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  [ 12.01 ]     "Cañon City"

Smokey Robinson - Tracks From My Tears
Luka and Sam driving to Colorado to find Alex

Brenda Lee - Emotions
Played at the end

  [ 12.03 ]     "Man with No Name"

The Fray - Over My Head (Cable Car)
Abby and Luke are in the pub together and when Neela comes home and finds Ray with a new girlfriend

  [ 12.05 ]     "Wake Up"

James Blunt - You're Beautiful
Last scene with Luka, Abby, and Clemente

  [ 12.06 ]     "Dream House"

Harry Nilson - Coconut
Abby and Neela treat a gorilla

Amos Lee - Seen it All Before
Pratt is reading the letters from his mother in the train

  [ 12.09 ]     "I Do"

Barry Manilow - Copacabana
Luka singing in the car

Barry Manilow - Can't Smile Without You
Morris and Kerry drinking

  [ 12.10 ]     "All About Christmas Eve"

Yvette Freeman - Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
Played at the end

  [ 12.11 ]     "If Not Now"

Damien Rice - Cold Water
Abby tells Luka she wants to keep the baby

  [ 12.14 ]     "Quintessence of Dust"

Instrumental - Many Rivers to Cross
Patient playing the piano at the bar

  [ 12.15 ]     "Darfur"

Lucious - Knocking on Heaven's Door
Debbie driving the jeep

  [ 12.18 ]     "Strange Bedfellows"

Cary Brothers - Ride
Neela and Ray are talking by the cab at the very end

  [ 12.19 ]     "No Place to Hide"

The Beach Boys - California Girls
Debbie is waiting for Pratt at the airport

Sonny and Cher - I Got You Babe
Debbie and Pratt singing in the car

  [ 12.20 ]     "There Are No Angels Here"

Abdel Gadir Salim & Emmanuel Jal - Gua
When Dr. Dakarai comes back

  [ 12.21 ]     "The Gallant Hero and The Tragic Victor"

Kanye West - Gold Digger

  [ 12.22 ]     "Strange Bedfellows"

Snow Patrol - Open Your Eyes
Played at the end

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