as are Abby and Susan. Who knows who owns Sandy Lopez as TPTB have not seen fit to give her enough airtime to indicate ownership. Bummer.
AUTHOR'S NOTES: Yes, I know that "in real life" Sandy is a firefighter and not a paramedic. Author's license.
SUMMARY: KW and Sandy, since TPTB won't give us enough, here's more

Kerry left County that rainy night with the mantra "enjoy the good days when they come" ringing in her ears. As soon as she got home she ran a hot bath, still attempting to chase the incredible chill that invaded her from the rain and exposure to the storm over so many hours as she delivered that baby by C-section in the field. Sitting on the edge of the tub, she swung around and eased down slowly into the enveloping warmth. As was her habit, only candles illuminated the bathroom as she soaked. Closing her eyes, leaning back, she thought not of the save - the double save - she had made in the field that night but of the striking Latina firefighter who had saved her ass. Another chill made her shiver slightly as she realized that she could have died that evening had it not been for the quick thinking of that woman Lopez - she didn't know her first name. What quick reflexes she had to jump at Kerry, pulling her down to the pavement to avoid being electrocuted - their BOTH being electrocuted - by the falling wire. Kerry recalled suddenly feeling the cold, hard ground under her bones and Lopez' firm grasp around her torso. She had barely known what was happening. As she lay now in the soothing bath, nursing a scotch with hardly any ice, she kept replaying the part of the loop where she felt Lopez' grasp on her side, on her back. Smiling to herself she was lulled practically to sleep by the warmth, by the memory.


Kerry was on at 6:00 AM the next day. Chugging through the automatic doors towards the Admit desk she was already shouting at Randi from yards away:

"The board looks quiet. Not much going on, huh?"

Randi popped the gum she was chewing. "The most exciting thing right now, apart from the new Fall line in Vogue, is a hand lac in 2 caused by a bagel slicer."

"Someone was slicing a bagel this early in the morning?"

"A-parantlyyyy." Randi rolled her eyes at Weaver as she passed the desk and headed to the lounge. Kerry hung her crutch over the top of her locker and skrunched out of her coat. She had barely put on her white lab coat and looped her stethoscope around her neck when Randi stuck her head in the door..

"Someone here to see you, Chief."

"Who the hell is it? The day hasn't started yet. I haven't had any caffeine yet. Tell 'em to wait."

"I dunno" Randi shrugged. "She's either masquerading as a paramedic or she is one."

"OK, thanks." Kerry cut her off. She didn't dare hope. Quickly closing her locker she hurtled out of the lounge towards Admit. Glancing quickly left and right she finally spotted Lopez over by chairs, feeding quarters into the coffee machine.

"That coffee is pretty disgusting." Kerry quietly warned her, smiling as she sidled up.

"Oh, I've had worse, " Lopez chuckled.

"To what do we owe this….." Kerry hesitated "pleasure.?"

"Well, actually," Lopez looked down sheepishly at the ground, "in all the fuss last night I cut my hand pretty bad." She held out her left hand. "Thought you could fix me up."

Kerry peeled away the bandages right there at chairs.

"Ouch!" She commiserated. "That would have hurt! Why did you wait?"

Lopez shrugged.

Kerry continued "After I clean it up, I'll have a better idea but I'd say that's about 10 stitches at least."

"Whatever." Lopez sipped from the cardboard cup.

"The coffee really does stink." She smiled.

Weaver touched her arm. "Let's go into curtain 3."

They walked together as Kerry asked "I need to…. Just to be able to fill out your chart…your first name is…?"


"OK." Weaver nodded. "OK. Then Sandy. Let's have a look." Weaver gestured to a chair for Sandy and slid a stool over for herself, grabbing a suture kit from the shelf on the way.

"So…" Weaver looked full into the other woman's eyes. "Sandy, Do you have many nights like last night?"

Sandy laughed, setting her cardboard cup down on the suture tray.

"All in a day's work….Kerry" She pointed to the embroidered name on Kerry's white lab coat, indicating how she knew.

"You know what?" Kerry looked closely at Sandy's hand which was now cleaned up. "It's more like 13 stitches. I'm going to numb you now."

"You already have, doc." Sandy joked.

Kerry shot her a quick glance then realizing that the younger woman was kidding, laughed too.

The lidocane took effect and Kerry went to work.

"So," Sandy began " what do you like to do?…… In your free time, I mean.". She looked at Kerry.

Kerry stayed silent, thoughtful, weighing her options.

"Well," she started slowly "I like music. Classical. I like to cook for friends. I read. I like the theatre." She trailed off.

"I'm big on eating. Not so big on classical music or theatre. Maybe we could grab a meal together…chow down?"

Kerry smiled. There was something she liked about this Paramed. It wasn't just her knockout looks, dark, clear, smooth skin and long, lush hair so unlike her own.

"Sure" Kerry tied off the last suture and cut the thread close to the palm. "I'd like that too."

"Tonight then. You free tonight?" asked Sandy.

"Well….I'm not sure…when I can…I have a late meeting."

"C'mon, doc! You clocked in at 6:00 AM, gimme a break. You gotta be off by 6:00 tonight, right?"

Weaver glanced down, then having decided, looked right into Sandy's eyes. "What time do you get off?"

"Four. I'll go home, shower, change and pick you up, OK?"

"You can't get the sutures wet in the shower!"

"Yeah, yeah. I'll be here at 6:00, OK? We'll have dinner somewhere."

"OK" Kerry whispered as she peeled off her latex gloves.


Sandy was waiting by Admit at 6:00. Kerry held up one finger to indicate that she would only be a minute and shouldered her way through the lounge door. She shrugged out of her lab coat, pulled some paperwork out to stuff it in her backpack but thought the better of it and just put on her jacket instead.

In unison they headed out the automatic door towards the ambulance bay where Sandy had parked illegally.

"Where to?" Sandy asked as they each opened their respective doors.

Kerry had already made up her mind. "Well, I figured that since my mentioning that I liked to cook is what excited you in the first place, maybe you'd like to come to my place for a home cooked meal." She buckled her seatbelt as Sandy looked over to her and responded,

"Hmmm. Sounds good. The only home cooked meals I've had lately have been Lean Cuisine or Stouffer's. Somehow this sounds better."

Kerry chuckled. "I certainly hope so."


Kerry poured two glasses of red wine full to the rim of the glass. "Julia Child's first rule: always cook while drinking."

They both laughed.

"Here's to stormy, late night deliveries out in the field."

They clinked and Kerry got to work in the kitchen. She tucked her crutch into a corner and Sandy watched as she moved quickly around her domain, leaning lightly on the counter or sink, throwing ingredients together, until some delicious smells began to emerge.

"OK, It'll cook on it's own now for a while." Kerry grabbed her crutch and Sandy followed her into the living room.

They sat on the couch side-by-side. Kerry did a sort of half turn to face Sandy and Sandy curled up sideways to face Kerry. "Soooo…." Sandy broke the ice first. "I take it you're gay."

Kerry blushed. " Well… this is really the first… I mean my first attempt at… I really would have died if I had been wrong."

Sandy just Laughed. " You're right on , doc."

Weaver finally exhaled. "Oh, good. So… how come I haven't seen you bringing traumas into County before?'

"I just transferred to the 38th." Replied the younger woman. "You'll be seeing lots of me from now on, I promise, doc." Sandy had the most wonderful, broad smile. "I gotta promotion. Lieutenant. " She continued to beam.

"That's a pretty competitive exam, lieutenant, isn't it?" asked Kerry.

Sandy shrugged. "So how long you been at County, doc?"

"I started in '95." She held out her strong palms. Sandy noted the calluses on her right hand. Kerry continued: "I love it here. I used to work in Pittsburgh. There is much more potential research in emergency medicine here."

"You mean more violent crime, dontcha, doc?"

Kerry blushed. "OK, busted.."

" I come from the Bronx originally," Lopez continued "I saw enough action there to last a lifetime. Hey, but here I am, right? Trying to help regardless. Can't keep a good girl down." She was grinning.


After dinner they retreated yet again to the couch.

"How about some news?" Kerry offered.

"OK. Sure" Sandy agreed as Kerry clicked on the remote control. They watched the 10:00 news for a while side-by-side. Surprisingly, it was Kerry that made the first move. She felt like a schoolgirl. Slowly she reached her left hand over to Sandy's thigh. She let it rest there for a while. Sandy took the slightly older woman's hand in hers and held it right through the weather report. Sandy seemed very interested in the sports scores, groaning or cheering as certain team results were announced. By the sign-off, Sandy had engaged Kerry's right hand as well and began to play with Kerry's fingers, swirling lightly over those incredible calluses.

Kerry pumped up with her right hip, moving as close to Sandy as she could. They leaned in towards each other simultaneously, kissing deeply, without apparent need for air.

"Can I do this?" Sandy asked gingerly as she looped her right leg over Weaver's left. Kerry responded by an even deeper kiss, pulling at Sandy's hair, cocking her head back gently with her right hand.

Before long, Kerry knew that she wanted to lie flat in bed with this gorgeous woman, to fully enjoy what was happening.

"Come" She stood, held out her hand and led Sandy to the bedroom. Kerry did not turn on the lights. There was no thought involved. She just lay down pulling Sandy with her. The discovery was slow and luscious. Sandy, open and vocal in her enjoyment. Kerry, purring and liquid until Sandy reached down too low into some forbidden zone and felt the other woman tense up. They learned what they had to that night and fell asleep wrapped tightly around each other.

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