AUTHOR: Amanaka
EMAIL: mandolin14@yahoo.com
SPOILERS: None really
SUMMARY: Just a little fun.

Kim flipped on her laptop as the speaker began what promised to be a boring lecture. It was day four of a five-day conference in Hawaii. She’d called Kerry the night before only to find out that while she lounged on the beach, her lover was responding to a mass casualty alert.

Her IM screen popped up announcing the Chief’s presence. Kim quietly opened a text box.

“I thought you were working.”

After a few moments she got a reply. “I am. I’m at Randi’s computer at the moment.”

Kim chuckled. She remembered the battle that had taken place between the fiery clerk and the doctors…and how Kerry ended it. “Why?”

“Waiting for you.”

“Really now? Any particular reason darling?”

“We have an audience, by the way.”



“Oh…Well then?”

“Guess who’s in my ER. Exam one to be exact.”

“Umm…my brother?”


“Famous how?”


“I dunno, Ker. Who?”

“Melissa Ethridge.”

Kim nearly squealed out loud. “Why?”

“Sprained her wrist.”


“I won’t even dignify that.” The font color changed. “Don’t worry Dr. Legs. She’s in good hands with Chief.”

“That’s…never mind. How long’s she in Chicago for?”

“I dunno, hold on.” The color changed back. “Till Monday Kimmie. I even scored some free tickets to Sunday night’s show.”

“Great. How close?”

“First row.”

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