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  [ 2.03 ]     "Do One, Teach One, Kill One"

George and Ira Gerswhin - I'm A Poached Egg
The song Mitchell (the rabbit guy) kept singing

  [ 2.05 ]     "And Baby Makes Two"

Gospel - O Happy Day
County parties on Weaver's day off

  [ 2.07 ]     "Hell and High Water"

Major Lance - Um, Um, Um
Doug listens to some music in his car

  [ 2.09 ]     "Home"

R.B. Greaves - Take a Letter, Maria
Shep and Carol look for the fireplace

  [ 2.10 ]     "A Miracle Happens Here"

Christmas Carol - Carol of the Bells
Sung by the hospital's recovery staff

Christmas Carol - Twelve Days of Christmas
Sung by Carol and eventually the rest of the ER staff

Christmas Carol - Silent Night

Lullaby - Rock a Bye Baby

(hip hop Christmas song)
Carol's alarm

Mike Finnegan - It Came Upon a Midnight Clear
Played at the end

  [ 2.17 ]     "The Match Game"

George Thorogood & The Destroyers - Bad to the Bone
Mark comes into work on his motorcycle

  [ 2.21 ]     "Take These Broken Wings"

Beatles - Blackbird
Susan with Little Susie

Choir - Salve Mater Maternis
Susan in church

  [ 2.22 ]     "John Carter, M.D."

Sly & The Family Stone - If You Want Me to Stay
County grooves

Carousel - June is Busting Out All Over
Sung by a nude woman in the middle of the ER

*** I'd like to thank everyone who's helped me with this list.

Michael Colvin, Kitchen_Sink5, Lisa Esemplare, Abi, Ali, Ali H, Amy, Andrew, Anja, Aurelie, Becky, Beth, Bladez37, Carlie, Carrie, Catherine, Cathy, Cecilia, Celine, Daryl Ann, Dawn, Diane, DJ -Sn|per-, Dorothy, Eddy, Elizabeth, Elliott, Gayle, Gemma, Genevieve, Giampaolo, Ginger, Guest, Heather, Honor, J, Jamie Leah, Jason, Jen, Jenn  O, Jenny, Jessie, John, Jules, K. Peet, KatMac, Kayleigh, Kelly, Kimmi, Kingston Fan, Kira, Kitty, Kris, Kristen, Kristina, Lara, Lara W, Laura, Laura, Lauren, Laurent, Lene, Lesley, Lindsay, Lionors, littleone, Lori, Lou Ann, Lou Noah, Mara, Marianthe, Martha, Mathieu, Maya, Megan, Mel, Melanie, Melissa, Mich, Morgan, Nelson, Nikkii, Noa, Paul, Rachel D., Rachel, Raymond, Robin, Rosalyn, Sagwise, Sam, Sara, Scott, Sebastián, Sidney, Smish, Stef, Stephanie, Steve, Sydney, Sue, SugarComaxo, Tom, Tracy, Tyler Glenn, Vivi, Wendy, Woody Jones, Yvette, zigzag, Jean and Mari from the Carter-Abby-LukaFans group, and everyone at the WB ER messageboard (circa 1999-2000)

for providing many upon many song names, lyrics help, scene descriptions, and even mp3s at times.

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