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Unknown Songs

12x19 "No Place to Hide" - Pratt is in Africa and is witnesses a man being killed/beaten, and really sad/intense music comes up while a crowd of people cheer on.

11x22 "The Show Must Go On" - when the janitor was talking to Carter

11x22 "The Show Must Go On" - when the slides were showing - lyrics like "it's all right to be wrong, and either just leave me alone or don't leave me alone" (Dee)

11-16 "Here and There" - a song I suppose by Robert Johnson, played on LP by Ray to Neela .....after that she went to bed reading Gallant's letter from Iraq

11x10 "Skin" - Abby is dropped off at the hospital

10x18 "Where There's Smoke" - Sam looks for Alex in her apartment

10x17 "The Student" - classical piece when Corday is at the teacher's house eating dinner

10x02 "The Lost" - the african music playing at the end of the episode, when Carter is watching the plane take off with Luka on it, (tip from Pierre:) a song by Youssou N'Dour

9x09 "Next of Kin" - piano music playing as Abby, her mom, and her brother tour the facility

8x15 "It's All In Your Head" - At the end when Abby goes to Luka's apartment looking for a place to stay, and finds that he has 'company'

8x10 - playing while Peter and Cleo are laying on the floor, head to head, under the Christmas tree (after the custody trial). I know the title is "God rest ye merry Gentlemen" but I don't know who is doing that wonderful Jazzy version of it. (Anthony)

8x01 "Four Corners" - harp music playing during the wake, as John was first arriving

7x21 "Where the Heart Is" - The Peter/Carla song

7x14 "A Walk In The Woods" - the one (without lyrics) that is played over and over in eg.: at the very beginning of the episode when everybody's still waking up and at the end of the same epi. when luka looks the trees for a while. (Cecilia)

5x12 "Double Blind" when Mark threatens to fire Jerry

5x10 "The Miracle Worker" - It's at the end of the episode, and the song is "Oh Come, all Ye Faithful." I've tried a few possibilities -- Aretha Franklin, Gladys Knight, Natalie Cole -- and can't find the right one. --- Is it Rosemary Clooney? (Juli)

5x07 "Hazed and Confused" - when Mark goes on a ridealong, he encounters the trepination person. There's classical music playing in the background

5x07 "Hazed and Confused" - When Mark is getting "hazed" by the paramedics, there's rock music playing in the background

4x18 "Gut Reaction" - there is a song that plays at the ER banquet when all the docs and nurses are dancing they keep saying banana and dance like the cha cha cha. (Ryan)

3x05 "Ghosts" - The last scene when Elizabeth was leaving and they showed the next day when she was quizzing her students. (Nancy)

3x02 "Let the Games Begin" - a jazzy-like song, played towards the end of the episode. The ER is celebrating that they aren't going to close, and Anspaugh is debating which Rock album to play. Mark leaves, but then returns when he finds out that Anspaugh has played a jazz song instead. "Just kidding," Anspaugh winks.

2x20 "Fevers of Unknown Origin" - when Doug and Karen are dancing towards the end - unknown artist Take Off Your Shoes (Tom)

1x24 "Motherhood" - where Susan and Carol have been sunbathing in dark sunglasses on the roof taking a break. When they walk back into the ER together there's a song playing on Malik's boombox. This scene is often edited out of reruns. (Keiko)

1x11 chestnut song (mel torme ??) (Tom)

1x04 "Hit and Run" - when Carter phones Mr Tierney (father of Steven: who isn't actually Steven but another guy) (snachter)

1x03 "Going Home" - Another song sung by Rosemary Clooney (playing Madame X, later identified as Mary Cavanaugh) (Melissa)


If you know the identity of any of these songs, please Contact me

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